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    18 Example Demographic Survey Questions for Better Segmentation

    Demographic questions can be thought of as the backbone of a market research study. Ultimately, these questions help researchers: Conduct surveys Ensure they reach the right audiences Better understand how to profile audiences Learn more about collecting respondent demographic information, where questions should be placed in a survey, and 18 example demographic survey questions. What Are Demographic Survey Questions? Demographic questions are used in market research to help qualify resp

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  • Measuring Brand Essence with Market Research Blog Image

    Measuring Brand Essence with Market Research: Definition, Benefits, Process

    Brand essence is the core characteristic that defines a company. It is an intangible attribute that separates a brand from the competition. A good brand essence should meet the following criteria: Authentic: Is it credible?  Memorable: Is it short, punchy, and crisp? Unique: How does it stand out from competitors?  Sustainable and Scalable: Will the brand essence work as the company grows?   Relevant: Is it relevant to customers and target audience? This blog post will discuss what brand

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  • Blog: 6 Unique Benefits of Ad Concept Testing with Surveys

    6 Unique Benefits of Ad Concept Testing with Surveys

    In this competitive B2B and B2C marketing landscape, many brands make substantial investments in concept testing. Why? Ad concept testing surveys have proven to deliver resounding success and increasing return-on-investment. As one of the greatest market research services for advertising and marketing efforts, concept testing is a mission-critical growth method for most organizations. Below, Drive Research reviews the benefits of producing high-quality, data-driven advertising messaging whe

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  • Blog: Brand Perception Surveys: Definition, Process, and Sample Questions

    Brand Perception Surveys: Definition, Process, and Sample Questions

    Although there are a handful of ways organizations can measure brand perception, there may be no better approach than to rely on data-driven customer feedback. Brand perception surveys can be utilized in many touchpoints of the customer journey to capture a full picture of how target audiences describe your organization. This is an effective tool in offering the best possible customer experience and improving retention rates. In addition to keeping current customers happy, understanding your

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  • Blog: Product Positioning Surveys: What Are They and How Do You Conduct Them?

    Product Positioning Surveys: What Are They and How Do You Conduct Them?

    Wondering what a new product positioning survey is? Luckily you’ve come to the right market research blog. For the most part, the process for this type of market research stays the same as other methodologies. What makes product positioning surveys different from others is the sponsoring organization's project objectives. From there a market research company such as Drive Research designs and executes the methodology to best meet their goals. In this post, we’ll discuss the definition of a

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    Taste Testing Market Research | How Does it Work?

    Is there anything more fun than taste testing market research? The answer is clearly no. But let's look beyond the enjoyment for both the organization conducting as well as the participant tasting. In there lies a lot of value and insight in these tests for sponsoring organizations. Fact is fact in retail. If your product does not taste good, it likely won't succeed. Unless you produce olives or wasabi. I personally haven't figured that out yet. In this blog, our market research company exp

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  • Blog: Is Market Research Necessary for Testing a New Product?

    Is Market Research Necessary for Testing a New Product?

    While market research can be used in various ways, it can be extremely beneficial when it comes to testing a new product or service. Here at Drive Research, we conduct new product development research to determine the potential successes and weaknesses of a particular product or service coming to market. Companies use market research as a kind of insurance to minimize the risk when launching a new product. Without a doubt, market research is necessary and the research conducted gathers valu

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    4 Greatest Factors for Choosing a Full-Service Market Research Supplier

    When deciding to conduct a market research project, there are a number of important decisions that must be solved before kicking off a project. The first, and likely most important decision, is choosing the right full-service market research supplier for your goals and objectives. A full-service market research company provides businesses with its expertise in confidently executing a broad range of both qualitative and quantitative services. This could mean online surveys, qualitative recrui

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  • Blog: 4 Best Metrics To Measure Brand Loyalty with Market Research

    4 Best Metrics To Measure Brand Loyalty with Market Research

    Brand loyalty is critical for the success of any company. Scratch that, it’s imperative. Brand loyalty (not to be confused with customer loyalty, which is a separate concept but equally as important) ensures the future return of customers time and time again. With customers that are loyal to your brand, you won’t have to waste time with expensive marketing or promotional campaigns. Instead, you can focus your precious time on building out your brand to attract even more long-term customers.

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  • Blog: How to Collect Customer Feedback with In-Person and Online Intercept Surveys

    How to Collect Customer Feedback with In-Person and Online Intercept Surveys

    An intercept survey project is a research method used to gain in-the-moment feedback from visitors. Intercept survey research is commonly used at restaurants, retail stores, events, and conferences. Typically, intercept surveys are done on-site with either a paper survey or on a tablet. However, as life has shifted online in the era of COVID-19, online intercept surveys have grown in popularity. Learn more about the most popular approaches to conducting intercept surveys in the blog post below

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  • Blog: What are Market and Customer Profiling Surveys? | Market Research Company

    What are Market and Customer Profiling Surveys?

    When it comes to our customers, businesses are often left wondering about key aspects of their demographics, buying behaviors, pain points, and more. Can you confidently answer simple questions such as: Who are your customers? Who aren’t your customers? What makes your customers different from non-customers? If not, it is time your company conducts market and customer profiling surveys. Luckily, the name does a great job at describing what this type of survey is, but there is a lot more

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  • Blog : Stated Importance Versus Derived Importance: What’s the Difference?

    Stated Importance Versus Derived Importance: What’s the Difference?

    Directly asking respondents about how important factors are is formally referred to as stated importance. Whereas derived importance is the indirect way of measuring which factors matter the most to respondents by using other answers from the survey. In this blog post, our market research company provides an overview of both approaches as well as which one is better to use. But wait...why do we need stated or derived importance in market research? Researchers trust respondents to provide the

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