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    3 Signs You Need Help With Customer Surveys

    Customer surveys are an important part of any business. They help you gather feedback from your customers and learn more about their needs and wants. Proving a positive customer experience has fast become a top priority for businesses and studies show 2022 will be no different. The driver here is that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Conducting continuous customer feedback surveys is an actionable, data-driven strategy to achieving this business objectiv

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  • 3 Market Research Options for eCommerce Companies in 2020

    3 Market Research Options for eCommerce Companies in 2022

    One of the greatest things about eCommerce, or electronic commerce, is that anybody can go online and sell a product. Voila, instant business! The other side of this low barrier to entry is that someone with a similar idea can set up an online storefront just as easily. This is a major reason why competition is so intense in the eCommerce space. Additionally, if the online traffic that soared because of the COVID-19 pandemic indicates a permanent change in behavior, the opportunities for e

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  • Blog - 8 Market Research Options for Retail | Market Research Company

    8 Market Research Options for Retail Brands

    It’s no secret that retail is a crowded and competitive industry. As a result, consumers are presented with a large array of options, allowing customers to choose where they want to spend their money. For this reason, it is crucial retail brands conduct market research to learn about target shoppers -- their preferences, habits, behaviors, relationship with competitors, and more. By surveying or speaking with consumers, your retail store (whether it be online, in-person, or a hybrid) will b

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  • Qualitative Research Methods and Participant Recruitment

    Qualitative Research Methods That Need Participant Recruitment

    We can see it now: your company has a brand new idea for a service or product you’re certain consumers will love. But you need people to test it out to see if it really is just that cool, and you don’t know where to start. Or, perhaps you have an existing brand, product, or service that isn't getting the attention you think it deserves from your target market. There are several qualitative research methods that can help with these business challenges. And with qualitative market research,

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    Employee Pulse Surveys: Definition, Benefits, and Process

    Customers typically get all the love and attention when it comes to market research, but there is another group of people that have valuable feedback, too. They exchange emails with you every day, greet you by the coffee maker, and are just as important to the success of your business. Sound familiar? Hint hint: They’re your employees. Conducting employee pulse surveys is something to seriously consider practicing if your organization is not already. An assumption that everything is going

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  • 8 Market Research Examples to Fuel Your Business Growth

    There is never a wrong time to do market research. However, most research projects are birthed because a company or organization is at a crossroads. Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 company, you’ll have critical decisions to make. This blog will detail common market research examples and how our clients have used them to fuel decision-making. There is not a definitive nor one-size-fits-all approach to market research, but most projects are similar and based on past studies. Genera

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  • Video: Using a third party for original research

    How Market Research Can Boost Your Content Strategy in 2022

    As we enter a new year, what goals can we set forth to improve our businesses and reach new territory? I’m guessing because you stumbled across this post, creating a way to boost your content strategy is part of your 2022 objectives. You are not alone. As an industry, content marketing is pushing toward a worth of over $400 billion from both the investment and confidence organizations have put into content creation. With this growing market, your business cannot afford to be left behind. H

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  • Blog: How to Recruit Social Media Influencers for Market Research Studies

    How to Recruit Social Media Influencers for Market Research Studies

    Content creators and bloggers have taken the marketing world by storm. As a result, many brands are turning to social media influencers to promote their brand, products, and services. If you're new to influencer marketing, you likely have a lot of questions. Where do I recruit social media influencers to partner with? How much does influencer marketing cost? How can I build a successful influencer marketing program? We'll ask you one question in return: Who better to answer these question

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    Defeating Writers Block: How One Survey Can Deliver Endless Content

    A common struggle for marketers is thinking of new and creative ways to promote their brand, product, or services with content. Content marketers are tasked with writing appealing sales material, SEO-focused website content, thought leadership blog posts, actionable emails – the list goes on and on. The challenge with creating so much valuable content is eventually, marketers run out of things to say, or how to position their material in a way that has not been done before. Enter every cont

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    In-Person Market Research Isn't Dead - Here's How to Modify for Social Distance

    COVID-19 has impacted every industry, including market research. While there are many benefits to doing virtual research, some projects still require in-person participation to meet requirements. The marketing world never stops, even during a pandemic. In fact, studies have shown that client-agency contact rose by 35% during the peak of COVID in 2020. This case study outlines the steps of a recent automotive recruitment project for in-person research following COVID-19 protocols. For more

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  • 4 Benefits of Conducting Competitor Research

    Never underestimate your competitors. Yes, there are plenty of important factors that go into having a successful brand -- but perhaps one of the most important of these is keeping tabs on competing businesses. Why? You want to be able to differentiate yourself from rival companies to assure current customers and prospects choose you as their top choice. Conducting competitor research can help your team understand what makes your brand stand out so that consumers come to you. In turn, you

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  • Blog: How to Measure the Appeal of a New Product Concept

    How to Measure the Appeal of a New Product Concept

    For a new product to garner the right attention, it needs to be thoroughly reviewed by your ideal target market or those who will actually be using it. Especially with the rise of eCommerce, there is less of a hurdle for bringing a product to market. In fact, recent studies show that 40% of new products “pass the test” and make it to in-person or online shelves. As a result, there is more competition than ever before. Sure, it is easier to make your product accessible to everyone -- but is i

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