Benefits of Working with a Start-Up Market Research Firm | Syracuse NY

Looking for a market research firm? You'll likely come across a few options in your search. As a decision-maker you're probably wondering what differentiates the market research firms you're looking at nationally? How can we ensure we make the right choice? Should you choose a company based on specialty in your industry, cost of the work, ability to meet your aggressive timeline or something else?

I was once told, "don't tell companies you're a start-up" but I completely disagree. We fully embrace our start-up mentality and start-up culture and we're not ashamed of it. We have nothing to hide. Why? Because our start-up approach creates several benefits for our market research clients and differentiates our market research firm in Syracuse. Several benefits are difficult to replicate.

Here are a few ways a start-up market research firm and Drive Research differentiates itself.

Benefits of Working with a Start-Up Market Research Firm | Syracuse NY


We don't just say we're responsive. We act on it. We embrace the mentality that each and every one of our clients is Priority A. Have a question? We're always available. Send us an email about your market research project? We get back in no time. Even after-hours. The team here centers our entire business around our customers. We may be a small firm, but we put in more hard-working hours than many of market research firms you may be considering.

In our Voice of Customer (VoC) research we always recommend our clients need to do the same with their customers. The customer experience has become a major area of differentiation for companies because the one thing businesses cannot replicate is the people within them.

We practice what we preach when it comes to our customer experiences (CX), answering questions before they ask, anticipating needs, and always acting in the best interest of our clients. When you act in the best interest of your clients it creates a well-aligned project management process and outcome. It's not rocket science. It's a mentality.


Why do larger companies and corporations want to say they act like a start-up mentality and culture? Because start-up companies move at light-speed pace, bring fresh perspectives to old processes, and we push the limits. The passion and drive of a start-up can't be reproduced.

How do we find time to start and finish all of our new projects, share our story on social media each day, write and learn more about market through our blog, all while creating loyal and satisfied clients? We're fueled by our passion. We care about our customers and their customers. Easy to say, hard to do.


Although our company is a start-up, the people within it are not. We bring years of experience in market research from both the supplier and client side. Our experience and expertise casts far and wide across industries and methodologies. We are always learning, writing, and findings way to perfect market research.

The days we put in are different than the days other market research firms put in. Oftentimes corporate employees lack the passion and motivation and no matter how hard the management team tries to recreate it as a top-down approach, it can prove difficult.

Employees make the culture. Culture does not make the employees. A business owner should always feel fortunate to have his or her employees on the team. However, some adopt the opposite strategy of feeling as though employees should be fortunate to work for the company. This creates misaligned cultures.

Our employees make our culture at Drive Research. We seek specific employees with a very specific set of skills who are driven by passion, driven by data, driven by personal beliefs that our market research projects last longer than the shelf life of our report.

We work with our clients to give back on each and every market research project we complete. Proceeds from our projects help local community and organizations in need. Work with Drive Research, a start-up market research firm? It creates a win-win-win for all involved.


Our processes center around efficiency. We've been around the block and have worked with several analytic platforms, survey products, analysis tools, and other digital software. We know what works, which provide the best features, and as a result, we can provide low cost solutions to our clients.

Why pay $5,000+ or $40,000+ for a survey software when we can do all and more with a more cost effective platform? These cost savings are passed directly to our clients producing less expensive projects without a loss of quality or timeliness. How is this a bad thing for you as you look to find a market research firm to partner with?

Drive Research is a market research firm in Syracuse, NY. We are a start-up and we're proud of it!

Our industries of focus include manufacturing, higher education, small business, financial services, and travel and tourism to name a few. Interested in receiving a quote or proposal from Drive Research?

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