Top SurveyMonkey Alternatives and Competitors

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So, you’ve made the leap and are going to use market research to gather new data about your brand. You’ve specifically taken an interest in how surveys can help you. 

It’s likely you’ve seen SurveyMonkey pop up in your web travels while researching this topic. While this platform certainly has a number of pros, the cons are significant (you’ll have to keep reading to discover those). 

Below, we’ve listed out other platforms similar to SurveyMonkey, along with some of our most popular services. 

Top SurveyMonkey Alternatives and Competitors:

  1. Drive Research
  2. Lattice
  3. Culture Amp
  4. Jotform
  5. Qualtrics CoreXM
  6. Empuls
  7. Betterworks
  8. Google Forms


What Does SurveyMonkey Do?

Survey Monkey has  easily customizable surveys, user-friendly templates, and offers data collection without unnecessary steps and information. 

They also offer a wide variety of features and survey options, including:

  • Customer experience (CX)
  • Employee engagement
  • User experience (UX)

Reasons Why Customer Consider SurveyMonkey Alternatives

Some who don’t enjoy SurveyMonkey listed a few different reasons for wanting to find a different solution.

  • High cost for the actual solution needed
  • Very limited free plan that wasn’t flexible enough (also some data locked behind a paywall
  • Design was very limited and unbranded
  • Survey logic was minimal and not great for certain surveys

Whatever your reason for not wanting to use this site may be, you can feel reassured knowing that (way) more is out there.

Keep on reading to learn more about programs similar to SurveyMonkey, including yours truly.

Top Alternatives to SurveyMonkey

1. Drive Research - Full Service Market Research

At Drive Research, we offer unique and customizable survey tools. Sit back and relax, because you don’t have to write the questions when using our format. An experienced team of our research pros will do that for you, based on your needs. 

Specializing in qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid research options, we provide answers to any complicated questions related to a research project.

Because these research methods aren’t widely used outside of the market research setting, companies can run into trouble when using these tools on their own. 

As we mentioned, the risks associated with DIY market research are often not worth it. This is largely due to the lack of an experienced group of researchers. As a result, things can get overlooked. 

Perhaps the biggest issue with DIY research is the lack of objectivity, as this can seriously taint an entire project. Hiring a market research team eliminates this issue entirely. 

Some of our market research services include:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Focus groups
  • Employee surveys 
  • PR surveys
  • User experience

Aside from custom market research services, we also offer low-cost turn-key solutions to gathering feedback. For example, our VoE survey tool allows users to stay up to date with incoming feedback, so they’re just as informed as we are. For our premium and enterprise plans, we also offer segmentation reports by department. 

Pricing and plans

Our basic plan is $3,000, with our premium plan at $4,500, and enterprise plan at $6,000. Customized pricing is also available. 


Drive Research provides survey programming, a product manager to work with you, an in-depth report, and much more. Our goal is to have you focus on your objectives, while we take care of the research. 


Pre-written survey template instead of a customizable option for VoE services. That said, this may be an ideal choice for certain organizations.

2. Lattice

Lattice prides itself on providing users with reliable, high-quality performance tools. This platform is equipped to handle most industries, along with small to large businesses. There are separate demos for each industry listed on their page. 

Pricing and plans 

Lattice offers a performance management package at $8 per person/month, an OKRs and Goals package for $8 per person/month, and a bundle plan for $11 per person/month.

Other offers include an employee engagement package for $4 per person/month and a “grow” package for $4 per person/month. 


Lattice is a strong competitor to Survey Monkey because they have a massive amount of employee engagement and customer satisfaction tools for their clients, whether that be standard employee surveys or business growth plans.

They also offer an analytics tool that gathers important data and extensive performance management services. 


A weak area for Lattice (in some cases) is the user-friendliness of their platform, which includes difficult navigation. 

What users are saying 

Users appreciate the broken-down process of gathering important employee information through Lattice.

The 1:1 appointments are also popular on the site, where meetings are tracked and simplified. As we mentioned earlier, the design of the actual Lattice platform is not as user-friendly as many would like. 

3. Culture Amp 

A smaller employee engagement company, Culture Amp also offers employee development and performance management tools.

Their surveys are easily customizable, with over 30 templates that users can choose from. 

Pricing and plans 

Culture Amp offers self-starter, standard, and enterprise packages. For pricing information, contact Culture Amp. 


Culture Amp’s employee engagement feature offers a “turnover prediction” tool, where staff at risk of leaving a company is highlighted through algorithms.

An impressive data collection strategy allows users to benefit from insights gathered around the globe. 


Common negatives for Culture Amp include customer service relations and a clunky interface. 

What users are saying 

Users applaud Culture Amp’s customer service strategies. Other well-liked features include easy-to-follow survey templates, data quality, and reporting tools. 

4. Jotform 

Jotform boasts a wide variety of form-building tools with which you can build a survey.

