Construction Company Client Surveys: Questions, Benefits, & Process

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Client satisfaction is a top priority for construction companies and general contractors.

And, for a good reason. Happy clients result in 5-star reviews and strong referrals.

One of the best ways to measure customer feedback is with construction company client surveys. They are simple to execute and straightforward.

In this blog post, our AEC market research company will share more about construction customer surveys including the benefits, process, and example questions.

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Benefits of Surveying Construction Company Clients

Customer research is essential, especially for construction companies because it enables them to understand the specific needs, preferences, and expectations of their clients.

Here are the biggest advantages of surveying your construction clients.

1. Identify areas of improvement

Each customer experience is unique, especially within the construction industry.

However, client surveys can help identify key themes of where your firm is missing the mark.

Additionally, a customer survey company, like Drive Research will analyze the results to show what components are high-priority fixes and what areas can be resolved at a later date.

This provides your construction company with a clear path forward with what issues need to be immediately assessed and resolved for future projects.

Here is an example of an urgent/important matrix that is often used to show the results of a customer feedback survey and what pain points to overcome first.

Example urgentimportant matrix

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2. Stand out against competitors

Understanding customer demands and preferences can allow construction companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

For instance, a construction company client survey can uncover the following:

  • What prices are customers willing to pay for construction services?
  • When are they willing to pay more?
  • How do people become aware of construction companies? (ie. Google, word of mouth, social media)
  • What factors lead customers to choose a construction company?
  • What factors would cause customers to switch to a different construction company?
  • What type of services are the most important when choosing a construction agency?

Earning measurable and actionable data to these questions will steer your construction firm in the right direction for marketing and sales strategies.

Speaking of which...

3. Create data-driven marketing campaigns

Through construction company client surveys, general contractors can gain insights into specific features or services that customers are looking for.

For instance, by grouping your customers into market segments, you may learn millennial males are more likely to choose a construction company based on experience. While millennial females consider price more.

With this insight, you can tailor your marketing and advertising messaging to each audience.

Perhaps you launch two Facebooks ads, one targeting millennial males that heavily features your quality craftsmanship.

And the other targets millennial females that focus on your competitive pricing.  

With 90% of marketers saying personalization significantly contributes to business profitability, this seems like a no-brainer. 

marketing personalization stat

4. Generate more business

In today’s world of doing extensive research before making any large purchase or home improvement, online reviews and personal recommendations matter.

For more context, 88% of customers have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business.

That said, it is important to measure client satisfaction over time. The more happy customers are, the more likely they are to recommend your business to a friend, family member, or colleague.

Taking the time to assure client expectations are met and working to resolve any issues will go a long way in generating new business down the road.

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How to Conduct a Construction Company Customer Survey

Most commonly, online survey tools are used to survey construction customers. Other methodologies include email surveys and phone surveys.

Though, from our experience, online surveys offer fast, quality, and cost-effect results, making them a favorable resource for collecting customer feedback.

Below is the process our customer survey company follows when working with construction companies.

Using a third party for customer surveys allows construction companies to have enough input into the process while leaving it to the research experts to perfect the approach and conduct the survey.

Drive Research online survey process

1. Kickoff meeting

After selecting a research firm they will host a kickoff meeting with the client.

In most cases, this meeting will take place virtually over a video call or telephone but can also take place in person if agreed to.

The customer survey company will present an agenda that will cover the surveying process and timeline. Possible survey questions will also be discussed.

2. Survey design

Proceeding with the kickoff meeting, the market research team will begin the construction of the survey.

Feedback compiled from previous discussions will assist in determining the objectives of the survey.

Additionally, the construction company client survey could be focused on a short overview of customer thoughts or dig deeper into the overall customer experience.

3. Survey fieldwork

When the survey is finalized with both the customer research firm and the client, a soft launch will be implemented to test the process.

A soft launch ensures that the fielding process works as intended in preparation for the full-scale fielding that will be taking place.

Based on the sample size requirements for the survey, the fielding process could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Though, online survey methodologies are much easier to collect than qualitative over-the-phone processes.

Also, while your construction company client survey is in the field, Drive Research shares a portal where you can see up-to-the-second results. 

Drive Research Online Survey Portal Preview

Use this interactive link to preview our client survey portal

4. Analysis and reporting

After fieldwork is completed, the survey analysis will begin.

With client surveys, it’s best to have the sample split by demographic variables like age, gender, and length of being a customer in order to gain a better understanding of differences best based on segment.

The final analysis could include a scorecard, an executive summary, or even an infographic based on client preference.

5. Debrief meeting

Once the analysis has been completed and shared with the end client, a debrief meeting may be scheduled to further discuss the findings in greater detail.

Further analysis could be required after additional feedback from the client is addressed.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the customer survey process. For a more in-depth explanation, I recommend reading our Ultimate Guide to Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Example Construction Company Customer Survey Questions

Construction company client survey questions can have a greater focus on overall satisfaction or pinpoint specific areas of the business that you are looking to get insights on.

Here are some examples of questions that can be used in a customer survey for construction companies:

1. Using a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend [company name] to a friend or colleague?

This question helps measure the overall satisfaction a customer has with a company.

Finding those that are unlikely to recommend the company can help find customer pain points that construction companies may be unaware of.

2. What factors are most important when selecting a company for construction services?

Knowing what customers are looking for when searching the marketplace for their construction services provider.

Factors can include: quality of services, pricing, support, and consultation.

3. What products/services have you purchased from [company name]?

Understanding which products and services are most popular can help construction companies determine possible areas of improvement.

During analysis, this question could help segment customers into product areas to determine any gaps in satisfaction that may exist between varying products

4. What else (products or services) you would like to see [company name] offer?

Including an open-ended question like this encourages customers to be honest with their needs and gives them the freedom to bring up topics of their own interest.

Letting customers have the opportunity to speak about the gaps they see in service lets construction companies see the possible gaps in services that they can improve on to increase customer satisfaction.

Interested in learning more example customer satisfaction questions? Watch the video below where our market research team shares their favorites.

Using Survey Results to Improve Your Construction Company

As the final step, your customer survey partner will provide you with a full report of the feedback collected from survey respondents.

The insights provided through this survey can vary and could encompass many different aspects of your business.

For instance, here are a few actionable recommendations and themes our customer survey company has offered clients in past projects. 

1. Improving customer retention:

By better understanding the needs of their customers, construction companies can ensure that their products and services are designed and executed to meet customer expectations.

Being able to better tailor your offerings to what is wanted from construction projects would lead to greater customer satisfaction which leads to increased customer retention.

2. Benchmarks compared to industry standards and competitors:

Gaining a greater understanding of the market can help construction companies benchmark their services to what is expected across the regional or national landscape.

3. Understanding areas to improve:

Surveying construction company customers can help clients learn more about the specific pain points customers can face when dealing with their company.

Improving areas you may lag behind in will allow you to present a more well-rounded product or service.

4. New ideas for attracting new customers:

The construction landscape is always evolving and being on the leading edge is the best way to attract new customers to your business.

A greater understanding of market trends could allow businesses to position themselves ahead of the competition by knowing what customers are missing.

Final Thoughts

Construction company client surveys are an effective tool for meeting customer needs, improving customer service, and staying ahead of the competition.

This type of market research identifies areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, profiling information, factors of choice, and other critical KPIs that allow construction firms to keep their pulse on the marketplace.  

All of these factors lead to happier clients and in turn more revenue for your business.

It’s a win, win.

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