Qualitative Recruiting

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    5 Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting Focus Groups

    Some focus group recruits can be more challenging than others. Finding and convincing participants to take time out of their evening to travel to a group is no easy task. It has to be worth it for them and the qualitative recruitment company has to convey confidence and organization throughout the process. Constant reminders and confirmations help too. Once you have the participant recruited, your work has just begun. Plan on sending a confirmation email, placing a reminder phone call, and send

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    4 Tactics to Improve Market Research Participation | Qualitative Recruit Firm

    So you've sent an online survey out to qualify participants for an upcoming focus group. You have 28 participants that stated they are interested. So that means all 28 will show up the night of your focus groups and your work is done right? Think again. Your work is just beginning as a qualitative recruit firm and in a lot of focus groups, interviews, and qualitative recruits, you need to manage these participants with baby gloves. It's not their fault but understandably so even though this mar

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    Finding Participants for Your Market Research | Recruitment Firm Upstate, NY

    One of the most difficult parts of qualitative market research is recruiting the tough to find participants. Whether you're looking for recruits in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, other parts of Upstate New York, or other parts of the country, the challenge is the same. How do we find participants for our qualitative market research project? Our clients and out-of-market research firms often partner with our company to find these tough participants. We leverage several pools and resource

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    3 Quick Tips for Market Research Recruiting

    In the life of a market research professional you deal with recruiting a lot. Whether you’re conducting surveys, in-depth interviews (IDIs), or focus groups, finding the right participants for a study is always a challenge. Without high quality respondents, it's difficult to produce high quality outcomes. Have you ever been faced with a tough recruit in market research? Us too. Maybe you needed 10 business executives for a 45 minute in-depth interview (IDI) within a specific industry and marke

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    6 Tips to Ensure Your Focus Group Participants Actually Show Up

    Perhaps the biggest fear in qualitative recruitment is hosting a focus yet having none of the participants show up. This great fear can often be realized more often in Upstate New York where the focus group killer is only a lake effect snowstorm away. It's what keeps moderators from sleeping the night before the focus groups. It's essentially why market research firms recruit 16 to seat 12, recruit 12 to seat 8, and recruit 8 to seat 4. No matter how much preparation goes into recruiting partic

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    Higher Rewards Can Equal Lower Market Research Costs | A Closer Look

    One of the most fickle topics when budgeting for a market research project is the reward payout to respondents. The payout to the respondent is also referred as the honorarium, incentive, or reward. When budgets are tight and a company wants to conduct research, cutting the honorarium amount is often the first item they look at. For instance, a client may ask, “instead of paying out $150 to our 48 focus group participants, can we pay out $100 and save ourselves $2,400?” On the surface it seems

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    What is a Call Disposition in Market Research?

    A call disposition in market research is a document summarizing the outcome of calls placed through the outbound call center. This document can either be auto-populated through the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) software or can be easily compiled and formatted into an Excel document once the data is exported. This is typically reviewed by both the project manager in the call center and the lead analyst on the project on a daily basis to understand daily output from telephone s

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