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  • Blog: Revenge Spending: 7 Statistics That Prove Changing Shopping Trends Among Consumers

    Revenge Spending: 7 Statistics That Prove Changing Shopping Trends Among Consumers

    With most state guidelines lifting mask mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, consumers are eager to get back to life before the pandemic. This of course includes shopping. Many Americans spent quarantine saving more money than ever before. However, now that quarantine is over many are choosing to use that money for something other than loungewear. Recently, the term “revenge spending” has been coined to define shoppers using money to make up for the lost time. Is revenge shopping real? Our m

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  • Blog: 3 Market Research Trends to Watch in 2021

    3 Market Research Trends to Watch in 2021

    2020 certainly brought a new set of challenges with a global pandemic, lockdowns, and restrictions. As a result, humans became more virtual than ever before. As a result, market research companies like Drive Research have continued to embrace technology as in-person methodologies were put on pause. In this blog post, we will discuss new and upcoming market research trends in 2021! Still nervous about conducting in-person market research? Get inspired with 4 Market Research Methodologies to Co

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  • Healthcare Mystery Shopping: Improving Patient Experience (PX)

    Healthcare Mystery Shopping: Improving Patient Experience (PX)

    As a healthcare facility, you open your doors to many new faces. Whether you are currently working for a hospital, surgical center, doctor’s office, or urgent care clinic, providing a safe and healthy patient experience (PX) is likely your top priority. Market research for medical organizations helps keep the pulse on all types of healthcare facilities. It provides high-quality data and actionable feedback to empower strategic decision making. In a highly competitive space, healthcare market re

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    Brand Awareness Trackers: How to Measure Brand Recognition Over Time

    This blog post covers what brand awareness trackers are, what the objectives and approach might be, and the results you can expect to receive. Pop quiz! Do you know what percent of your target audience is aware of your brand, products, or services? It's okay, not many people do. After all, this metric can look like a stock’s value on Wall Street that constantly rises and falls for most brands. However, it’s still critical to measure the awareness of your brand- especially at regular interva

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  • benefits-market-research-04042018

    What are the Benefits of Market Research?

    What are the benefits of market research? There are plenty. What are the benefits of market research? There are plenty. The advantages of conducting market research typically center around the strategic, marketing, and operational needs of a business. Learn more. The advantages of conducting marketing research center around 3 key areas: Strategic benefits Marketing benefits Operational benefits Market research is typically used to address at least one of and sometimes all three of these ou

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  • Blog: The Cost of a Public Relations (PR) Survey with a Third Party

    The Cost of a Public Relations (PR) Survey with a Third Party

    Are you wondering how much it costs to conduct a public relations survey with a third-party market research company? Join the club. The short answer is: it depends. The cost of a public relations (PR) survey with a third-party is dependent on your unique project details. In this blog post, our market research firm details what factors can impact pricing for custom PR surveys. Think back to the last time someone told you they were planning a vacation. Were they staying at an all-inclusive

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  • Blog: How to Conduct an Omnibus Survey in 9 Steps

    How to Conduct an Omnibus Survey in 9 Steps

    Have you purchased your omnibus ticket? Well, get ready, because the omnibus is leaving the station! Okay. So we aren’t going to be discussing an actual bus in this article, or any form of transportation for that matter. Lucky for you, that means no fare necessary! Who doesn’t love free stuff? In this article, we will go over the fundamentals of omnibus surveys and share with you the step-by-step process of how to conduct this type of market research with a third party. What is an Omnibus

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  • market research options banks credit unions

    Market Research Options for Banks and Credit Unions

    Conducting market research for your bank or credit union offers several advantages. It provides you with high-quality and evidence-based insights which help guide your operational and marketing strategies. There are plenty of market research options for banks and credit unions. All methodologies leverage feedback from the most important segment of all, your customer or member. But what type of market research is best for your financial institution's goals and objectives? This blog post will

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  • Blog: Brand Health Tracker Surveys: How to Create a Baseline for Awareness and Interest

    Brand Health Tracker Surveys: How to Create a Baseline for Awareness and Interest

    Building awareness for consumer products viewed as commodities can be a challenge. As a result, many businesses rely on brand health tracker surveys to accurately measure buyer awareness, perception, and likelihood to purchase. For example, fresh fruit has very few household brand names that your average consumer would be able to recall top-of-mind. If you’re trying to grow your brand in this space, what is your best option? You always have to start somewhere, so our market research compan

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  • Blog: New Survey Shows Americans Favor Vaccination Requirements for Safer Domestic Traveling

    New Survey Shows Changing Traveler Behaviors & Attitudes with Vaccine Rollout

    As COVID-19 vaccination programs continue to ramp up across the United States, many Americans are eager to start traveling again. A new survey conducted by Drive Research shows 75% of Americans plan to travel domestically within the next 6 months. However, travelers still need certain COVID-19 protocols in place to feel safe when crossing state lines. For instance, 59% of respondents agree destinations with vaccination requirements are necessary to feel comfortable while traveling. Other k

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  • How to Survey Non-Customers

    By now most organizations understand the impact of conducting customer surveys. However, it is equally important and beneficial to survey non-customers. While important, our market research company understands collecting feedback from members of the general community or those who make up your target demographic can be much more challenging. Read this blog post to gain insider tips for conducting non-customer surveys. Plus, we'll also discuss the benefits of this type of market research and why

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  • battle-client-needs-survey-market-research-03062019

    The Constant Battle: Client Needs Versus Respondent Experience in Surveys

    Working as a market research supplier, our team walks a delicate line each day keeping both our clients and our survey respondents happy. This is not always an easy thing to do in our day-to-day roles. However, understanding both perspectives of these audiences is critical in market research. In this blog post, our market research company will discuss various factors of a survey that can kill response rates even if it is requested by clients. The Importance of Managing Both Client and Re

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