What is Evaluation Research?

Wondering if continuing an employee or customer program is still offering value to your organization? Or, perhaps you need to determine if a business strategy is working as effectively as possible?

Evaluation research can help answer these questions and plenty of others. 

In this post, our full-service market research company will answer:

  • What is evaluation research? 

  • How is evaluation research is conducted?

  • What are the benefits of evaluation research?

What is evaluation research? | Drive Research

Wondering if continuing an employee or customer program is working as effectively as possible? Evaluation research to the rescue. Our full-service market research company explains the benefits and the process of this methodology.

What is evaluation research?

Evaluation research measures how effective a specific program or strategy is. It is typically used to measure whether the program or strategy is worth the effort, time, money, and resources spent. 

Depending on the objectives of the evaluation research, the study may target employees, stakeholders, customers, board members, donors, etc. The feedback is gathered and used to validate whether the program or strategy should continue or be changed in any way to better meet its goals.  

Examples of a program or strategy where evaluation research would be helpful are customer loyalty programs, client referral programs, customer retention programs, workplace wellness programs, orientation of new employees, employee buddy programs, and more. 

How is evaluation research conducted? 

Evaluation research can include a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods depending on the objectives. A market research company will design an approach to best meet the needs and objectives of the organization.

Quantitative Evaluation Research 

Quantitative evaluation research can measure the level of impact, level of awareness, level of satisfaction, and other metrics to gauge the success of a program or strategy. This type of research can be done through online surveys or phone surveys

Typically, the survey is conducted by a third-party market research firm to ensure anonymity and limit bias from the respondents. The market research firm develops the survey, conducts fieldwork, and creates a report based on the results.

Qualitative Evaluation Research 

Qualitative evaluation research can explore attitudes, areas of satisfaction, areas of weaknesses, recommendations, etc. This type of research can be completed through in-depth interviews or focus groups.

It involves working with a third-party market research firm to recruit specific types of people for the research, developing a specific line of questioning, and then summarizing the results to ensure anonymity. 

Learn more about the differences between quantitative and qualitative market research.

What are the benefits of evaluation research?

First, evaluation research helps justify all of the resources spent on a program or strategy. Without evaluation research, it can be difficult to justify the continuation of a costly or time-intensive program/strategy. Rather than relying on opinions and gut reactions about the effectiveness of a program or strategy, evaluation research measures levels of effectiveness through data collected. 

Second, evaluation research helps users better understand how the program or strategy is carried out, who helps it come to fruition, who is affected, and more. These finer details shed light on how the program or strategy affects all facets of an organization. There may be unrealized effects that surprise decision-makers.

Third, evaluation helps organizations improve. The research can highlight areas of strengths (i.e., factors of the program/strategy that should not be changed) and weaknesses (i.e., factors of the programs/strategy that could be improved).

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