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  • Meeting Space in Syracuse, NY | Conference Room Rental

    Finding meeting spaces in Syracuse, NY can prove to be a difficult task. Depending on your needs some spaces may not offer the capabilities you need for the meeting or the location may not be convenient. It may take countless hours of research and calls to find a spot that meets your specifications. Find a meeting space in Syracuse, NY that is convenient, affordable, cutting-edge, and offers everything you need. Here are 14 benefits and amenities of the Drive Research meeting and conference

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  • Recruit Participants With Facebook Not a Panel | Facebook logo

    Why Sourcing Research Participants Through Facebook is Better Than a Panel

    That’s right, our market research recruitment company will come right out and say it – using Facebook to source research participants is better than using members of a research panel. Drive Research specializes in qualitative and quantitative market research services and have relied on both Facebook and panel lists through our hunt to recruit qualified participants. While using a research panel has its own advantages and disadvantages, it simply does not provide the same quality of participants

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  • what is RIM weighting | scale

    What is RIM Weighting? | The Benefits of Weighing Survey Data

    RIM weighting stands for Random Iterative Method. RIM weighting is a form of survey weighting the data supplied by market research respondents. It is a technique commonly used to weigh market research data to certain demographics such as age, gender, geography, income, etc. RIM weighting becomes more challenging and complex when weighing several different demographics, rather than just one. This blog post will cover why market research analysts use RIM weighting, the benefits of this type of s

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  • 3 ways to get more google reviews | google logo | five stars

    3 Simple Ways to Get More Google Reviews for Your Business

    When someone is in the market for a certain product or service, where do they typically go to find it? Google. When someone has never heard of a company before, where do they go to find more information? Google. Upon searching your company or the product and services you offer, potential buyers are also presented with customer Google reviews. Customer reviews in which you have no control over. Customer reviews in which could be the deciding factor into whether or not potential buyers give you t

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  • Successful Ways to Find Market Research Participants as Told By a Recruitment Firm

    4 Successful Ways to Find Market Research Participants as Told By a Recruitment Firm

    Who better to share insider tips of how to find quality participants for a market research project than a qualitative and quantitative recruitment firm? Watch as I explain common recruitment practices by Drive Research. This includes: Using a screener survey Creating a sense of urgency Offering a reward Partnering with a recruitment firm More of a reader than a listener? Scroll down past the video to find a full blog post explaining each of the recruitment tactics mentioned above in greater de

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  • gather more effective customer insights | man and woman with percentage signs

    5 Tips for Gathering More Effective Customer Insights to Drive Marketing Strategies

    Market research is an important tool when it comes to understanding your customers better. By using market research methods, businesses can capture customer insights and understand their consumers’ ever changing opinions and emotions. Customer insight research is beneficial to companies in developing their communication and marketing strategies. By conducting customer insight research, your business will be able to better meet your customers' wants and needs, which forge positive relationships

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  • what is radius recruiting | roads intertwining

    What is a Radius Recruit? | Explaining the Definition, Benefits, and Uses

    Recruiting for qualitative and quantitative market research is an integral component in the success of a research study. Oftentimes it can be challenging to pin down the exact audience necessary to offer the accurate and high quality feedback businesses need to move the needle and see an increase in sales. This is extremely apparent when conducting market research for brick and mortar organizations. Is it possible to find market research participants that have recently visited a store location

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  • qualitative recruitment with generation z

    Case Study: Market Research Firm Recruits Gen Z Participants for Mobile Ethnography Project

    With each new generation comes new best practices of how to grab their attention and earn their business. This is no different of the newest buyers – Generation Z, or Gen Z for short. Marketing to Gen Z is unlike every generation before them. While this generation often gets a bad reputation for having a short attention span, once a business has demonstrated attention-worthiness, those of Gen Z can become immensely committed and focused. This is where market research comes into play. Market re

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  • mystery shopping for retail | shirt, store front, online shopping on phone

    How to Overcome Challenges in Retail with Mystery Shopping

    Retail is a more competitive space than ever before. Brick and mortar stores are suffering from declining foot traffic. Online retailers are struggling to differentiate from competition. As a result, executing an informed customer strategy is critical for any retail business. What is mystery shopping? Mystery shopping market research (or secret shopping) is one effective way to help tackle these challenges faced within the retail sector. This market research practice involves a "mystery shoppe

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  • the cost of qualitative recruitment | money symbol

    How Much Does Recruitment for Qualitative Research Cost? | Tips for Reducing the Cost of a Qualitative Recruitment Firm

    Unsurprisingly, one of the most common questions our qualitative recruitment firm receives is, “How much does recruitment for qualitative research cost?” This question is not always answered with one finite cost because in all reality, market research is not a one price fits all scenario. Our national qualitative recruitment company works with a variety of organizations to recruit their most hard to find target participants, cost effectively. However, the cost of doing so differs from project t

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  • 4 Benefits of Mystery Shopping

    4 Benefits of Mystery Shopping | Market Research Video

    Mystery shopping or secret shopping is one of the most unique and engaging services in market research. What exactly is mystery shopping? Mystery shopping is a form of both qualitative and quantitative market research using professionally trained shoppers to evaluate an experience in a natural storefront or retail environment. It is not only for grocery stores, but any business that offers some level of customer service. This includes colleges, financial institutions such as banks or credit u

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  • Watch This Video Before Conducting Your Own Market Research | Drive Research

    Watch This Video Before Conducting Your Own Market Research

    After deciding to conduct market research, the next consideration businesses often have is, “Should I conduct my own market research, or should I outsource this project to a third-party research company?” This decision may go one way or the other depending on the objectives of the study and the type of market research service the organization is hoping to use – employee surveys, customer satisfaction survey, intercept surveys, focus groups, etc. For example, a human resource team looking to co

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