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    How to Use Employee Survey Benchmarks | Employee Engagement

    If you plan to conduct an employee survey, make sure you add context. If results come back and say 80% of your employees are satisfied with your company will you know if that is good or bad? Will you know how that compares to your industry peers? Will you know how that compares to best-in-class organizations? Likely you will not, so this is why benchmarking data is so crucial to adding insight and understanding to the process. Employee surveys are a tool to understand a variety of factors about

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    Employee Survey Company | How the Process Works?

    Searching for an employee survey company? Drive Research will walk you through the objectives, approach, process, deliverables, and timeline involved with a Voice of Employee (VoE) survey. Employee surveys can prove extremely valuable for an organization. A good customer experience often starts with satisfied employees. What is your culture like? What do employees like the most about their career? What needs to be improved? Learn more about the process below. When is the last time you conducte

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