The company’s website provides users with multiple templates, including PDF and app-friendly designs. Jotform products are compatible with a wide variety of industries, from education to healthcare to non-profits. 

Pricing and plans 

A free version of this site is available for use. Packages include Bronze at $24 a month, Silver at $29 a month, and Gold at $79 a month. 


Jotform is designed to easily integrate with other productivity and management tools, like Google Sheets, Zoom, Slack, Discord, and a whole lot more.

Their “Enterprise” section offers detailed productivity management solutions. 


The tools offered can be difficult to use, along with their ability to load information.

What users are saying

Users like the integration features and the many form templates. A user-friendly interface and simple form-building design are also appreciated by users. 

5. Qualtrics CoreXM

One of the lead alternatives to Survey Monkey, Qualtrics XM boasts easy-to-design surveys and multiple integration options.  

Pricing and plans 

Qualtrics must be contacted for pricing information. 


Qualtrics uses principles based on human psychology to obtain the most insight from surveys. Automated workflows simplify the user experience, making the software easy to understand and navigate. 


Lack of quality customer service and issues with overall platform usability. 

What users are saying 

Users appreciate the high-quality design of Qualtrics’ features and its data collection abilities. Other users were not pleased with the pricing options for upgrades. 

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6. Empuls 

Catering exclusively to employee satisfaction needs, Empuls is another one of the smaller alternatives to SurveyMonkey–but with a lot to offer.

Big on corporate culture, Empuls also has its own social platform where employees can interact. 

Pricing and plans 

Empuls offers a free trial. Packages include Starter at $2 per employee/month, Proficient at $3.60 per employee/month, and Enterprise with customizable pricing options.


Empuls provides specific solutions for specific issues, whether that be company culture or remote work concerns. This site integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other popular collaboration tools. 


While they do offer integrations, Empuls doesn’t provide as many options as other larger platforms. Additionally, user experience can be bumpy and difficult to manage on mobile devices. 

What users are saying 

Users appreciate the simple quality of the platform. The employee rewards and recognition features are especially popular when it comes to a staff morale boost. Again, complaints tend to remain focused on user experience issues. 

7. Betterworks

Betterworks provides users with ongoing employee feedback through pulse surveys, eNPS, and other data collection tools.

Their employee engagement methods can detect new trends in real-time. An extensive library of benchmarks makes this site ideal for onboarding and onboarding experiences. 

Additionally, Betterworks also offers insightful performance management tools along with customer experience services.

Pricing and plans 

Contact Betterworks for pricing. 


This platform is suitable for both large and small companies. Feedback can be measured visually in heat maps, category segmentation, and other detailed methods. Progress tracking is offered to stay on top of goals. 


Software can be difficult to navigate and work with, specifically the OKR and goals portion. 

What users are saying 

Aside from some complaints on the OKR and goals end of things, Betterworks is loved by users for its overall simplicity and customer service availability. The team-tracking features are also appreciated. 

8. Google Forms

Last but not least, Google Forms is a solid option for surveys. Simple formatting and a drag-and-drop feature make this site great for those with varying levels of technical proficiency. The design allows users a simple way to craft a professional survey. 

Pricing and plans

There are free options available for personal use. Plans include the business standard package for $12 user/month. 


Anyone with a Google account can use this platform for free, if the use is for non-business purposes. The interface is extremely user-friendly and clear. 


Depending on the usage, Google Forms can be limited in terms of customization tools. 

What users are saying 

Overall, Google Forms is praised for its low cost and ability to gather reliable feedback. Crafting a survey is simple to do, making it universally accessible to users. Complaints about customization rigidity have come up. 

Survey Monkey DIY Vs. Full Service Market Research Alternative

Without a doubt, the most significant benefit of buying and using a platform like SurveyMonkey is the cost. 

You are often looking at a few hundred dollars or $1,000 out of pocket for your organization. This is also frequently the case with SurveyMonkey DIY. 

However, consider the additional costs and risks associated with doing it on your own:

  • Your time to evaluate the survey platform options and choose the best one 🕞
  • Your time to learn the ins and outs of the platform and training on it ⏰
  • The risk of doing something incorrectly for your team, boss, or customers 🔥
  • All of that time and risk for a single project where you may not use the platform again 😮

By using a market research company as an alternative to SurveyMonkey to manage the survey project on your behalf, you're in good hands (regardless of who you use, in most cases). 

Keep in mind writing surveys, programming surveys, sending invites, and analyzing/reporting are all these companies do, so they become quick experts in this space–just one of the many benefits of using a third-party market research firm

The market research firm will provide you with best practices and guidance throughout the process. From the kickoff to the conclusion, they will be your helping hand. 

For more information on this topic, watch our brief video on the topic:

Contact Our Online Survey Company 

And that’s that. By now, you’ve probably gained some insight into SurveyMonkey alternatives and competitors.

Drive Research is a market research company based in New York. Our team of experts possesses the in-depth knowledge and industry experience to create a reliable, high-quality employee survey. 

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