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What is an employee survey?

An employee survey allows human resource and leadership teams gain in-depth knowledge about the feelings, opinions, and perceptions of their employees. Businesses of all sizes rely on employee engagement surveys to measure job satisfaction, employee engagement, employee well-being, and more. In doing so, organizations in Albany and surrounding areas are able to identify what parts of their internal business need to improve be improved upon in order to reduce employee turnover.

What are the benefits of an employee survey?

Voice of Employee (VoE) research provides organizations in Albany and surrounding areas with a variety of benefits. To start, employee engagement surveys near Albany, help in an increase in employee retention. A market research company can assist organizations in identifying employee perceptions regarding their overall emotions and feelings towards their employer. By collecting this feedback, businesses are able to improve their policies, benefits, opportunities for advancement, and more. In doing so, employees have little desire to look for new employers who will better meet their expectations and needs. Employee surveys also effectively measure engagement among employees. High levels of employee engagement are the first step in increasing productivity, camaraderie, and revenue for a business.

Why you should use a third-party for an employee survey?

A third-party employee survey company near Albany assures zero bias of survey questions and maintains confidentiality among your team. An employee survey agency can verify employees are equally represented, the survey asks neutrally worded, non-leading questions, and keep the responses completely anonymous.
Also, employees are more likely to give their honest opinions and feedback when they are assured their names will not be tied to their answers. This gives organizations a much better chance of detecting issues within their organization be the quality of data is so high.

Does an employee survey company offer benchmarks?

Benchmarking scores define a calculated analysis that offers a clear depiction of whether scores are high or low compared to industry peers or the entire country. An employee survey company near Albany, like Drive Research can offer several different benchmarking capabilities for your employee survey. These include:

  • Industry benchmarks
  • Organizational size benchmarks
  • Regional benchmarks

What is the end deliverable for an employee survey?

After the employee survey is finished, an employee engagement survey firm near Albany will determine what areas have the largest impact on overall employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. This is calculated by a market research company through analytical techniques such as correlation and regression. Drive Research, an employee survey company serving businesses in Albany and surrounding areas, provides our clients with a detailed, explanatory report sure to drive organizational change. Our reports do not focus on charts and numbers, but a digestible explanation of key themes and action items for the next steps, to help your team understand major opportunities for improvement.

How much do employee surveys cost?

The cost of an employee survey differs for every business in Albany and those in the surrounding areas. The employee size of an organization, the methodology provided, and the number of questions asked in an employee survey are all factors likely to impact the final cost of VoE research. Drive Research will work alongside your team to evaluate your organization’s objectives, expectations, and needs to offer a more defined estimate.

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