3 Reasons to Not Use Automated Market Research Recruitment

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Automation, automation, automation - any Brady Bunch fans? 

Every industry seems to be moving toward this model, and while it’s something that I understand in the grand scheme of things, there’s one form of automation I will never fully support: qualitative recruitment. 

This blog outlines the 3 reasons you should refrain from utilizing automated market research recruitment. 

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Reason #1: Show Rates 

Do you remember that saying “set it and forget it” from rotisserie oven infomercials? Yes, I can turn almost anything into a market research reference. 

Anyway, that’s exactly my outlook on scheduling through automated market research recruitment. Participants log in to a platform or app, select their desired time, and then may never think about the project again. 

By the time their appointment arrives they might have:

  • Misplaced study materials
  • Forgotten about the project entirely 
  • Need to reschedule 

The list goes on and on. A personal touch goes a long way with participants. 

For example, our qualitative recruiting company provides our participants with a single point of contact who they can reach by phone, email, or text any time they have any questions or concerns about the research project. 

A participant’s link went missing 4 minutes ahead of the interview? No problem, they can text their point of contact and have it sent over immediately. 

Is a participant unclear on a question or task? They can reach out to that point of contact and receive an immediate response clarifying or walking them through the process. 

As you can see, communication plays a huge role in our market research methods. 

The alternative is scrolling through FAQs or support forums or dialing a 1-800 support number and reaching someone new each time who may not be the most equipped to help them. 

This alone could be enough for participants to give up on the project, but providing that single point of contact for participant support helps to keep participants engaged throughout the project. 

We work hard to make sure our participants have everything they need throughout the entire research project by buying a mini-relationship with each participant. 

When participants are given that point of contact from start to finish, they’re also more likely to follow through so that they don’t let us down. 

When participants recognize our email, name, or number, they are more responsive to our check-ins, reminders, and overall communication.

This leads to higher quality, more engaged participants, who are more likely to show up on time than those recruited in a “hands-off” automated process. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: Recruitment for market research takes effort–from humans. By cultivating a personal connection with participants, they can able to be more involved in the project. 

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Reason #2: Data Quality 

Let me start this by saying I know many automated market research recruitment platforms have AI that they claim will provide an overall higher data quality. I also know there can be many checkpoints in place to make sure participants are providing accurate responses. 

However, no matter what platform I see demoed, I never leave those calls with the feeling that they could perform better than our recruitment team. 

By completing a re-screening phone call, we’re able to analyze participant responses in real-time. We also pay close attention to what participants are not saying. One of our key market research tools, listening to participants during this process is an essential step. 

If there is any doubt whatsoever that they are the absolute best fit for the project, we can keep them from being added to the project. 

Our recruiters are trained to listen for any potential red flags or indicators that participants may be misrepresenting themselves in an attempt to earn an incentive. 

During these calls, we are able to ask for off-script follow-ups to press for more information if we have any quality concerns. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: Automated market research recruitment lacks discernment. If we catch a red flag during the screening process, we can eliminate that potential participant from our research. 

Reason #3: The Participant Experience 

The participant experience may not seem like a big deal to some vendors. If they complete the research project and data is collected, does it really matter? I say yes!

My belief is that by providing participants with the best possible experience, they are more likely to: 

  • Complete the project 
  • Beat deadlines 
  • Provide a higher-quality data 

This is what I was referring to earlier when I said a personal touch goes a long way. By always being there for our participants, they often come through for us. 

This is why Drive Research can boast about our show rates being much higher than some competitors, frequently between 90 to 100%.

With our multiple touch points throughout the project, we are able to prepare for any potential drop-offs early and have a replacement lined up and ready to go. 

This avoids the last-minute scramble to make a replacement when someone doesn’t show up. 

Looking for more market research recruitment best practices? Watch the video below.

💡 The Key Takeaway: Going the extra mile for participants is an important step you don’t want to miss. Often disregarded, taking extra steps to connect with participants can only help the process. 

Contact Our Market Research Recruitment Company 

We believe in providing the best possible experience to both our clients and participants. This includes putting in the extra work to keep our participants engaged. 

While some vendors employ a low-cost, hands-off methodology for recruitment for market research, we take another approach. 

Our team will offer a hands-on recruitment process, providing you with a higher completion rate and higher quality on your next market research recruitment project.

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Ashley Reynolds

With nearly 10 years of experience in market research, Ashley has worked on countless quantitative and qualitative research studies. As a Fieldwork Manager at Drive Research, she’s involved in every stage of the project, especially recruitment.

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