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Market research can come in many forms. From qualitative research and focus groups to conjoint analysis through surveys, your options are endless. Although many firms spend time creating customized studies to search for answers they need to their most pressing business questions, oftentimes purchased studies and data produced by other firms will suffice. Syndicated research is a form of secondary research which is different from common forms of primary research. All the data, none of the work to collect it.

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What is syndicated research exactly?

Syndicated research is a form of secondary research in which a third-party company designs, administers, and tabulates the data in attempt to sell the report and data to multiple clients. By virtue, end-user companies buy "access" to the research which gives them the ability to view the data in their market, make comparisons, and trend the data. Syndicated research is longitudinal in nature and is often repeated yearly (and sometimes more often throughout the year.) Some key benefits of syndicated research include a representative look at a market, competitive intelligence (CI), and benchmarking capabilities.

Unfortunately, with syndicated research, you as the user have no control over the methodology, questions that were asked, and even how the results are broken down to a point. You are 100% at the mercy of how the data was collected and tabulated. Some platforms allow better ability than others to slice and dice the data based on market areas and demographics than others. Other syndicated research companies simply create reports and sell those as a package with no access to data. Some popular syndicated research firms include Gfk, ComScore, Arbitron, and JD Power.

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