5 Important Steps to Reduce Employee Turnover in Staffing

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Let’s admit it: this is a fear many companies are facing right now, not just staffing agencies. 

Each year, businesses will see roughly 18% of workplace turnover

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to stress you out–there are ways to combat this workplace issue. However, in order to reduce employee turnover in staffing, you have to know why your staff is leaving. 

While this isn’t the only way to boost staff retention, running employee surveys can uncover contributors to them leaving your business. 

In this post, we’ll not only cover employee surveys but also additional tips to retain staff through:

  • Cultivating a positive work environment
  • Implementing workplace flexibility 
  • Considering vacation/time off standards
  • Fostering a sense of openness 

Thankfully, you may get a sense that employees would like opportunities like this by reading the survey feedback. Better yet, all of these moves will help keep staff engaged and happy, so they don’t want to leave! 

Get the Inside Scoop 🍦

If you want to reduce employee turnover, you need to know why your employees are, well, turning over. 

Consider this: recent research has shown that only 36% of employees are actively engaged in their job. 

Like we said earlier, employee engagement surveys are key in combatting this.

Why? Because through those survey questions, you’ll be able to see how committed employees are to their work. Once you address the factors that they dislike, you’ll typically see those turnover rates go down. 

Using a third party for employee surveys is essential in this step. 

A reliable outside team brings in expertise so you don’t have to. Instead, you can focus on other aspects of your company while the market team works their magic with your survey. 

Another huge bonus in hiring an outsourced team to conduct employee surveys is anonymity. Often, this is done in the form of online surveys, which staff will receive them in an email. 

Think of it this way: would your employees be more willing to open up a survey from your company or a third-party team?

This is to ensure employees answer 100% honestly, without fear of their company penalizing them. 

When you eliminate that fear, chances are high you’re going to get quality, truthful data. And as a result? Less employee turnover! 

Take a quick look at our video on additional benefits to employee surveys:

💡 The Key Takeaway: To see less employee turnover, companies need to prioritize staff engagement levels. This leads to happier employees, reducing the chances they’ll leave your company. 

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Loosen Up 😄

Okay, okay. We’re not saying a workplace should loosen up to the point where there’s no structure, but rather focus on creating an employee-friendly environment. 

What does this mean? A lot of things. 

It could be creating a sense of fun in the office, offering activities like: 

  • Team outings
  • Happy hours
  • Lunches
  • Holiday parties 

And other related activities you think the staff would enjoy. 

The goal of creating spaces where employees can loosen up and have fun is to promote a healthy workplace culture. If you’re concerned this could mean employees become unfocused too “loose,” don’t be–employees thrive in a space where they can work hard and have fun. 

Hosting these kinds of activities is not only a great way to reduce your staffing agency's employee turnover but a way to let them know they matter. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: Give your office a sense of freedom and fun. By hosting regular or semi-regular team activities, you’re giving your employees a space where they can unwind and break away from work for a bit. 

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Offer Workplace Flexibility 🏠

This is a big one, right here. Granted, it’s really only been “big” since COVID-19 hit us. 

While remote work was not a foreign concept, many employees realized they didn’t mind working from home at the height of the pandemic. In fact, many of them prefer it. 

They prefer it so much that 18% of employees would look to work at another company that allowed location flexibility if their current one did not. 

So, why is remote work such a big deal? 

A few reasons to chew on: 

  • Employees may feel more productive
  • Cuts down on commute costs
  • Allows time for non-work tasks on lunch breaks
  • It May be easier for parents with children in online school 

It’s become a significant detractor for companies to offer no remote/hybrid policy. That being said, there are certain professions that do not allow for this. 

However, if your company is looking for ways to reduce employee turnover in staffing and you do not offer remote/hybrid work options, please consider it! 

💡 The Key Takeaway: A great method to reduce employee turnover is to allow remote or hybrid work options. Employees appreciate the choice in where they work, and this can often result in high productivity levels. 

Consider Vacation Time 🌴

Who doesn’t love a vacation? 

We understand that vacation time is a policy unique to every company. That being said, providing employees with generous (or even unlimited) vacation time is a huge step in reducing employee turnover at a workplace. 

Adequate vacation time is essential in maintaining employee mental health. It gives employees a chance to take a break from their duties so that they’re energized and refreshed when they come back. 

Much like the other points we’ve discussed in this post, the goal with vacation time is to show your staff you appreciate their time and efforts. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: Providing proper vacation time is not only a way to reduce employee turnover, but to boost employee mental health. 

Prioritize Communication 📢

Lack of communication at a company means a lack of growth. 


When leadership maintains open communication between employees, this creates a space where staff feels comfortable sharing opinions–both good and not-so-good. 

If employees feel they can’t bring up a negative aspect of their job because they’ll be penalized, that’s when the job search begins. 

Leadership teams may feel overwhelmed by this concept, or where to even start. It starts with employee relationships. 

Checking in with your team, asking them how their workload is, and other similar questions are simple but effective ways to show your staff you are open to feedback. These are fantastic ways to reduce employee turnover because it shows you care. 

Employees value workplaces where they’re heard and can speak up if need be. Beginning to open up lines of communication goes a long in creating and securing loyal staff. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: Ways to improve employee retention and reduce employee turnover are based on communication with staff. Understanding the needs of those at your company will go a long way when it comes to their desire to continue working there. 

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