Best Market Research Blog Posts in 2016

Best Market Research Blog Posts in 2016

With the last page of the calendar about to be torn off, it's a good time to reflect on the year that was in 2016. Might we add, wasn't it a great year? The Drive Research team is passionate about market research. We have a drive for helping clients, driving decisions through data, and driving strategy in the right direction. It's our motto: Better data. Better Decisions. Better Strategy. Market research makes this simple.

Looking back at 2016, we put a lot of time and effort into our content on our blog. We not only use it as a way to better educate and inform our readers but also share our passion for market research. We hope others who share our passion check-in often and subscribe to our blog, which is now available on the right toolbar. Writing about market research also allows our team to stay on top of the latest trends, methodologies and insights in our industry. It's a wonderful training tool and we highly recommend it for any business, in or out of market research.

9 Examples of Why You're More Than a Market Researcher

This blog post talks about an experience I had years ago in a grocery store which made me start thinking about the market research field differently. In market research we all get labeled as "data nerds", "stats people", and "number gurus" but our roles involve so much more. Here are 9 other everyday jobs and titles you can choose from if you work in market research.

8 Positive Business Impacts from a B2B Client Satisfaction Survey

Small businesses (and even large ones) often put their feet in cement and are hesitant to conduct client satisfaction research. They feel they already know exactly what is going to be said so why stir the pot on the negative feedback? This blog posts explains the benefits for CSAT research and why you need to stir the pot and use market research. Because tomorrow you might not have a pot to stir if a customer decides to leave.

How the Best Voice of Customer (VoC) Companies Excel

It all starts and ends with listening. We've all received sales calls where the salesperson immediately tells you you need to buy their product or service. How does this make you feel? Like they are not listening, they don't know about your needs, etc? This can never be more important than it is in selling Voice of Customer (VoC) and market research services. The best firms truly take the time to understand business needs and objectives before selling anything about themselves.

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