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  • what is a simulated test market (stm) | drive research

    What is a Simulated Test Market (STM)? | Qualitative Research Company

    Wondering what a simulated test market (STM) is? Our qualitative research company has the answers to common questions surrounding this methodology! An STM is another form of qualitative market research. For many qualitative research projects, the goal is to explore an idea with specific types of people. More specifically, the goal of a simulated test market project is to better understand potential customers and the reasoning behind their decision making. The results can power strategies to im

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  • Nonprofit member satisfaction survey | Drive Research

    Case Study: Economic Development Nonprofit Uses Online Survey to Measure Member Satisfaction

    Did you know market research can make an impact at the local and community level? Take our recent research project for example. A nonprofit organization emailed an online survey to its members to gauge satisfaction and learn how to improve engagement. Being based out of Syracuse, NY, our market research company, Drive Research, is always thrilled to support businesses in the community. We bring the voices of customers, residents, employees, and fellow businesses to decision-makers with every pr

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  • sharing the customer experience of gen z and millenials | Drive Research

    Millennials and Generation Z Share Their Customer Experience When Shopping for New Devices

    Marketing to multiple generations at once poses a challenge to many different companies across a number of industries. Millennials and Generation Z are often thought to have opposing consumer behaviors and expectations when it comes to shopping compared to each other and the generations that came before. While most Millennials grew up before the digital era and the world of online shopping, the large majority of Gen Z has grown up dependent on technology and can’t imagine a package taking longe

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  • How market research could have saved these failed celebrity businesses | Kim Kardashian | Drive Research

    How Market Research Could Have Saved These Failed Celebrity Businesses

    Just because they’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars, doesn’t always mean celebrities are smart with how they spend their money. Outside of acting, singing, or whatever it is that makes someone ~famous~ many celebrities have tried to amplify their success by introducing a new business to the market. And while there is no real research behind the percentage of celebrity businesses that fail, we’ll just say A LOT. Market research can be conducted in many phases when launching or have alrea

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  • Case Study: How Customer Surveys Can be Used for Online Reputation Management (ORM) | Drive Research

    Case Study: How Customer Surveys Can be Used for Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    Wondering how a customer survey can be used to boost online review scores? Market research to the rescue! In this post, we discuss a recently completed project conducted with a software company. The company wanted to gather insight from customers, but also gather testimonials and reviews from customers who reported being highly satisfied. It seems like a great way to tackle two objectives through one customer survey, right? Drive Research, a customer survey company, understands the real value 

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  • how to survey lost customers with Drive Research

    How to Survey Lost Customers | Ask These 5 Questions

    Unless your business has an impeccable record of customer retention, you have likely dealt with the loss of a customer at some point. In many ways, it can feel like a break-up. You are left wondering what went wrong and how you can get them back. Why not take the time to survey or question former customers the reason they’ve taken their business elsewhere. Well, what if you could sit down with your ex and get down to the bottom of why they decided to part ways? As awkward as it may be, you can

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  • Looking for an online survey company? | Drive Research

    Looking For an Online Survey Company? | 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Research Firm

    When searching for the best online survey company, there are a variety of factors one should consider before deciding on a third-party market research firm. This includes (1) recruitment services, (2) experts in your industry or sector, (3) survey optimization and cleaning, (4) a variety of reporting options available, and (5) offering recommendations or next steps for your organization based on the results. An online survey company can be more than a vendor who provides basic question style te

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  • Video: Engaging Generation Z in Market Research

    How to Engage Generation Z in Market Research | Gen Z Market Research Company

    Generation Z, or more commonly referred to as Gen Z, is transforming the way organizations are marketing their brand, products, and services. Many B2C businesses are being forced to throw away traditional marketing campaigns and think outside of the box for how to attract this new generation. As a result, organizations have turned to Gen Z market research companies to collect feedback and data directly from Gen Zers in order to understand how they make their purchasing decisions. Market resear

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  • How B2B Organizations Can Use Net Promoter Score (NPS) More Effectively

    Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is used to measure customer loyalty. For this reason, NPS is a commonly used metric in various market research surveys for business-to-business (B2B) organizations. It is calculated by asking respondents one simple question: “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?” The respondent then selects a number on a scale from 0 to 10. Based on the selected value, customers can be placed into one of three categories: promoters, passives, or detr

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  • brand equity community credit union case study with drive research

    Case Study: How to Run a Brand Equity Study for a Community Credit Union

    Wondering why credit unions use market research and if it is necessary for your branch? Credit union market research assists financial institutions fuel marketing and strategies, learn more about member/potential member needs, understand member/potential member personas, and find new members. Getting started with credit union market research may seem like a daunting task. It can be helpful to partner with a bank and credit union market research company to assist with implementing a study specif

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  • How to Execute a Mystery Shopping Program for a Franchise with Drive Research

    How to Execute a Mystery Shopping Program for a Franchise

    There is a great deal of trust involved in franchising a business. Many franchise locations operate largely independent of the franchisor. With such a variety of locations and franchisees, how do you know if your customers are receiving a consistent, high-quality experience? One valuable way to become more informed is through mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is a market research methodology in which mystery “shoppers” pose as customers to evaluate a process or gather data about a product or s

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  • Video: Using a third party for original research

    How a Third-Party Can Improve Your Content Strategy in 2020 with Original Research

    As we draw closer to the new decade, what goals can we set forth to improve our businesses and reach new territory? I’m guessing because you stumbled across this post, creating an effective content strategy is part of your 2020 objectives. You are not alone. As an industry, content marketing is pushing toward a worth of over $400 billion from both the investment and confidence organizations have put into content. With this growing market your business cannot afford to be left behind. Have you

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