How to Conduct an Omnibus Survey for a Consumer Goods Brand

Many businesses understand the benefits of an online survey but hesitate to invest in their own custom study. This is likely due to a common misconception that third-party market research is too expensive and is likely out of budget. 

On the contrary, third-party online surveys can fit within nearly any budget. Feel free to consider us the Mythbusters of market research.

What is an omnibus survey?

One of the best ways to make custom research less of an investment is by sponsoring an omnibus survey

An omnibus survey is a type of online survey, where several businesses can share the expense of a survey but still include their own customized questions to answer their particular needs.

For example, our online survey market research company recently partnered with a consulting firm and a consumer goods brand to execute an omnibus survey. While the consumer goods brand was ultimately the sole benefactor, our team was still able to create and administer a fully custom survey to a couple thousand consumers at a reasonable cost.

Below are the objectives, approach, and results of this omnibus survey for a consumer goods brand.

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A consulting firm hired Drive Research for an online omnibus survey market research project concerning a household consumer product brand. The survey was standardized using a single link that was shared online among paid email lists of consumers. 

The survey was administered among the general U.S. population. It was census-balanced by age, gender, ethnicity, and region to ensure an accurate representation of the national consumer market.

A series of questions concerning home water filtration systems were asked of each respondent. The omnibus survey gathered honest perspectives on objectives through an unbiased third-party lens with the help of our market research company. 


To address the objectives at-hand, our full-service market research company recommended using an omnibus survey to collect consumer feedback. 

An omnibus survey is a single survey administered to many respondents which inquires about a variety of topics and questions. 

The more sponsors there are, usually the greater the breadth of topics covered. Each sponsor receives the data and insights from their own questions and any standard profiling questions in the survey. The benefit of having more sponsors is being able to share the cost of market research.

The omnibus survey provided the consulting firm and its consumer goods client with cost-effective means to ask consumers specific questions and collect fast results.

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The omnibus survey took an average of 3 minutes to complete and included 15 questions. It received 2,000 total responses. Fieldwork began and concluded in a single day on March 3, 2020.

The final deliverables included access to an online portal, an aggregate report, five crosstab reports, and a raw data file. All the results remain confidential with the client. 

The report answered the following questions:

  1. How do consumers get their drinking water?
  2. What type of filtration system do consumers use, if any?
  3. Where do consumers store their filtration system?
  4. What are the main considerations when purchasing a filtration system?
  5. How often do consumers replace the filter in their system?
  6. Why do consumers choose to filter their water?
  7. How did consumers decide on their specific filtration system?
  8. What concerns do consumers have about their local water?

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