Case Study: User Experience (UX) Interview Recruit

Live user experience (UX) interviews offer immense value to marketing teams, website teams, and content teams at an organization. They involve recruiting several individuals who agree to participate in remote web interviews or live in-person interviews. While the users is assigned tasks to browse a site or a new program, the moderator or interviewer asks questions in-the-moment to the interviewee. This style of interviewing creates a wealth of information and insights to improve UX.

Drive Research recently completed a recruitment project to identify, screen, and schedule participants.

Case Study: User Experience (UX) Interview Recruit

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The client hired a qualitative market research company to recruit a total of 6 participants for individual interviews conducted in-person or remotely. The goal was to understand what the user experience was like to apply for Workers Compensation benefits. This included general questions about the experience and feedback on a new website design. The client ultimately wanted to understand how to improve the customer experience (CX) for anyone who needs to receive benefits for an injury that happens at work.



These interviews were held in Albany, NY on Wednesday, February 21 and Thursday, February 22. The interviews took place in a conference room at a hotel near the airport to make for easy participant access and parking. Each evening, time slots of 4:00 to 9:00 were made available for participants.

The participant criteria includes individuals who were currently employed near Albany and work in jobs that require manual labor. Targeted industries include those who work in construction, trucking, welding, food preparation, food serving, stock clerks, childcare, and nursing. The client wanted to target those who have interacted with Workers Compensation in the past in New York State or another state.

The goal was to recruit individuals who were injured on the job and filed a claim, successfully or not, anywhere. An effort will be made to recruit a mix of genders, ages, ethnicities, and education. These requirements were preferred but were not required for this market research.

Drive Research kept the client updated throughout to understand successes and potential barriers in the recruit. The sessions were 60-minute 1:1 interviews or tests. This included a 20 minute intro and user profile, a 20 minute context of use, a 10 minute testing of “file a claim flow”, and a 10 minute testing of “my dashboard page.”


Drive Research was solely responsible for the recruitment of 6 individuals. The client took the feedback from the interviews to create an in-depth market research report.

The cost of the project included all time for project management, screener programming, recruitment of 6 qualified individuals, and incentives for Albany participants. The process included an online screener to targeted populations, re-screening and confirmation calls, confirmation emails, reminder calls, and reminder texts to all participants. Several standby participants were also recruited.

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