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  • Stop Wasting Money on Purchased Email Customer Lists. Do This Instead.

    Stop Wasting Money on Purchased Email Customer Lists. Do This Instead.

    “How can my organization find new leads or customers to increase sales?” This may be one of the most common questions across all different types of organizations. In fact, when turning to Google with this question, I am presented with 280,000,000 different articles for “tips” and “the best ways” to generate qualified sales leads. I’ll save you the time of skimming these articles and share the most common answers. Use social media Get referrals from current customers Attend a networking event

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  • Is Your Law Firm Advertising Working? | How Online Surveys Can Improve Marketing ROI

    Is Your Law Firm Advertising Working? | How Online Surveys Can Improve Marketing ROI

    Just like any other business, law firms have plenty to gain by conducting market research. A common objective in legal market research studies is understanding how to acquire more clients. While this can be driven by a number of factors including demand, awareness, and competition, one of the biggest factors is often perception. With the abundance of personal attorney advertisements across all forms of media, it is critical to understand how consumers perceive marketing by law firms. It is impo

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  • Quality Online Survey Respondents | Survey Sample

    Quality Online Survey Respondents | Survey Sample

    Although Drive Research is a full-service market research company, we also work with clients coast-to-coast on specific parts of projects. In some cases, our team consults with a client to design a survey or write unbiased and actionable questions. In other cases, our clients hire us to take a database of 1,000 survey responses and run advanced analysis and create PowerPoint slides for a presentation. And in many cases, clients hire our company to help them fulfill quality online survey respo

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  • Looking for an online survey company? | Drive Research

    Looking For an Online Survey Company? | 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Research Firm

    When searching for the best online survey company, there are a variety of factors one should consider before deciding on a third-party market research firm. This includes (1) recruitment services, (2) experts in your industry or sector, (3) survey optimization and cleaning, (4) a variety of reporting options available, and (5) offering recommendations or next steps for your organization based on the results. An online survey company can be more than a vendor who provides basic question style te

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  • 5 tips for a client dashboard | car dashboard

    5 Tips for a Client Dashboard | Online Survey Company

    Who doesn't love the ability to view real-time data? We certainly understand why businesses who hire a market research company find value in it. A customized dashboard or portal is a powerful tool that gives an organization the ability to see data collected by their market research partner at their own convenience. Within market research, there is a high level of transparency to see exactly how an online survey is performing and up-to-the-second results. A client dashboard is a good fit for onl

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  • critical-surveys-banks-credit-unions-market-research-07052019

    4 Critical Surveys for All Banks and Credit Unions | Market Research Video

    Many banks and credit unions across the country utilize market research data to greatly improve their business and marketing efforts. The findings from bank or credit union market research ultimately allows a financial institution to make better overall decisions regarding member experience. A bank or credit union looking to conduct market research has many, quality methodologies to choose from. Whether your financial institution is hoping to measure customer satisfaction, brand perception in t

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  • clean-survey-data-market-research-05222019

    How to Clean Your Survey Data | Market Research Video

    A crucial piece of any online survey is data cleaning. Doing so ensures the quality of your survey results are completely accurate and trustworthy. The time it takes to clean your survey data will vary based on who you have sent the survey invitation to. Whether it be a research participant panel, a list of current customers, or your social media followers responding to your online survey – once their completes start to roll in, it is time to start cleaning the data. In this video, you will le

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  • bank-credit-union-findings-research-tips-05152019

    4 Bank and Credit Union Survey Findings That Will Shock You

    Over my past 15 years in market research, I have worked on a countless number of surveys, focus groups, and other studies for banks and credit unions. No matter the client, every bank and credit union market research project unveils new and impactful insights. No matter how much a bank or credit union thinks they may know about their customers or members, market, or product offerings, the market research always sheds light on some shocking or unexpected findings. The discovered findings directl

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  • online-fast-survey-case-studies-04082019

    How to Conduct Online Surveys Fast | Online Survey Example

    Conducting online surveys fast is a specialty of our team at Drive Research. Wondering what is considered fast for an online survey? Recently, our team completed an online survey for a mortgage loan company. The online survey collected over 1,000 completes within five days. Fieldwork also included time spent reviewing data quality. Data quality checks is an in-depth process when the researcher analyzes quality for all survey responses. Wondering how to assess data quality in an online survey?

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  • market-research-data-collected-04052019

    How is Market Research Data Collected?

    If there is one thing our market research firm in New York knows how to do, it is how to collect market research data. So you are in the right place to learn more about how market research data is collected. The short answer is: there are many options. The long answer is explaining each of those data collection options in greater detail, which I will do in this post. Choosing the right approach boils down to your objectives and resources at your company. The 6 options I am presenting are: Dat

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  • Offering a web survey

    Offering a web survey? Stand out against fake online survey fools

    There are dozens of successful companies offering online surveys because it provides real time data from a wide, but targeted demographic. Online surveys for businesses allow organizations to hear from their audience directly before launching new products or services. However, there are non-legitimate research agencies marketing the same rewards for web surveys, with no real promise to pay up. It can be difficult for participants to spot the difference between your verified online survey compan

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  • online-survey-fun-engaging-market-research-02192019

    How to Make an Online Survey More Engaging and Fun for Respondents

    The market research industry and online surveys often get a bad rap for being boring and stuffy. At Drive Research we like to challenge the status quo of the industry by working to make our online surveys more fun and engaging for respondents. Respondent engagement is always top of mind for our team. If respondents are not willing to offer feedback and take part in online surveys, our industry would not exist. It is important to keep these tips in mind when you launch your next online survey.

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