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Drive Research assists organizations across the country with their B2B or B2C market research recruiting needs.

Our team has 30+ years of experience sourcing and scheduling participants for focus groups, product development, phone surveys, web interviews, and other types of market research.


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Why Drive Research is the Best Company for Market Research Recruitment

When it comes to finding a qualitative research recruitment agency, we know you have options. But, many firms fall short of providing quality research participants and high show rates. Here’s how Drive Research is different.


We source and recruit participants fast

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Drive Research utilizes various approaches to finding qualified market research participants.

Our market research recruiters source participants by:

  • Sending email invites to our national market research panel
  • Creating highly targeted social media ads for niche audiences 
  • Outsourcing to trusted third-party panels with competitive pricing

Our focus on digital allows us to use the most cost-effective sampling method to quickly recruit participants without sacrificing quality.


We focus on only recruiting quality participants

In today’s qualitative world, so many are trying to automate the market research recruitment process and sign-up participants regardless of their credentials.

The problem? Panel participants know how to cheat the system and make their way into a study without being qualified.

Drive Research flips the automated research process on its head. We focus on mini-touchpoints with each participant to verify they match your exact criteria.

We provide near-perfect show-rates

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Our proven approach to market research recruitment has led Drive Research to achieve an average show rate of 92%.

Each market research recruit project includes the following steps:

  1. Pre-screen potential candidates online
  2. Re-screen participants by phone to quality-check responses
  3. Send a confirmation email and calendar invite
  4. Make reminder phone calls the day before the study
  5. Send reminder texts on the day of the market research



We adopt a single-recruiter approach

Our market research recruitment team creates a rapport with each participant. From beginning to end, participants have a single point of contact to address questions or concerns.

The time and dedication we put into our market research recruiting process often lead to building a mini-relationship with participants. This helps with the completion, engagement, and quality of responses provided in the research.



Earn quality feedback from targeted B2B and B2C market research participants

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What Clients & Participants Say About Our Market Research Recruitment Agency

Drive Research works to manage both client and participant expectations. It's how we've earned over 150, 5-star reviews from both market research participants and clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Market Research Recruitment

How much does market research recruitment cost?

When hiring a market research recruitment agency, the cost is one of the greatest deciding factors. How much market research recruitment costs vary based on the type of study, audience criteria, length of the study, and incentives. Generally, organizations should plan to budget anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000. 

How do you recruit people for market research?

Market research recruitment agencies all follow different processes. Though, the best companies offer a hands-on approach to recruiting people for market research. This includes pre-screening, re-screening/scheduling phone calls, and a thorough confirmation process all through a single point of contact.

What are the advantages of hiring a market research recruiting company?

A market research recruiting agency is the best option for effectively and efficiently scheduling participants. They also provide better outcomes with show rates and quality of the feedback received - all while saving you time and resources.

How long does it take to recruit participants for market research?

How long market research recruitment takes varies by project. In most instances, market research recruiting agencies require two weeks of lead time to source and schedule participants for a study. This includes launching a screener survey and making re-screening phone calls to qualify and schedule participants. The two-week timeline also benefits participants in case they need to adjust their schedules. 

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