4 Ways to Increase Employee Retention in the Tech Industry

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The tech industry isn’t going anywhere.

However, due to its ever-evolving and demanding nature, this industry is both an ideal and difficult field to work in. 

Because of the competitive nature, tech companies are always on the lookout for highly-qualified employees. This can also mean increased employee turnover.

For instance, in 2021, there were a staggering 3.6 million tech-related job postings in the US. 

Widely known as being fantastic workplaces, companies can likely continue to increase employee retention in the tech industry by implementing a few simple (but very important) practices. 

Below, our Voice of Employee (VoE) company covers important practices like: 

  • Conducting employee surveys
  • Providing remote work options
  • Allowing for some workplace fun 
  • Creating a communication-friendly space

Running Employee Surveys in Tech

Conducting employee surveys is key to the success of any company, tech or other. 

The reason is simple. If employees are unhappy with their job, that’s going to be reflected in their work–along with retention rates. 

So, how do tech companies retain employees? Conducting a workplace survey is one of the top ways to do so.

These surveys can cover whatever points you think will relate to your employees’ experience. Whether it’s company culture or remote work options, there aren’t much off-limits in this type of survey. 

It’s important to ask industry-specific questions–stay away from broad questioning. For instance, are there specific complaints coming in from employees? Those should be addressed in the survey. 

For more benefits of employee surveys, watch the video below.

Importance of working with a third-party

It’s extremely important to use a third-party for employee surveys to ensure the study is run properly. 

A few reasons to work with an employee survey company include:

  • Employees feel at ease answering your questions (since they’re not going straight to the employer) 
  • Confidentiality is a top priority 
  • Customized questioning is allowed

💡 The Key Takeaway: To increase employee retention in the tech industry, companies should be running semi-regular employee surveys. Doing this will give leadership the chance to receive important and unique staff feedback. 

Providing Space for Open Communication 

Make sure your workplace is one where employees feel they are heard. 

Just last month, a study found that two in five tech employees are suffering from extreme burnout (taken out of 36,000 employees). 

In a field as fast-paced as tech, allowing employees to check in with leadership and those in other authoritative positions is huge.

This can be done in many ways, depending on company size. It could be as simple as hosting weekly or bi-monthly staff check-in meetings or leadership being open to discussing issues one-on-one with employees. 

No matter the communication space you provide, it’s vital your staff understands that you care about their needs–not just as employees, but as people, too. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: For tech companies to increase employee retention rate, they need to emphasize employee wellness. Due to massive burnout in the field, tech employees should have a space where they can voice their thoughts and concerns. 

Offering Remote Work Opportunities

Remote work is more popular than ever, and many employees prefer it. In fact, recent research found that up to 97% of employees want to work remotely, at least part-time. 

Eliminating commute costs and decreasing stress, working remotely has a whole host of benefits.

Tech companies should consider allowing workplace flexibility if they haven’t already. As long as employees can prove their productivity, having a remote work option (or hybrid policy) would be a good move. 

As we mentioned earlier, tech is a field full of stressed-out staff. Letting employees work from home could cut down on this, and yield quality works as a result. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: Allowing for remote or hybrid work schedules can increase employee retention in the tech industry. 

Allow Some Fun 

Another way tech companies retain employees? By adding some fun into the workplace! 

Implementing ways for employees to unwind and have a little fun can only help a business. When employees are happy, they’re less stressed. When stress is low, productivity levels are high. 

This doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking–consider this list of easy, community-based activities to hold: 

  • Office lunches
  • Holiday parties
  • Social hours 

Just hosting these events on a semi-regular basis will likely make a big difference in employee stress levels. Being able to set aside work, even for an hour or two, serves as a great refresher for staff. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: One of the best ways to increase employee retention is through fun activities like lunches and holiday parties. 

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Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand what increases employee retention, and how to implement these strategies. 

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