Free Market Research RFP Template

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How to Use the RFP Template

The market research RFP template created by Drive Research will provide your organization with a process and document to follow to send to prospective market research firms.

In this download, you will find two market research RFP templates:

  1. Short Version. A one-page RFP template for projects with a smaller scope.
  2. Long Version. A multi-page RFP template for a project with a larger scope.

In the long version RFP template, our market research company breaks the template into various sections, each included with the following:

  • Italicized Information. To explain a brief description and the importance of why each section is included. This information can be deleted after you read it.
  • [UPPER CASE TITLES IN BRACKETS]. These placeholders are included for you to erase and fill in with your unique project information.
  • Placeholder Text. This is suggested wording to include in your market research RFP but can be altered as you see fit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Just as there are countless methodologies to choose from in market research, the same can be said of third-party market research companies.

Keep in mind the best market research companies offer it as the core service and not 1 of many marketing or business services offered.

While we can't speak for the other firms out there, Drive Research solely focuses on qualitative and quantitative market research services.

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The market research RFP template is 100% free. How's that for a stellar data point? 

Our market research company keeps the pulse on the latest and greatest in the industry and like to share free knowledge whenever we can.

Keep us in mind next time you have questions about market research. Or read from over a thousand blog posts written by our team of senior research executives here.

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