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  • how do intercept surveys work market research

    How Do Intercept Surveys Work?

    Intercept surveys are a type of methodology that can provide accurate and invaluable in-the-moment data from respondents. This might be a store exit survey after a purchase, fan feedback after leaving a game, or attendee thoughts after attending an event or concert. Obtaining this feedback as the respondent leaves the event results in accurate recall and responses because the experience just took place. Depending on the type of industry and the access to on-site respondents this can be the be

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  • Blog: 5 Factors to Finding the Best PR Survey Company

    5 Factors to Finding the Best PR Survey Company

    The most effective way to find the best PR survey company is to know exactly what you're looking for. Not all PR survey companies are created equal. When looking for the best of the best, consider these five factors. Doing so ensures your team receives high-quality data to fuel press releases and other marketing efforts. And to understand what you're looking for, you first need to know what a PR survey company is, what they do, and how they do it. We cover each of these components in the blog

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  • Blog: Benefits of Public Relations Surveys

    4 Benefits of Public Relations Surveys

    As a marketer, you may have wondered how a custom public relations (PR) survey could benefit your company. Look no further than this blog post written by our PR survey market research company. Below, we'll review the top benefits of this type of market research, which show why it's one of the most effective public relations strategies. PR Surveys Benefit #1: Share Exclusive Research Conducting a PR survey can be tricky to get started without the proper guidance. Figuring out  expectatio

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  • 7 Example Intercept Interview Questions | Intercept Survey Company

    7 Example Intercept Interview Questions | Intercept Survey Company

    Are you considering or ready to conduct an intercept survey for your organization? While you may understand the several advantages of conducting this type of customer research, our intercept survey company also recognizes the challenge of not knowing the right questions to ask visitors. As with any market research study, it is important to seize the opportunity of collecting feedback from target respondents by asking the right intercept interview questions. If asking the wrong questions in yo

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  • vineyard winery market research ultimate guide

    The Ultimate Guide to Winery and Vineyard Market Research

    Cheers, everyone! When guests visit your winery, they expect to be overly satisfied with the service they receive and the items they (hopefully) purchase. Their experience should be carefully crafted and leave visitors feeling appreciated. By conducting winery and vineyard market research, you can do just that — and as a result, increase visitors, improve brand awareness, and boost revenue. In this ultimate guide, we provide a birds-eye-view of winery and vineyard market research, benefits of

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  • Blog:Conducting a Workplace Survey in 9 Steps

    Conducting a Workplace Survey in 8 Steps

    Looking for the right way to change or improve your company culture and environment? Conducting a workplace survey is an effective, data-driven approach to achieve that goal. A positive work environment is one of the most sought after factors for job seekers. For context, 47% of active job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason for looking for work. (Bulletin). Additionally, improving company culture has a direct impact on maintaining positive employee retention rates. In this

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  • Blog: What is a Good Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

    What is a Good Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

    Word-of-mouth advertising can be a tremendous benefit for any company. Having your customers recommend your product or service to their friends and family can boost sales without increasing marketing costs. But how do you know if your customers will recommend, or criticize, your product or service? Determining a good net promoter score, or NPS, will provide you with valuable information to help answer this question. What is a Net Promoter Score? Ok, but first, what exactly is a net promo

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  • Blog: Benefits of Working with a  PR Polling Company

    Benefits of Working with a PR Polling Company

    The benefits of working with a PR polling company are sometimes underestimated. Through this, you gain access to databases of consumers and business professionals who help fuel your business's success. You can also add legitimacy and reliability to your company at the same time when releasing public relations survey results to the media. In this blog, you will learn more about the many advantages of working with a PR market research company. What Is PR Polling? PR polling is meant to dr

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  • Blog: eCommerce User Experience Market Research: How to Improve UX for Online Shoppers

    eCommerce User Experience Market Research: How to Improve UX for Online Shoppers

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce became the primary choice for shopping in 2020. From grocery shopping to buying sweatpants, online shopping is experiencing a huge surge in not just the United States, but countries across the globe. People became dependent on websites for their shopping needs, making the eCommerce user experience a very important aspect of the online world. The first few seconds of someone’s shopping experience on a website are actually the most crucial for a business.

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Diversity and Inclusion Survey

    How to Conduct a Diversity and Inclusion Survey

    Being a diverse and inclusive organization means employing people with various demographics and characteristics. It is extremely important for every business to achieve a broader perspective in their culture and hiring processes. In fact, 57% of employees want to see their company increase diversity. What’s stopping you? Measuring employee diversity and equality, while important, is a challenge for most organizations. It is a sensitive topic that must be handled appropriately. As a result,

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  • Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions You Need to Be Asking

    Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions You Need to Be Asking

    Experts from our market research company recently recorded a video to walk through sample customer satisfaction survey questions and why they are so important to ask. These are the same questions we’ve used to help our clients measure high areas of satisfaction and critical areas of improvement. Prefer to read? Below, we discuss some of the most important questions to ask in a customer survey. Sample Question #1: Importance and Satisfaction Rating Scales Emily Taylor, Senior Research Ana

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  • how much does a focus group cost

    How Much Does a Focus Group Cost? | Focus Groups Syracuse, NY

    How much does a focus group cost with the help of a third-party? You may not like this answer, but it truly depends. As a form of qualitative research, focus groups can be customized to cater to most budgets, therefore it's is hard to give one tried and true cost. If you're not satisfied with our answer for the cost of a focus group, here's our market research company's take. As a general rule, the average cost of a standard focus group project can range from $4,000 to $12,000. A tradition

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