Qualitative Recruiting

Whether you are looking for focus group, interview, website usability, or participants for any form of qualitative market research, we can help.

What is Qualitative Recruiting?

Our qualitative market research recruiting company works with clients to find high-quality participants for projects. We assist our clients with their qualitative recruiting needs in New York State and across the country helping them find participants for focus groups, web interviews, phone interviews, online bulletin boards, and other forms of qualitative market research under the tightest deadlines.


How does our Qualitative Recruiting Work?

The difference with the qualitative recruiting process at Drive Research is we are non-traditional. We start our qualitative recruiting through online outreach. This includes email invitations to our panel members across the country, social media posts to our followers, and highly targeted social media ads to new audiences you need to find. Our digital marketing background finds the most cost-effective way to recruit participants quickly without sacrificing quality.


Why Qualitative Recruiting with Drive Research?

Because we place our focus in digital, we can recruit better and faster than traditional qualitative recruitment firms in the U.S. Many of our qualitative recruits create a pool of highly qualified participants within just 24 to 48 hours of launching fieldwork. This gives us the flexibility to choose the best qualified participants from our large pool of recruits before we place confirmation calls, send confirmation emails or letters, place reminder calls, and send reminder texts.


We ask more from qualitative recruiting and we believe waiting weeks for a qualitative recruitment company to dial through a list of random telephone numbers is a dinosaur methodology. Want to learn more about how we do things differently at Drive Research? Contact us below.

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