How to Ask Employees to Take a Staff Satisfaction Survey

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So, you’ve got the plan together – you want to have your staff take an employee survey. 

You know the topics you want to cover, perhaps you have a third-party market research team to help you, and you’re looking forward to making your workplace better. 

But how do you actually get them to take it? 

Running an employee survey relies solely on staff feedback. No feedback = no data to help improve job satisfaction.

In order for your employees to answer your questions, they need to be aware and motivated to do so. 

This post will cover: 

  • Third-party email invitations
  • Spread the word
  • Share your appreciation
  • Why employee feedback matters 

Keep reading to discover more ways to get your staff to answer employee survey questions

Use a Third-Party to Send Email Invites

There are many reasons employees don't answer a staff satisfaction survey. But at the top of that list is that they don't trust their answers will be kept anonymous. 

When an employee survey is conducted in-house, it lacks the confidentiality that is needed to gather honest feedback.

Therefore, by using a third party for employee surveys, they not only help write and analyze the survey questions, but they send email survey invitations with best practice language to assure your team feels comfortable providing their feedback. 

These surveys can either be customized or a premade template can be used. Either way, you'll be getting actionable, clear data. 

Before an employee survey company sends the survey invitation, we also recommend first sending a pre-survey notice email from some on your leadership or HR team.

This will let your team know they should be on the lookout for an email from XYZ Company that will ask for their feedback on workplace culture, overall satisfaction, diversity and inclusion, or whatever topic you'd most like to focus on. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: Running an employee survey can be done easily with the help of a third-party team. What's more, they will send out email invites to your staff to take the survey so your team can trust their feedback will remain 100% anonymous. 

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Spread the Word

Pretty much like it sounds. Spread the word about your upcoming survey prior to actually sending out the invite. This is a great way to prep your staff so they know what's coming. 

Like we mentioned earlier, it's unlikely your staff would miss an email about running an employee survey--but they could. 

Spreading awareness before that email goes out is a great way to cut down on that chance. This can be done in a variety of ways. 

One of the main benefits of a pre-survey email or letter is that it will prime your employees. This type of message can include certain details about what staff may experience, and sets the tone for the actual survey. 

Aside from that, your employees will appreciate it! Keeping them in the loop about an upcoming survey shows staff you value their time.

💡 The Key Takeaway: Asking staff to answer survey questions becomes far more likely when you prep them for the actual project. 

Share Your Appreciation 

Telling your employees you value and appreciate their feedback is a great way to improve your employee survey response rates.

Respondents, or in this case, your employees, need to know that you plan to take action with their results as well. Acknowledge that this data will help shape future initiatives and will be used to build a work environment they enjoy coming to. 

Without their honest insights, your organization can not change for the better so showing that you take their commentary seriously is a great thing to include when asking employees to take a satisfaction survey.

This simply shows staff that you not only value their time but that you value them. 

💡 The Key Takeaway: When running an employee survey, you need to make sure your staff feels valued for the time they spent answering questions. 

Why Employee Feedback is Important 

Asking your staff to take an employee morale survey in the first place is something every company should do. 

It's a way for leadership to stay in tune with their staff and measure important employee data. A recent statistic shows that while 65% of employees have job satisfaction, only 20% are actually passionate about their careers. 

Make sure your employees are that 20%! 

Surveys for your staff yield ultra-detailed feedback. You can then take that feedback and run--continuing the good points and improving upon what employees want to be changed. 

By listening to what your staff tells you in these surveys, you're boosting your overall business.

For more, watch our brief video on the many benefits of employee feedback:

💡 The Key Takeaway: An employee opinion survey is essential if you want a high-functioning workplace. Your staff is the bread and butter of a company, and their feedback matters. 

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