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  • Alternatives to Intercept Surveys: 5 Other Market Research Options

    Alternatives to Intercept Surveys: 5 Other Market Research Options

    When it comes to market research, there are more data collection methods available than you could ever imagine. It makes finding alternative solutions easier if the methodology you were originally interested in isn’t panning out. For instance, in-person exit surveys are becoming less popular. Whether it be the shift to online shopping, limited market research budgets, or the need for heightened safety and health protocols for people to speak with interviewers, it is understandable that brand

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  • Blog: What is Competitive Benchmarking?

    What is Competitive Benchmarking? (& Why It's Important)

    There is a lot of information you can learn from conducting a competitor analysis. Although one of the most common reasons for conducting research on competitors is for accurate benchmarking. Competitive benchmarking showcases how your organization compares to competing brands on all facets of business such as costs, marketing strategies, employee retention, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, by doing this more regularly (at least once a year) organizations can see how these metrics ch

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  • Blog: eCommerce User Experience Market Research: How to Improve UX for Online Shoppers

    eCommerce User Experience Research: Improving UX for Online Shoppers

    We've all gotten frustrated while trying to navigate an outdated, clunky website or app. Finally, we end up angrily exiting the page and finding another website that offers similar products or services. These shared experiences are why an eCommerce website and app user experience (UX) strategy is imperative for online businesses and stores. In fact, a recent study by Amazon Web Services shows that eCommerce businesses lose out on 35% of sales due to bad user experience. For context, this equ

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  • Blog: Black Friday 2022: 50 Holiday Shopping Statistics on Cyber Week

    Black Friday 2022: 50 Holiday Shopping Statistics on Cyber Week

    Cyber Week includes some of the biggest holiday shopping events of the year. From Black Friday to Small Business Saturday to Cyber Monday, many stores offer huge discounts that draw in thousands of customers all Thanksgiving weekend long. Recently, Drive Research launched our 3rd annual cyber week survey. We polled nearly 1,200 consumers across the U.S. to learn more about their shopping habits, preferences, and attitudes surrounding Black Friday 2022 – plus how it compares to years past. To

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  • Blog: Using a Conjoint Choice-Based Model to Determine Product Cost

    Using a Conjoint Choice-Based Model to Determine Product Cost

    Nailing the pricing of a product or service is not easy. Therefore, when businesses use market research, asking how to best price their product or service is always a common request. Feedback on pricing through market research can help a business feel more confident that they are providing an optimal price point for their customers. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tackle price in a survey. A pricing market research project will present several sophisticated models and approaches to

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  • Adding Market Research to Your 2021 Budget | Drive Research

    Why Market Research Should be in Your 2023 Budget

    Believe it or not, the new year is right around the corner - and that means it's time to start planning your 2023 budget (if you haven’t already). With every new year comes new objectives, goals, and challenges. How will you choose the right tools to assist your organization in breaking new ground and making 2023 the best year yet? By setting aside a portion of budget dollars for market research, businesses can be assured they are taking a step in the right direction. Types of market resear

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  • Blog: Should I Hire a Market Research Firm?

    Should I Hire a Market Research Firm? Absolutely.

    Let me start off by saying: I get it. I completely understand the importance of research results. I’ve directly witnessed large, international companies make major changes based on research I played a part in. I have witnessed products pulled from shelves, actors fired from movies, or a complete rebranding of entire organizations based on feedback collected on projects I played a role. Your market research results matter. A lot. It can be hard to take a step back and hire a market research

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  • Blog: Measuring Your Bank or Credit Union's NPS

    Measuring Your Bank or Credit Union's NPS

    How likely are customers or members willing to recommend your financial institution? It's an extremely important question - but one that only a few banks or credit unions seek the answer to. Net promoter score (NPS) is a powerful tool used by many brands across industries to measure customer satisfaction and identify their happy clients and the not-so-happy ones. Undoubtedly, calculating NPS is beneficial for those in the financial sector as it quickly identifies areas that need improvement

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  • Blog: What is Executive Interviewing? Surveying Hard-to-Find B2B Leaders

    What is Executive Interviewing? Surveying Hard-to-Find B2B Leaders

    Generally, market research surveys aim to reach decision-makers, whether this is household consumers or corporate professionals. When comparing the differences between B2B and B2C audiences, corporate B2B professionals and customers can be much harder to reach. Executive interviewing is based on the notion of surveying high-level business professionals. However because this audience works in a business environment, high response rates can be much harder to achieve. This is perhaps the bigges

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  • Blog: How to Survey Pediatricians: Earning Feedback from Children’s Doctors

    Surveying Pediatricians: How to Collect Data from Children’s Doctors

    In a field as fast-paced as medicine, healthcare brands are consistently pumping out new, innovative products. In addition to the added competition, the process of purchasing and selling medical technologies is constantly evolving. Our healthcare market research company could argue that pediatric services and products are some of the fastest items to evolve on the market. Parent demands are high, as is the need for keeping their children healthy. To remain competitive, it is important to ea

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  • Blog: 4 Market Research Options for the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

    4 Market Research Options for the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

    The hospitality industry is massive. For context, the hotel market is made up of over 4 million rooms worldwide. In addition to the growing competition in this sector, it is also one that is constantly changing. That's largely due to the fact that the behaviors, preferences, attributes, and purchasing decisions of travelers are always evolving. To keep up, many hotels, resorts, motels, inns, and other tourism destinations have turned to different types of market research. Whether it be usin

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  • Blog: 45% of People Admit to Texting While Driving (+ Other Car Driver Stats)

    45% of People Admit to Texting and Driving (+ Other Car Driver Stats)

    No one is a perfect driver every time they get on the road. From going over the speed limit to sending a text message while driving, most people have exuded bad driving behavior before. However, a survey conducted by our market research company, shows that some generations and genders are more guilty than others. Drive Research surveyed over 1,800 people across the U.S. to learn what bad driving habits they are guilty of. Key statistics from the national driving survey included: 63% of peo

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