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    5 Must-Have Features of an Observation Room | Focus Group Facility

    An observation room, oftentimes referred to as a viewing room, is used in a focus group facility for purposes of qualitative market research. Observation rooms allow researchers and clients to sit and watch focus groups or in-depth interviews through a one-way mirror. If you are conducting qualitative market research that involves a viewing room, you have probably done your research on a few different focus group facilities to host your study. How do you know what market research facility is

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Transportation Company VoC Survey | Voice of Customer Market Research

    How to Conduct a Transportation Company VoC Survey

    According to Linchpin, altering customer expectations is one of the biggest challenges the transportation industry will have to overcome in 2021. Keeping this challenge top of mind, many are conducting a transportation company Voice of Customer (VoC) survey to offer exceptional value to their passengers. With 75% of Americans planning to travel in the next six months, there is perhaps a no better time to measure areas of satisfaction and opportunity within transportation services. Continue re

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  • Blog: The Importance of Earning Press Coverage in 2020 | PR Market Research Company

    The Importance of Earning Press Coverage in 2021

    In the world of digital marketing, media is either paid, earned, shared, or owned (also known as, the PESO model). While each of these media types has its own strengths and weaknesses, earned media is considered to be the most credible, cost-effective, and long-lasting. In this blog post, Drive Research, a PR market research company, will dive into how we strategically earn media attention from top-tier news outlets through the use of custom public relations surveys. What is Earned Media?

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    Focus Groups vs. Online Surveys: How to Choose a Market Research Methodology

    Market research is one of the most important things a company can invest in as part of its business, marketing, and sales strategy. It can help an organization begin to fully understand its competition, market trends, as well as consumers’ wants, needs, and purchasing behaviors. While conducting market research is extremely beneficial, it can be challenging to choose what type of methodology best meets a company's unique goals and objectives. For instance, focus groups are a popular qualitati

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    6 Step Process to Conducting Qualitative Research Interviews

    Looking for some more information about setting up a qualitative market research interview project? You are in the right place. Qualitative research interviews (often called in-depth interviews or IDIs) are an excellent methodology to dig deep on a topic, product, service, or brand. They aim to fully explore mindsets and beliefs whereas quantitative surveys aim to measure. When determining the best type of market research to utilize for your study's objectives, it is important to talk to a ma

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  • Blog: Benefits of  Pre-Qualifying Market Research Participants

    6 Benefits of Pre-Qualifying Market Research Participants

    Pre-qualifying is a market research recruitment method that has many advantages. From better informed, more engaged, and higher-quality participants to cost-effectiveness. What more could you want from a qualitative recruiting study? Our market research company discusses the benefits of pre-qualifying participants with a recruitment screener survey in this blog post. Benefit #1: Pre-Qualified Participants are More Informed About the Study If you’ve played the game of telephone, you know

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Voice of Customer (VoC) Survey as a Manufacturing Company

    How to Conduct a Voice of Customer (VoC) Survey as a Manufacturing Company

    Conducting a Voice of Customer (VoC) research as a manufacturing company is a great initiative. The results from a VoC survey help organizations to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Just because customers are not vocal with their complaints does not mean they don’t have any. For context, only 1 out of 26 customers are likely to share their complaints with businesses (CXM). What happens with the other 25? They simply take their business to a competitor without fair warning. As a re

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  • what is the roi on market research drive research

    What is the ROI on Market Research? The Answer is a Tricky One

    Return on investment or ROI. It is a ratio all of us in business and marketing seek but rarely take the time to calculate. Are you trying to determine the ROI of market research? It is hard, if not impossible to calculate. Here are 5 ways of how ROI is produced by using market research. Why Calculating the ROI on Market Research is Challenging When it comes to ROI in market research, it's not as easy to calculate as it is in other marketing arenas. For example, take paid search, SEM, or

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  • website user experience interviews

    The What, How, and Why of Website User Experience (UX) Interviews

    User experience (UX) is one of those trendy terms that's grown a lot in popularity in recent years. This trajectory is to no one's surprise as more and more experiences are had online than ever before. Combined with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, the digital world is at everyone's fingertips for the better part of 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As a result, website user experience interviews now play a critical role in determining how your website, mobile apps, and digital ex

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    The Best Voice of Customer (VoC) Questions

    Your Voice of Customer (VoC) program and outcomes are only as good as the instrument and questions you ask in your survey. Wouldn't we all love to ask our customers 100 questions? Unfortunately, they do not have the time, and most aren't willing to spend more than about 3 to 5 minutes answering a survey. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure the 15 questions you choose to ask are the right ones. The questions you choose depend on a number of factors: Your line of business Whether you are

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  • Blog: How to Use Social Media to Recruit Research Participants

    [Ultimate Guide] How to Use Social Media to Find Research Participants

    Finding research participants can be the most frustrating and resource-intensive part of conducting qualitative market research. Our market research company typically uses one of three methods for our clients: Our in-house online research panel Social media such as Facebook Advertising A combination of both Let’s be honest. Using social media to find research participants is not the first sampling method research firms think to utilize. Ugh. Dinosaurs. However, from our experience, there

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  • 3 CPG Market Research Options for Excellent Consumer Insights

    6 CPG Market Research Options for Excellent Consumer Insights

    With a plethora of products to choose from on a shelf or website, it is key to understand how consumers will make their decision. This is where consumer packaged goods (CPG) market research makes all the difference. From what colors are most attractive to what type of sales are most enticing to buyers, market research provides CPG brands with valuable insights that set products apart from competitors. In this blog post, Drive Research will discuss 6 types of CPG market research. These method

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