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    When is the Best Time to Host a Focus Group?

    Wondering if there is a "right" time to hold a focus group? Our focus group company can help you find the best time to host these sessions! Market research focus groups typically come with a lot of variables such as: Deciding the number of focus groups to hold Deciding how many participants are needed for each focus group Finding a place to host the focus groups Finding a focus group moderator Keep on reading to learn about the best time to host a focus group. Or, read our insider's guide t

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  • Blog: Customer Retention Strategies to Build Brand Loyalty

    6 Customer Retention Strategies to Build Brand Loyalty

    Any company loves its customers, right? We hope so. Prioritizing customer experience leads to…drumroll, please…customer retention! Why is a solid customer retention strategy so important? It’s a way to ensure your business stays (or becomes more) successful by maintaining a loyal base. In fact, up to 86% of buyers who have a good shopping experience will purchase from that seller again. There are many ways to maintain a good relationship with those who buy your products or use your service

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  • Blog 5 Tips for Executing Successful Tracking Study Research

    5 Tips for Executing Successful Tracking Study Research

    Interested in learning more about tracking studies? Or, want to know how to execute successful tracking study research? We’re here to help! In this post, we will discuss 5 tips to execute a tracking study successfully: How to define tracking study research goals How to decide how often to run a tracking study Keep the tracking study consistent Do something with the data Consider hiring a third-party For even more info, check out our ultimate guide to brand tracking! Or, watch our brief vid

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    Customer Feedback Survey | Market Research Company

    One of the simplest yet most powerful market research approaches you can utilize is a customer feedback survey. This type of market research can benefit all types of businesses and organizations, both large and small. They are designed to collect responses, reactions, and comments from customers using a formal questionnaire or form. There are several options you have when it comes to a customer satisfaction survey, therefore it can be helpful to partner with a customer feedback survey compan

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  • Blog: Saratoga Race Track: Survey Shows What Albany Residents Like and Dislike

    Saratoga Race Course: Survey Shows Albany Residents Likes and Dislikes

    Let the races begin! 🏇🏇 A hallmark of the Albany area, the Saratoga racing season is a summer-long national event based in New York’s capital region. Starting in mid-July, horse races are held weekly until early September at the Saratoga Race Course. With ticket sales beginning May 18, our New York market research company wanted to see how Capital region residents felt about the event by launching a survey. Drive Research surveyed over 450 Albany residents who were happy to share their l

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    Market Research For New Product Development

    Organizations often depend on new product development to stay competitive within an industry. While the process can be challenging, and oftentimes lengthy, new products and services allow organizations to grow and further expand their market reach. With roughly 40% of new products never making it to the shelves, this type of market research becomes imperative. In order to ensure the time and cost invested in new product development doesn’t go to waste, it is essential organizations make inf

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    How to Improve Workplace Culture for Better Long-Term Employment

    No one wants to be surrounded by miserable employees, right? Nor do you want to manage or lead a team that dreads coming to work every day. When you improve workplace culture, you’re ultimately improving the work your company puts out. But for employees to not be miserable, they need to work in a space that’s healthy. By healthy work environment, we mean: Cultivating positivity in the office  Listening to the concerns/complaints of employees Offering team-bonding activities (office parties

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  • Blog: Market Research with Vloggers: Best Practices for Recruiting YouTubers

    Market Research with Vloggers: Best Practices for Recruiting YouTubers

    Social media vloggers, bloggers, and influencers are one of the more popular audiences in research lately. Lucky for many of our clients, Drive Research is highly experienced in recruiting this audience. When an agency reached out to us on behalf of a large international video tech/equipment brand, we knew we were the right fit for the project. This case study blog outlines our step-by-step process of recruiting YouTubers and vloggers. Project Overview Our goal was to recruit 10 social m

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  • Blog: Customer Motivation Surveys: Benefits, Process, and Sample Questions

    Customer Motivation Surveys: Benefits, Process, and Sample Questions

    Are you wondering what moves a customer from the initial awareness stages to becoming a life-long customer? Well, like most business questions and objectives - there’s a market research study that can answer this quorum. Customer motivation surveys are used by businesses to understand what motivates shoppers to move from awareness to interest to ultimately making a purchase. Knowing what motivates customers also helps set businesses up for success with customer satisfaction and loyalty. For

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  • Blog: Healthcare Branding: How to Test Medical Marketing and Advertising Concepts

    Healthcare Branding: How to Create the Best Medical Marketing Campaign

    According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 2 million different medical devices on the market which are categorized into +7000 generic device groups. So if a new healthcare product or service concept wants to enter the market, it’s safe to say it will need strong branding. The best way to test healthcare branding before entering the market is to use market research. Medical marketing and advertising concept tests can answer a variety of questions like: How appealing

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  • Blog: 7 Mistakes Recruiters Make and How to Avoid Them

    7 Mistakes Market Research Recruiters Make (& How to Avoid Them)

    Recruiting research participants can be challenging. While I’ve always said there’s no single way to find participants willing to be part of market research recruitment (we’ll get into that later), there are definitely things that you can be doing wrong. This blog outlines some common mistakes I’ve witnessed recruiters make, and how to avoid them. Recommended Reading: Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Participants for Qualitative Research Mistake #1: Lying To or Misleading the Participant Lo

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  • Brand Equity Survey: 4 Questions You Need to Be Asking

    Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is an important factor to measure for any organization. For instance, an interesting figure revealed that up to 77% of brands could simply vanish without anyone caring. We don’t want that to be you! Without properly measuring customer satisfaction, how can you be sure they are satisfied with your brand, product, or service? How can you be sure customers will remain loyal and continue to give you their business? That is where brand equity studies

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