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Working with Our Albany Qualitative Recruiting Company 

Why is qualitative recruiting necessary? 

The success of all market research is equated to the level of qualified participants recruited for the qualitative or quantitative study. No one knows this better than Drive Research, a qualitative recruiting company near Albany. Drive Research is known for helping organizations recruit, qualify, and sign up participants of varying demographics. 

How do we find these participants? Through our exclusive market research panel - a group of people who have signed up to receive notifications about research opportunities - as well as digital targeting efforts for niche target markets. 

What types of qualitative recruiting can Drive Research provide near Albany?

As a market research company specializing in qualitative and quantitative studies, Drive Research has vast experience in all types of recruiting. Our qualitative recruiting company near Albany can help your organization with focus groups, surveys, customer experience (CX) research, in-depth interviews (IDIs), or any other form of marketing research.  

What is the process like working with our qualitative recruiting company?

Drive Research follows an unparalleled system for finding highly qualified recruits for many qualitative research studies. 

Our qualitative recruiting process is as follows: 

  1. Pre-screen participants online through panel member and social media outreach. 
  2. Participants qualify for the market research study with an online screening survey. 
  3. Qualified participants are called to be re-screened on critical criteria. 
  4. Research participants are sent a confirmation email, calendar notice, reminder phone call, and a text message leading up to the study. 

With this stringent process, our qualitative recruiting company near Albany is pleased to present our clients with extremely high show rates. 

What is the timeline for qualitative recruiting?

Our qualitative recruiting firm near Albany is able to provide our clients with fast results. This is due to the focus Drive Research places on digital outreach. The timeline of a qualitative recruiting project can vary. It is reliant on whom you are hoping to target as research participants. The more niche a target audience is, the more difficult it is to produce results in a couple of days. Our qualitative recruiting firm near Albany will work with your organization to provide a time estimate and stick to this deadline. 

How much does it cost for qualitative recruiting near Albany? 

Similarly to the timeline of an Albany qualitative recruiting project, the cost can range based off of the study’s requirements. For example, if the qualitative or quantitative study requires a large number of participants, or a more difficult audience to recruit the price may be higher. Our qualitative recruiting company near Albany can work with you to customize your project in order to best meet the constraints of a budget.

Need a quote or proposal from our qualitative recruiting company near Albany? Reach out to our market research company today. 

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