Looking For an Online Survey Company? | 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Research Firm

When searching for the best online survey company, there are a variety of factors one should consider before deciding on a third-party market research firm. This includes (1) recruitment services, (2) experts in your industry or sector, (3) survey optimization and cleaning, (4) a variety of reporting options available, and (5) offering recommendations or next steps for your organization based on the results. 

An online survey company can be more than a vendor who provides basic question style templates and simple analytics of the results. It is important to not only collect feedback from a target respondent, but to have a research partner who understands the intimate breakdown and cross-tabulations of the survey data. 

Of all the market research methodologies available, an online survey may be the most cost-effective, yet delivers reliable data in as little as two-days. For a small cost, a notable online survey research firm can provide your organization with the strategic insight you need to make important business and marketing decisions.

Before making your choice of partners, our national online survey company has five things for your team to consider when looking for a survey vendor. 
looking for an online survey company? | Drive Research

When searching for the best online survey company, consider these 5 critical factors before deciding on a third-party market research firm. 

1. Recruiting the Right Survey Respondents 

An online survey is only as statistically reliable as the quality of respondents who complete the questionnaire. It is important respondents of a survey online are best representative of your target customer or market (depending on the objectives for conducting the market research). If not, the answers or feedback received will be unsuccessful in making a positive impact on your organization. 

When speaking with different online survey firms, ask about their process for finding research respondents. Drive Research, an online survey company in New York, often discourages the use of using an online panel. We have seen great success with recruiting survey respondents through organic and paid social media advertisements

This recruitment process allows our online survey firm to use behavioral and audience targeting to find real people (not fake online bots or professional survey takers) who match any kind of criteria, to take our surveys. 

Learn more about why sourcing participants through Facebook is better than an online panel

2. Experts in Your Industry 

Market research can benefit any kind of business, in any kind of industry or sector. With that being said, there are third-party research companies who only specialize in a few industries such as healthcare, financial, or retail. 

An online survey supplier who specializes in your industry will have the best constructed approach for your company and provide maximum results. Having worked with other clients in a similar industry as yours allows the research firm to surpass any challenges of entering a new space and replicating where they have seen success. This can range from the type of questions to ask, where to recruit respondents, the recommended incentive for respondents, and more. 

It is okay if the firm doesn’t only specialize in your specific industry, but perhaps a variety of sectors and B2C or B2B organizations. As long as they can speak to past projects or clients who they have worked with in your space, your organization should feel confident moving forward with your online survey project. 

Take a look at the list of clients or testimonials on the market research company’s website. This will give you a better idea of what type of organizations they’ve worked in the past. If it appears that there are many different brands, the chances are they have worked with a similar organization to yours – even if it is not branded on their website. 

3. Online Survey Optimization, Cleaning, and Analyzing 

Another critical part of the success of an online survey is that it is mobile-friendly. Smartphone growth is rapidly growing. It is estimated that more than 5 billion people own a mobile device, and over half of these connections are smartphones.

For this reason it is important the online survey company is able to design a survey that is optimized for all mobile devices to assure the respondent experience is the best it can be. This can go a long way in having a high survey completion rate.

Another great question to ask a potential research partner is their process for cleaning the survey data. Especially with online surveys that garner hundreds of responses and/or offer a reward, survey data cleaning ensures the quality of your results are completely accurate and trustworthy. An online survey company should take the time to comb through responses to check for duplicate responses, speedy survey takers who rush to the end, straightlining, and review open-ends for nonsensical responses.  

Lastly, how does the survey company analyze the data and feedback they’ve received? Your organization should look for an online survey agency that does more than just deliver the results, but explains the data in a way that makes sense and is easily digestible. This also means looking at the survey results from all angles. For example, did answers differ from male or female audiences? How do top sources of awareness change for younger age groups vs. older age groups? 

If your team can’t understand what they are reviewing, how can you use the online survey results to make research-driven business decisions?  

4. Actionable Recommendations and Next Steps

When fieldwork for an online survey is complete – the fun is just getting started. If on the hunt for an online survey partner, look for one that is just that: a partner. Does your online survey vendor stop with the data and findings? They shouldn’t! 

The major benefit of hiring an online survey company is to have a team of experts you can rely on to help interpret the research. The research firm should be able to confidently suggest next steps and marketing strategies based on their interpretation of the results.

Drive Research believes market research is much more than facts and numbers. It’s very important that we help our clients turn this data into insights and then into action. 

5. Available Survey Reporting Packages 

If outsourcing an online survey project, many organizations aren’t aware of the different reporting packages available to them. Some online survey firms may only offer a one size fits all approach to their reports, but Drive Research understands every business is different and so is their reporting needs. 

Our Upstate New York online survey company offers a unique approach to our market research reports. Clients can pick and choose from a list of reporting options for their online survey results. 

This includes but is not limited to:

  • A topline or executive summary
  • An infographic
  • Recommendations for next steps
  • Appendix of question by question results
  • Industry reports 

No two online survey projects are the same. The same should be said of a market research report.

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