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  • Reasons to Choose a Career in Marketing Research

    4 Reasons to Choose a Career in Marketing Research | Market Research Video

    I’ve always said, “If loving data and creative writing are wrong, I don’t want to be right.” Marketing research is a true passion of mine. I love creating effective research and providing my clients with actionable results. It is always astonishing to me to see what a well-constructed survey can do for all types of businesses. Even if you do not share the same passion as me, working in market research can be an amazing experience. With hundreds of methodologies to conduct and several different

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  • benefits-performance-measurement-tracking-market-research

    6 Benefits of Continuous Performance Measurement and Tracking with Market Research

    Using market research to better understand performance, employees, sales, and customer satisfaction is great first step in driving the success of your organization. But...there is something even better! Continuously measuring and tracking performance is the best way to understand progress and change. A market research company is often asked to measure awareness, perception, satisfaction, as well as other metrics. Measuring these metrics once helps organizations understand its placement in the m

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  • car-dealership-market-survey-report

    2019 Car Dealership Market Survey Report | Automotive Industry Statistics & Analysis

    Drive Research, a national automotive market research company, recently commissioned our 1st Annual 2019 Dealership Study for Central New York (CNY). This type of research is unprecedented in the Syracuse-region and does not exist on a relevant local audience like this for any dealership. With this 2019 car dealership market survey, we set out to answer car dealership’s most challenging business questions including: • How do car buyers budget for their next vehicle purchase or lease? • What is

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  • cost-employee-engagement-survey-third-party-market-research

    What is the Cost of an Employee Engagement Survey with a Third-Party?

    It is likely you are already interested in conducting employee engagement research and are curious about the cost implications with hiring a third-party employee engagement survey company. First, let me commend you on wanting to collect feedback from your team. An employee engagement survey, while often underutilized, is arguably one of the most beneficial market research methodologies for businesses everywhere. Secondly, there are numerous benefits of administering this type of research with a

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  • online-reputation-management-market-research-video

    Online Reputation Management Explained in 60 Seconds | Market Research Video

    Understanding the impact of customer ratings with online reputation management, or ORM for short, is influential to every business, big or small. It is a formal process to increase positive rating reviews from customers and clients by filtering out negative responses or poor reviews. To reap more benefits from implementing a reputation management process, it is a great idea to consult a market research firm. Why? Customer surveys are at the heart of what national market research companies, like

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  • college-student-focus-group

    College Student Focus Groups | Higher Education Qualitative Recruiting

    As a higher education market research company, Drive Research has a lot of project experience with students at colleges and universities. Whether it is targeting college students for focus groups or a quantitative survey, our higher education market research firm can assist. Read more about a recently completed project for college student focus groups in Syracuse, NY. Qualitative Research Objectives A multicultural market research company in New York City hired Drive Research for a colleg

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  • tips-focus-group-moderator-focus-group-market-research

    4 Tips for Focus Group Moderator Beginners | Focus Group Company

    I often say, the data from a market research study is only as strong as the questions asked. This sentiment can be equated to a focus group and the moderator of the group discussion. In other words, the success and insight gathered from qualitative research is dependent on who is interviewing or moderating the participants. Are you new to moderating focus groups or interested in becoming a focus group moderator?Everyone has to start somewhere! Drive Research, a market research company with a c

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  • competitive-rate-analysis-bank-credit-union-market-research

    Competitive Rate Analysis | Banks and Credit Unions

    Our bank and credit union market research company knows customers care about two things when it comes to choosing a financial institution. These two factors have been uncovered time and time again in past bank and credit union surveys. Customers care about: (1) convenience and (2) rates and fees. The first must-have is driven by proximity. Customers want to do business with a bank or credit union which is near their home or work. They want it to be convenient for them if they need to stop by i

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  • market-research-help-business-more-successful

    How Market Research Can Help Your Business Be More Successful

    Awards, titles, positive reviews, and social shares are common indicators that a business is doing well. While those are great forms of recognition, here at Drive Research, we use market research to measure progress through data and fact-based evidence. Data is important when it comes to measuring a business’ progress because without it, everything is simply based on assumptions. Collecting data allows a business to not only measure progress, but make successful and powerful decisions. In this

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  • What-Consumer-Expenditure-(CEX)-Survey-market-research

    What is a Consumer Expenditure (CEX) Survey? | CEX Company

    Tired of asking what a consumer expenditure survey (CEX) is? Drive Research, a CEX company, has the answer! In the following post, Drive Research will answer: What is a consumer expenditure survey (CEX)? What are the benefits of a consumer expenditure survey (CEX)? How is a consumer expenditure survey (CEX) used? What is an example of a consumer expenditure survey (CEX)? Drive Research, a CEX survey company, outlines the definition, benefits, and examples of conducting consumer expenditure

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  • usability-testing-methods-advantages-market-research

    What is Usability Testing? | Explaining the Definition, Methods, Advantages, and Disadvantages

    Usability testing or user testing is a qualitative market research technique in which participants evaluate a website, application, product, or prototype to test its ease and likelihood of use. This process allows organizations to uncover usability issues, collect explanatory feedback from their target audiences, and measure satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the topic of research. In short, usability research is more about testing a product, website, application, or prototype than testing th

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  • tips=program-survey-market-research-video

    4 Tips to Program Your Survey | Market Research Video

    Online surveys are used in many different facets as it is a great market research methodology to answer major business challenges. Are you looking for customer feedback? Or interested in measuring employee engagement? Perhaps you are developing a new product and need to better define the market area you are entering. Regardless of the objective, online surveys are an easy and cost effective tool to drive business decisions with fact-based data to back you up. With that being said, an online sur

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