Employee Surveys

  • How to Improve B2B Employee Engagement

    B2B employee engagement is key for businesses that want a happy and motivated workplace. Employee engagement refers to the overall commitment, fulfillment, and motivation staff have for their workforce. A number of factors go into shaping how B2B employees are engaged with their work, especially as remote work has risen in popularity. Measuring employee engagement is especially important right now, as levels are the lowest they've been in nine years.  Thankfully, employers can easily measur

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  • Faculty Satisfaction Surveys [Questions + Process]

    If you work in the education sector, it’s easy to concentrate too much on students without putting emphasis on your faculty and staff needs. Faculty satisfaction surveys help your institution understand the wants, needs, and satisfaction levels of your faculty. Listening to their feedback can often lead to major improvements to the student experience, operations, curriculum, marketing, and strategy employed by your school or college. What is a Faculty Survey? A faculty satisfaction surve

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  • Employee Satisfaction vs. Employee Engagement Surveys

    Gathering employee sentiment is key to a thriving workplace. But you probably already knew that, right? You may also think that there's no difference between running employee satisfaction surveys and employee engagement surveys. But there is, and it's bigger than you might think. Below, our employee survey company covers the difference between the two methodologies, what they offer, and when to use them. Defining Employee Engagement Employee engagement refers to the multiple factors that

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  • Blog: Employee Benefits Surveys for a Better Workplace

    Employee Benefits Surveys for a Better Workplace

    Employee benefits surveys allow businesses to get feedback on company perks and programs. By sending out these surveys to staff members, HR and management teams can learn what benefits employees like, what they don't, and additional useful insights that can help to improve team satisfaction and retention. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits, importance, and creation of these surveys! Employee Benefits Survey Definition An employee benefits survey is a tool used by organizations

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  • Blog: What is Employee Perception and Why Does it Matter?

    What is Employee Perception and Why Does it Matter?

    Understanding employee perception is essential for companies who want to create a strong work culture and improve employee engagement and productivity. It is a critical aspect of the organization as a whole because it affects employee behavior, attitudes, and performance. Employee perception can be influenced by various factors, such as past experiences, personal values, and expectations. It can also be affected by the company's communication strategies, feedback mechanisms, and recognition

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  • Blog: The BEST Employee Opinion Survey Questions You Should Ask

    The BEST Employee Opinion Survey Questions You Should Ask

    Understanding employee opinions is a major opportunity for organizations to support overall success. Beyond the questions and data, lies a deeper purpose. Employee opinion surveys are more than just questionnaires. These tools create insight used to build a more connected, fulfilling, and productive workplace. The insights and recommendations used from employee research help spark transformations, redefine priorities, and shape workplace culture. But to be truly impactful, organizations mus

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  • Blog: Don't Use AI for Employee Surveys - Here's Why

    Don't Use AI for Employee Surveys - Here's Why

    The potential of AI has sparked discussions about its role in shaping various aspects of employee engagement and management. One area that often comes under scrutiny is the use of AI in crafting and conducting employee surveys. While technology undoubtedly offers new avenues for efficiency, it's important to carefully consider the implications of relying solely on AI for such a crucial task. To put it to the test, our employee survey company used AI for a test employee survey. Here's what happen

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  • Blog: Culture Assessments [Types, Benefits, & Sample Questions]

    Culture Assessments: Types, Benefits, & Sample Questions

    Understanding and nurturing the culture within an organization is crucial for its success and long-term sustainability. In fact, companies with good corporate culture report 4X higher revenues. In this blog post, we will delve into the various types of culture assessments that can shed light on your organization's values, work environment, and employee experiences. Plus, to help you get started, we will also provide a range of sample questions that can guide you in gathering valuable insight

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  • Blog: employees high fiving - happy workplace

    How to Improve Workplace Culture for Better Long-Term Employment

    No one wants to be surrounded by miserable employees, right? Nor do you want to manage or lead a team that dreads coming to work every day. When you improve workplace culture, you’re ultimately improving the work your company puts out. But for employees to not be miserable, they need to work in a space that’s healthy. By healthy work environment, we mean: Cultivating positivity in the office  Listening to the concerns/complaints of employees Offering team-bonding activities (office parties

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Diversity and Inclusion Survey

    Conducting a Diversity and Inclusion Survey [+ Example Questions]

    Conducting a diversity and inclusion survey is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace or community. By gathering valuable data on the representation, experiences, and perceptions of different groups, these surveys provide insights that can inform strategic initiatives, policies, and programs. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of conducting a diversity and inclusion survey and provide you with the step-by-step survey proces

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  • Blog: 8 Employee Engagement Trends Coming to Workplaces in 2024

    8 Employee Engagement Trends Shaping Workplaces in 2024

    Employee engagement is a critical factor for organizations striving to create a motivated and productive workforce. This blog post explores eight key employee engagement trends that are set to shape workplaces in the coming year, offering valuable insights and actionable strategies for employers seeking to foster a culture of engagement and maximize the potential of their teams. From the rise of remote work and flexible schedules to the growing emphasis on employee well-being and development

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  • BLOG: Employee Spot Surveys: Definition, Benefits, & Sample Questions

    Employee Spot Surveys: Definition, Benefits, & Sample Questions

    Employee spot surveys make it simple to assess and address the overall sentiment and satisfaction of team members in your organization. When you take the results of a survey and readjust your processes, it becomes possible to improve the employee satisfaction of your company. Even better, a positive work environment can lead to stellar customer service and higher revenue levels. It’s a win-win. 🎉🎉 For now, let's take a look at employee spot surveys, including how they work, their benefit

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