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How active are your online banking customers? Why are clients moving their accounts to your competitors? What drives satisfaction and loyalty with your credit union?

As a full-service market research company for banks and credit unions, Drive Research can provide data-driven insights to these and many other questions.

Approach to Bank and Credit Union Market Research

With extensive experience in the financial realm, Drive Research has seen the dramatic growth of digital platforms. Now more than ever, user-friendly services such as online banking and mobile apps are crucial for banks and credit unions.

As a result, person-to-person experiences at financial institutions are less frequent. This makes each and every person-to-person experience more memorable and impactful on satisfaction and loyalty with your bank or credit union.

Banks and credit unions employing market research with Drive Research remain a step ahead of their counterparts in a highly competitive industry.

Bank and Credit Union Market Research Services

The industry is changing and your bank or credit union needs market research to lend insight into both your digital and non-digital products and services.

Common types of bank and credit union market research include:

  • New Account Opening Surveys: In most cases new members had poor experiences with a competitor, causing them to switch to your bank or credit union. A new account opening survey measures these poor experiences allowing your financial institution to understand what improvements this new member is looking for.
  • Member Surveys: A member survey for a credit union can provide a wealth of data, information, and feedback to help drive decision-making. A member survey answers questions such as, how likely members are to recommend your financial institution, what do members want to see improved, and so on.
  • Closed Account Surveys: Uncover the root cause of a decline in customer retention with specifically designed questions and persistence by our bank and credit union market research company with closed account surveys.
  • Online and Mobile Banking User Experience (UX) Research: UX research provides actionable improvements to enhance your website and mobile app to ensure members can accomplish their mini day-to-day goals with ease.
  • Mystery Shopping: Mystery shopping helps see first-hand what it is like to do business with your financial institution. This could be in-branch experiences with a teller or over the phone conversations with customer service.

These are just a few of the bank and credit union market research services provided by Drive Research. To learn more about our services, contact us today!

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