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  • Video: Using a third party for original research

    How Market Research Can Improve Your Content Strategy in 2021

    As we enter a new year, what goals can we set forth to improve our businesses and reach new territory? I’m guessing because you stumbled across this post, creating an effective content strategy is part of your 2021 objectives. You are not alone. As an industry, content marketing is pushing toward a worth of over $400 billion from both the investment and confidence organizations have put into content. With this growing market, your business cannot afford to be left behind. Have you considered

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  • online-focus-groups-market-research-upstate-01082018

    The Ultimate Guide to Online Focus Groups in 2021 | Remote Focus Groups Company

    With all of the talk about remote market research methodologies, one would think in-person focus groups are dead. A more accurate statement would be that focus groups are evolving. As remote focus groups, virtual focus groups, video focus groups, and online focus groups have grown steadily over the past 10 years, COVID-19 and social distancing protocols really pushed this methodology into overdrive. Online focus groups can provide the same qualitative in-depth feedback as a traditional focu

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  • product-placement-market-research-04102019

    In-Home Product Placement Tests: How They Work and When To Use Them

    With the ability to skip an ad at a click of a button, it seems modern consumers are blinded by most advertising and marketing efforts. In-home product placement tests are quickly becoming a foolproof way for brands to reach their target audience in a less direct avenue. What exactly are product placement tests, how do they work and when is the best time to use them? Hang tight, these answers and more will be with you momentarily. Our market research company just finished completing an 8-w

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  • Primary Market Research: What is it and Why is it Important?

    Primary market research is huge. I mean, it’s kind of a big deal! Think about it: giant corporations have entire departments dedicated to market research, and some colleges and universities even have market research degrees and certification programs. With that said, there’s a lot to it. Just take one look at our market research company’s blog page and you’ll see a plethora of sub-topics. Where would one even begin? This article breaks down primary market research, a broad category that br

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  • how to survey lost customers with Drive Research

    How to Survey Lost Customers | Ask These 6 Questions

    Unless your business has an impeccable record of customer retention, you have likely dealt with the loss of a customer at some point. In many ways, it can feel like a break-up. You are left wondering what went wrong and how you can get them back. Why not take the time to survey former customers to understand why they’ve taken their business elsewhere? In this blog post, our market research company defines a lost custom survey and shares 6 questions to include for the best results. Ready to

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  • Blog: 4 Quick Tips for Better Virtual Focus Groups | Market Research Company

    4 Quick Tips for Better Virtual Focus Groups

    Virtual focus groups are growing in popularity -- I’m pretty sure we all know why. While traditional, in-person focus groups will have their comeback, online focus groups will likely be more popular for a while longer. To help ease the transition, our focus groups market research company shares 4 quick tips for better virtual focus groups below. Need help recruiting, moderating, or hosting a virtual focus group? Drive Research can provide one or all of these services. Contact our team by emai

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  • How to Conduct a Real Estate Development Feasibility Study | Market Research Company

    How to Conduct a Real Estate Development Feasibility Study

    Taking the time to conduct a feasibility study before jumping into a new real estate development project is always a good idea. While you may think your idea is brilliant (and it very well might be), it’s always best to determine its feasibility beforehand. Market research can help you secure investments, uncover gaps in the market, realize new target markets, develop marketing strategies, and much more. In this blog post, our feasibility study market research company will explore: The def

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  • Blog: Copy Testing Surveys

    Copy Testing Surveys: Using Data-Driven Marketing Messaging for the Best ROI

    Market research can be an invaluable tool for testing key aspects of your marketing - especially before launching an advertising campaign. Once you have established some advertising copy and design for a product or service, market research can identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement before wasting advertising budgets. For instance, copy testing surveys allow brands to show advertisements at any stage to their target audience and receive feedback. Through a multitude of analys

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  • Ultimate Guide to Ad Concept Testing Surveys

    Ultimate Guide to Ad Concept Testing Surveys

    Ad concept testing surveys are like taking a test drive before purchasing a car. Buying a car is a large investment, so the vehicle must meet all your expectations. The same can be said for marketing and advertising campaigns. Would you purchase the vehicle if you had to guess what the gas mileage would be, if you had to guess what the color of the interior was, if you had a guess what features your family would want for your trip across the country next summer? Probably not. So why would

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  • third-party-employee-survey-market-research-04032019

    Using a Third Party for Employee Surveys: Understanding the Cost, Benefits, & Process

    Considering using a third-party market research company for your employee survey project? You have come to the right place. This article offers a ton of insights and tips to help guide you down the path of pursuing an employee survey in-house versus using an outside firm. It includes all of the benefits and potential pitfalls of your choice. The good news is you’re here! This means you already find value in or understand the need to conduct employee survey research.  Happy employees = happy cust

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  • Blog post: Custom Online Research Panels: 4 Reasons to Choose Third-Party Panel Recruitment

    Custom Online Research Panels: 4 Reasons to Choose Third-Party Panel Recruitment

    Custom online research panels are an increasingly popular tool in the market research world. They are effective, practical, and worthwhile. Oftentimes companies will attempt to reinvent the wheel with new projects throughout the year; projects that are laborious and time-consuming. That’s where market research panels come in. They provide a pool of qualified individuals who can participate in research studies at a moment’s notice. We know third-party panels can be confusing, especially for th

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  • blog: What is a Public Opinion Survey? | PR Polling Market Research Company

    What is a Public Opinion Survey?

    Chances are you've come across a headline that read something like, "78% of people prefer to drink their coffee hot instead of iced." This is a result of a public opinion survey or public opinion polling. Brands often utilize this type of market research to make newsworthy headlines and research-driven content. In this post, we'll define public opinion surveys, show a real-world example of how they are used by brands today, and provide a few best practices when conducting this type of market r

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