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  • case study - customer survey for a bank - green square with dollar sign

    Customer Survey for a Bank | Email and Phone Banking Survey

    Drive Research recently conducted a customer survey for a bank via email and phone in cooperation with the agency of record for the financial institution. A feedback survey is an excellent Voice of Customer (VoC) tool to acquire measurements of satisfaction, drivers to loyalty, and how a bank can simply better serve its audience. Drive Research recently conducted a customer survey for a bank via email and phone. Learn more about the objectives, approach, and results from this study. Objec

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  • why employee survey don't work | wink face emoji

    The Truth About Employee Satisfaction Surveys (& Why They Don’t Work)

    Why don't employee satisfaction surveys work? They DO, if administered through a third party employee survey company. They DON'T, if administered in-house through a company's human resources department or upper management. There are many best practices when it comes to market research, particularly with employee satisfaction surveys. A few red flags that come to mind with employee satisfaction surveys include employers who are too afraid to collect feedback so they never ask, employers who thi

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  • three benefits of a non-member survey for credit unions | bank in clouds

    3 Main Benefits of Non-Member Community Surveys for Credit Unions

    Non-member community surveys for banks and credit unions are able to reach an entirely new audience and network of people. Just like there are major advantages of conducting regular customer satisfaction surveys with customers of your bank, the same can be said of collecting feedback from those who are currently banking elsewhere. The three main benefits of surveying non-members and what our bank and credit union market research company will talk about it greater detail in this blog post are:

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  • memory reconstruction interviews | blurred out city landscape

    What Are Memory Reconstruction Interviews? | Explaining the Benefits and Process

    Focus groups are a well-known qualitative market research methodology for taking a deep-dive into participant's attitudes and perceptions. But did you know there is an even deeper level of research in the toolbox? This underused but powerful methodology is known as memory reconstruction interviews. More than likely a specialty of a market research company, memory reconstruction interviews are a form of qualitative research that channel emotions and reasoning with regard to a participant's past

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  • tips when recruiting with social media

    How to Use Social Media to Recruit Research Participants | Market Research Video

    Recruiting research participants can be the easiest or the most frustrating part of conducting a market research study. This typically depends on a number of impactful factors. What are the demographics of your ideal participant or respondent (age, gender, income, ethnicity, etc.)? How many participants are needed for the research study? What type of methodology are you using (online surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, etc.)? Are you offering a prize or incentive? Are there travel r

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  • case study for cold product manufacturer | girl sneezing

    Case Study: Cold Product Manufacturer Uses Qualitative Recruitment Firm for Online Focus Groups

    Market research projects come in all shapes and sizes. While one organization may be looking for a multi-dimensional qualitative and quantitative study with many moving parts, another may only utilize a market research firm for qualitative recruitment. For example, Our qualitative recruitment firm receives this question a lot. “Does Drive Research offer qualitative recruitment services, even if my organization will not be using your focus group facility?” Of course we do! While we love utiliz

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  • example pop up in screen survey | website survey company drive research

    4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an Intercept Survey | Website Survey Company

    Collecting data from current and potential customers may be easier than you think. That is, if you have the right tools! First up, what is a website intercept survey? Website intercept data is collected through online surveys. Survey questions can be tailored for any industry or type of customer and general user. Website intercept surveys can be short and include as few as 3 questions. Or, website intercept surveys can cover multiple objectives and include up to 20 questions. There are severa

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  • 3 Tips for Product Development Research

    3 Tips for Product Development Research | Market Research Video

    Whether you are an organization looking to introduce a new concept to the market or a tenured business needing to improve upon an already existing product, product development research is the first step to a successful launch. Many organizations rely on this type of market research to gain a competitive edge within their industry through informed decisions based on market opportunity and customer insights. While concept testing is necessary, it is even more so important to make sure your time a

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  • traditional research methods in a digital world

    Defining the Value of Traditional Research Methods in a Digital World

    As technology has evolved, people and how they operate have too. Once upon a time, market researchers couldn’t collect data by the push of a button, conduct interviews with respondents across the world via video chat, or analyze social media trends. Back in the day, market researchers had to mail out surveys and sit down with people face-to-face for interviews (*gasp*). However, just because the digital world has created an entirely new list of possibilities, doesn’t mean we have to leave behin

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  • 5 tips for a client dashboard | car dashboard

    5 Tips for a Client Dashboard | Online Survey Company

    Who doesn't love the ability to view real-time data? We certainly understand why businesses who hire a market research company find value in it. A customized dashboard or portal is a powerful tool that gives an organization the ability to see data collected by their market research partner at their own convenience. Within market research, there is a high level of transparency to see exactly how an online survey is performing and up-to-the-second results. A client dashboard is a good fit for onl

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  • using video market research | camera icon

    4 Reasons You Need to Use Video in Your Market Research

    Video creation and consumption has exploded over the past decade. With YouTube ranking as the second largest search engine in the world, it is no wonder why marketers are hopping on the video train. In fact, according to this study, 64% of consumers purchase a product after watching branded video content. What does this mean for market research? Video can positively impact the way in which researchers collect feedback and data. Our market research firm has already incorporated video into qualit

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  • the importance of positive online reviews

    What is the Impact of Positive Online Reviews? | Online Review Management Company

    What is the impact of positive online reviews to potential customers? Well, it turns out pretty significant. Don’t believe me? Check out these online review statistics pulled from a report compiled by INVESP. 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as in-person recommendations Customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews 72% say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more

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