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No data is more accurate than feedback collected in the moment. Our mall intercept market research company knows a thing or 10 about these customer experience (CX) surveys. If collected on the spot and with the consumer, respondents are far more likely to remember their experience, report accurate motivations, and recall behavior.

This is why intercept surveys and exit interviews are an important methodology in the industry. The longer you wait to obtain feedback, the less accurate and reliable it will be.

Mall intercept surveys provide what other methodologies cannot: in the moment feedback.

What is a mall intercept?

A mall intercept surveys is a form of market research that takes place inside of a mall shopping center where interviewers collect feedback from respondents to inquire about their experience. These surveys can cover a wide range of topics from shopping behaviors, awareness of stores, spending amounts, satisfaction ratings, and demographics.

Marketing managers of malls find this data extremely valuable. The feedback can be incorporated into sales sheets and used as part of packages to attract potential tenants. Through these intercept surveys, the marketing team better understands buying behavior and demographics of visitors such as age, income, ZIP Codes, and other key criteria. They can also improve the customer experience (CX) at the mall.

How Do Mall Intercepts Work? | Mall Intercept Market Research Company

How do mall intercepts work?

Mall intercept market research companies like Drive Research break down surveys into 4 major components. These components include: (1) kickoff, (2) set up and design, (3) fieldwork, and (4) analysis and reporting.

Prior to the kickoff, the market research company will prepared a detailed proposal. This proposal will highlight the entire mall intercept survey scope. Once accepted, the next step is a kickoff meeting.

Component 1: Kickoff

The first component of a mall intercept survey is a kickoff meeting. This meeting lays out the timeline, reviews key deliverables, and makes sure the mall intercept survey matches the objectives of the project. What does the mall want to learn? What does the mall want the report to look like?

Component 2: Set up and Design

This key component involves developing the mall intercept survey draft. During this phase, the market research company will draft a survey to match the objectives of the market research. The draft is passed to the mall for review and several versions may be revised to finalize. Screener questions may be developed to qualify respondents (age, shopping, etc.).

Component 3: Fieldwork

This component is when the data is collected. Prior to fieldwork starting several logistical decisions need to be made. Where will the surveys take place in the mall? When will the surveys take place? How many completed surveys are needed? The mall and the market research company will want to choose times of high traffic. The team may be 1 or 2 people or a team of interviewers. The market research team will staff the interviewers.

Component 4: Analysis and Reporting

The final step in the mall intercept project is to analyze the data collected from the fieldwork. This analysis is prepared in a final reporting package. This typically includes an executive summary, recommendations, an infographic, customer persona, and an appendix of question-by-question results. The mall intercept market research company debriefs with the client on the market research and answers any questions they might have before concluding the project.

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