4 Ways Hotels Can Reduce Employee and Staff Turnover


There’s a lot more to a hotel than Insta-worthy shots and amazing service. 

In order to compete in the industry, hotels need to have proper staffing to meet customer demands. 

Unfortunately, employee turnover in the hospitality industry isn’t a new dilemma. Over 73% of hotels and motels are experiencing staff turnover. 

So, how can you reduce employee turnover at your hotel? We’ve got a hunch. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Invest in Voice of Employee (VoE) market research
  • Communicate with employees regularly
  • Offer room to grow 
  • Create a positive culture

Keep on reading for more of our tips on creating a solution for employee turnover in the hospitality industry

Surveying Hotel Staff and Employees

If you find your employees are unhappy with their position and leaving your hotel, consider giving market research a try. 

Specifically, investing in employee surveys can make a world of difference when it comes to discovering insights about your staff. If there are areas of concern when it comes to your employees, these can all be addressed in a survey. 

Often completed online by the participants, these surveys can cover anything within the employee experience. 

These are just a few of the benefits of employee surveys

  • Ability to measure employee satisfaction
  • Areas to improve
  • Improved communication with employees
  • Recruitment opportunities 

First thing’s first–these surveys will reveal the satisfaction level of your employees. You’ll be able to clearly understand what needs to be done in your hotel to improve the employee experience. 

Additionally, running an employee survey shows your staff that you care about their feedback. This alone can boost morale and provide a catalyst for retention. 

The feedback you receive can also be promoted in your job recruitment efforts.

Who scored highly on the survey? You can use that to promote your hotel, and hopefully draw in potential hires. 

Lastly, teaming up with a third-party research team is essential for employee surveys

Running surveys internally is often not a good idea, and you want the clearest possible data you can get. A solid employee survey company like Drive Research will be with you every step of the way and will provide suggestions going forward after the project wraps up. 

Watch our brief video on the benefits of employee surveys to learn more insights for your hotel or resort.

💡 The Key Takeaway: Using market research can help to reduce employee turnover at your hotel. By running employee surveys, you’ll gain valuable insight into what you can do to improve staff experience, thus reducing the turnover rate. 

Allowing Open Communication 

Put simply: working in a hotel can be incredibly draining. 

A recent study found that hotel employees consider up to 40% to 62% of their days at work stressful. We think that’s far too high a number.

Whether it’s scheduling, cranky guests, lack of communication with upper management, or any other issue, hotel employees are often under significant pressure. 

One way to reduce employee turnover at your hotel is to foster an environment where employees feel heard. Cultivating a workplace that values staff feedback and takes it into serious consideration doesn’t go unnoticed by employees. 

What’s more, allowing for open communication amongst employees and upper management can lead to improvements in the staff experience, which could help reduce the current turnover rate

💡 The Key Takeaway: Make sure your employees know that they can come to upper management if they’re struggling. Whatever the issue may be, it’s important for staff to know they can share work-related issues without being penalized.  

Room for Promotion 

Another solution for employee turnover is allowing room for career growth.

A common issue within the hospitality field is the lack of employee promotion.

Think about it: if employees feel there’s no room for promotion in their job, will they really want to keep it? 

While each hotel has a variety of specific factors that go into creating an employee promotion, it’s essential to consider this step. Not only will this boost the morale of your employees…it’ll likely make them want to stay in their job! 

If your hotel does provide opportunities for employee promotion, make sure this is highly advertised to them. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: When employees know there’s room for promotion, that often works as a motivator to stay at a business. If this is already offered at your hotel, make sure it’s common knowledge. 

Prioritizing Company Culture 

This may be our last point, but it certainly isn’t the least of them. 

Culture matters, regardless of the industry. In a field as high-stress as hospitality, however, it really matters. Big time. 

“Company culture” means many things to many different businesses. What it all comes down to is this: does staff feel valued? This can be a key factor in the hotel turnover rate: if employees are treated well and enjoy coming to work, they’ll stay!

Both our previous sections on open communication and promotion options play a role in company culture. That’s the thing–company culture isn’t a singular policy. It’s a group of actions businesses take to create a positive employee experience. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: In order to reduce employee turnover at your hotel, fostering a positive culture is 100% necessary. This can mean many things, depending on the hotel. What it boils down to is ensuring staff feels valued.

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