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  • market-research-generation-z-tips-06102019

    Market Research with Generation Z | 4 Things You Need to Know

    With all the talk of Millennials seemingly killing and reviving industries every day in the news, you might not have noticed that Generation Z is entering adulthood. In fact, the oldest "kids" in Generation Z are now 23 years old! Like it or not, these are your upcoming market research respondents. Businesses can no longer afford to solely focus on Baby Boomers and Millennials with a new generation of buying power around the corner. They currently already influence 93% of household spending. I

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  • mock-trial-market-research-04242019

    Mock Trial Recruiting and Facility

    Discussion groups are often conducted in the initial discovery stage of mock trial research. These mock trial discussions follow a very similar flow to market research focus groups. These allow attorneys to better understand common juror concerns and experiences in order to determine what areas of the case need further explanation or educate in an actual court case. In order to achieve the most life like results, a legal team will choose to rent a mock trial facility and recruit mock jurors wh

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  • ensure-turnout-market-research-tips-03052019

    2 Sure Fire Ways to Ensure 100% Turnout for Focus Groups

    In this post, I discuss some basic tips to help with recruiting for focus groups. The ultimate goal with every focus group recruit is to achieve 100% participation or a perfect show rate. What is a focus group? A focus group is a collection of diverse or similar people assembled to give feedback and opinions on specific products or services. It is a market research strategy that is conducted by a moderator to discuss qualitative data of a person's beliefs and preferences. These groups cons

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  • qualitative-recruiting-case-study-02262019

    Qualitative Recruiting and Focus Group Rental | CPG Case Study

    Drive Research works with companies and organizations across the world to recruit and host focus groups in Syracuse, NY. With our brand new focus group facility being added for 2019, we have already hosted a number of focus groups on-site spanning from grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG) to home energy and utilities. In this case study, we provide an overview of a recent project completed for a meatless substitute product at our facility. Learn more about the overview for the project, our

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  • tips-recruit-participants-market-research-02122019

    5 Tips to Recruit Participants for Qualitative Market Research

    Recruiting participants for qualitative market research is no easy task. If your organization has never embarked on this before, it may make a lot of sense to reach out for some advice or a quote for the job from a qualitative recruiting company. There are several factors your organization will need to excel at in order to make the recruitment project successfully. In this post, I discuss 5 tips to assist with your qualitative market research recruiting. They are aimed to make the process effec

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  • signs-recruiting-focus-group-research-11302018

    3 Signs You Are Not Recruiting for Focus Groups Correctly

    When it comes to recruiting for focus groups, there is the easy way, and the right way. Working in the market research industry for about 15 years, it becomes easier to point out the difference. Yet, organizations far too frequently opt for the easy and inexpensive route. Focus groups are one of the most common methodologies in market research. Because of this, many organizations opt to try to run their own focus groups internally. The groups are often developed on a whim among professionals wi

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  • answers-focus-group-recruiting-08062018

    Answers to Your Questions About Focus Group Recruiting in the U.S.

    Focus group recruitment can be a very challenging task for an organization or marketing agency to undertake. It often takes a lot of time and logistics to ensure success. It involves time spent on designing a screener, finding a list of targeted participants, paid outreach, re-screening phone calls, confirmation emails, confirmation letters, confirmation texts, and reminder galore. Sound daunting? This is often why organizations across the U.S. come to a focus group recruiting company like Driv

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  • Schedule-research-interviews-06262018

    4 Tips to Schedule Research Interviews

    Drive Research is a market research company who manages qualitative projects including research interviews. Scheduling and conducting in-depth interviews (IDIs) is no easy task. Many clients hire market research companies simply to assist with both recruitment and scheduling of interviews because of the time commitment. Qualitative research interviews can provide a lot of value to a client. Here is an overview of the process of how market research interviews work: 1) Proposal 2) Kickoff 3) W

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  • Healthcare-market-research-recruiting-05212018

    Healthcare Market Research Recruiting Company | How It Works?

    Drive Research works with a number of healthcare organizations to assist with market research recruiting needs. This expertise spans beyond just the healthcare industry and includes segments such as manufacturing, advertising, financial services, and others. The focus of the post below is to outline a typical healthcare recruitment project highlighting our abilities to reach a very niche audience through state-of-the-art recruitment techniques and focus group software. No matter what your need,

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  • mistakes-avoid-recruiting-focus-group-market-research-04052018

    5 Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting Focus Groups

    Some focus group recruits can be more challenging than others. Finding and convincing participants to take time out of their evening to travel to a group is no easy task. It has to be worth it for them and the qualitative recruitment company has to convey confidence and organization throughout the process. Constant reminders and confirmations help too. Once you have the participant recruited, your work has just begun. Plan on sending a confirmation email, placing a reminder phone call, and send

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  • tactics improve market research

    4 Tactics to Improve Market Research Participation | Qualitative Recruit Firm

    So you've sent an online survey out to qualify participants for an upcoming focus group. You have 28 participants that stated they are interested. So that means all 28 will show up the night of your focus groups and your work is done right? Think again. Your work is just beginning as a qualitative recruit firm and in a lot of focus groups, interviews, and qualitative recruits, you need to manage these participants with baby gloves. It's not their fault but understandably so even though this mar

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  • finding participants market research recruitment firm upstate ny

    Finding Participants for Your Market Research | Recruitment Firm Upstate, NY

    One of the most difficult parts of qualitative market research is recruiting the tough to find participants. Whether you're looking for recruits in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, other parts of Upstate New York, or other parts of the country, the challenge is the same. How do we find participants for our qualitative market research project? Our clients and out-of-market research firms often partner with our company to find these tough participants. We leverage several pools and resource

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