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Please don't sit on your customer survey results. This is in more ways than one. Your organization should be taking the results an employing changes, improvements, and operational adjustments to your internal processed based on what customers want, need, and expressed. It's simple, you listen to their feedback, and make those changes to grow and be a successful company.

These next steps revolve around digital marketing. Now that your customer survey is completed, what do you do now? All of these 4 recommendations involve either taking next steps with market research or taking next steps with digital marketing.

Here are the 4 strategies and next steps outlined below by our customer survey company.

next steps after a customer survey

So you finished your customer survey market research? Stuck on what to do next? Here is how to use your customer survey results to fuel your organizational strategy.


Option 1: Create a SEM or SEO Strategy

Your customer survey should tell you more about how decisions for products and services are made in your industry. What is Step 1? Step 2? Step 3? Does it start with online search in a lot of cases? If your business is like many others (both B2B and B2C) online search is the entry portal to the path to purchase.

Consumers and business decision-makers alike prefer to go online and review their options. These stealth users may conduct hours of research before they decide to reach out or not reach out to your brand. You know they are searching your site but you do not know why.

Creating an SEO strategy and SEM (paid search strategy) will help you capture users at the top of the funnel. Understanding what terms and topics are of interest to your customers is critical which may have been captured in your customer survey. Perhaps local is a big driver to purchase which would push you in the direction of a local or regional search campaign rather than national.

Option 2: Ongoing Customer Experience (CX) Program

Market research should not be a one-and-done effort. Never should you reach out to your customers once and then put everything on hold until you reach out again years from now. Ultimately, your market research and customer survey should be the beginning of an ongoing listen and act strategy for your customers providing them a new portal to provide feedback.

A CX program is just that. Your broad customer survey should have identified areas of concern or improvement for your organization. These become your priority areas to focus your efforts and create ongoing surveys. An example of a CX program might be surveys after an in-store visit takes place, a sale takes place, or a customer places a call to customer support or technical support.

Continually measure your KPIs through a CX program.

Option 3: Merge Findings Into Your CRM Tool

If you completed your customer survey with a customer survey company like Drive Research, chances are they tied each specific survey response to a unique identifier. This could be an email address, customer number, invoice, etc. This can be tied back directly to your CRM system for additional case management.

By inputting survey responses into the CRM, it allows your sales team and managers to understand customers at a much deeper and tactical level. Did you know customer 134AF24 chose us because of the technical support offered? Seems like that should be a focus of your message when it comes time to re-up the contract.

Option 4: Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

A growing trend in the market research industry is using survey data to drive content. This could be blogs, press releases, infographics, and even web pages. If you have really strong customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores your organization should be marketing this to the masses. "In a recent survey conducted by an independent customer survey company, our customer satisfaction ranked 35% higher than our competitors." That seems like a message you want to share as part of your content marketing strategy.

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