Case Study: In-Home Usage Test of Diapers in the U.S.

Drive Research recently completed a qualitative in-home usage test (IHUT) for a popular brand of international diapers. The brand was looking to gather more feedback on the U.S. market to understand potential success and barriers to launch in the new market.

This case study highlights the objectives, process, and outcomes of the market research. As a final deliverable, our product testing company prepared an executive summary with recommendations on next steps for the market launch. This also included a full appendix of charts and graphs from the 5 to 7 minute follow-up survey.

Companies across the U.S. and across the globe work with Drive Research to manage in-home usage tests (IHUTs) of new products.


An international brand of diapers hired our market research company to complete a product testing project. The client wanted to test a diaper product to understand appeal, price, and other general feedback around usage. The data obtained from the product tests guided the client in operations, marketing, and strategy for a U.S. launch.


The study was conducted with a variety of participants across the U.S. Participants were screened to ensure they live in the U.S., they make or share responsibility for decisions on purchases of diapers in their household, and currently have a child who wears diapers in their household.

Drive Research recruited a mix of participants to ensure the testing group matches the demographics of the U.S. as a whole as well as recruit parents who have children in different sizes/age groups.

Drive Research was responsible for pre-qualifying participants through an online survey, re screening participants by phone, confirming their participation in the study, mailing the kits and instructions to recruits, and conducting a follow-up survey to acquire feedback.

Respondents were required to agree to confidentiality. Participants received packs of 10 diapers to use over the course of a few days. This in addition to a $25 gift card offered as an incentive for participating. The $25 was only paid to those who complete the final step of the survey.

The process to recruit participants for the product tests was two-fold: (a) targeted emails to residents from the Drive Research panel and (b) paid randomized ads on social media. Drive Research programmed an online survey to pre-screen the audience through random invitations.

Those who qualified received a re-screening and confirmation call to ask additional questions. From there participants received a confirmation email asking them to reply back “yes” and a confirmation call prior to shipping the kits. Participants were also sent a reminder text when the product was shipped.

Those who do not complete the survey within a few days after receiving the kits were sent and email and/or phone call reminder. This ensured very high participation rates for product testing.

The In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) 10-Step Process

1) Recruitment Screener
2) Screening Phone Calls
3) Confirmation Email
4) Reminder Phone Call
5) Product is Shipped
5) Reminder Text
7) In-Field Testing with Recruits
8) Follow-up Reminders (As Needed)
9) Online Survey Completion
10) Analysis and Reporting


One week after receiving the packages, Drive Research invited participants to provide feedback based on their experience in testing the product. A total of 40 qualified households were invited to participate in the study. Ultimately, 34 of those households fully participated and provided feedback on the product. This exceeds the initial goal of 25 participants and represents a strong participation rate of 85%.

At the conclusion of the fieldwork Drive Research completed a full report of charts and graphs with an executive summary completed over email. Here are some generalized objectives and questions addressed in the survey.

  • Satisfaction with the diaper product compared to current brand used.
  • Satisfaction with various aspects of the diaper (softness, thinness, material, comfort, etc.)
  • Open-ended comments about satisfaction or dissatisfaction with diapers
  • Likelihood to recommend the product to a friend or family member (NPS)
  • Perceptions of brands
  • Price expectations of the diapers compared to current brands
  • Factors in choice of diapers
  • Where diapers are normally purchased
  • Most common brands used

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