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  • write market research rfp

    How to Write a Market Research Request for Proposal [+ Free Template]

    Writing a market research request for proposal (RFP) can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. The RFP process involves a lot of time, energy, and information gathering. This of course is all the work that comes before you've even started the massive task of reviewing the submissions and selecting a vendor. Oftentimes it takes days if not weeks to review all the submissions as a team and find the best market research company that fits your needs. But that's a little down the road for

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  • blog: Why Employees Look for a New Job (And How to Prevent It)

    Why Employees Look for a New Job (And How to Prevent It)

    For employers, seeing a rise in employee resignations and 2-week notices can cause nerves to flare. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why employees look for a new job–especially in today’s period of ‘The Great Resignation.’ In fact, up to 47.8 million employees quit their current jobs in 2021 (yikes), according to recent research. Of course, it’s impossible to pinpoint each and every reason employees quit their jobs. However, there are common themes that repeatedly resurface when our ma

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  • want to increase the roi market research

    Want to Increase the ROI of Your Research? Publish it as Content.

    Your company just published a major report. It took hours of preparation, research, analysis, writing, editing, and formatting. On the day it’s released, a few major media sources report on it—big win! And then…crickets. Your work deserves a longer life, and while major media coverage is important and exciting, what about all of the people that didn’t read that particular publication on that particular day? Big reports contain a lot of valuable first-party data, and while most people aren’t

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  • using surveys to qualify leads lead qualification survey company

    Using Surveys to Qualify Leads? Use These 8 Best Practices

    Surveys are a window into your prospects’ and customers’ minds. A well-designed lead qualification survey can lend insight into the decision maker's thoughts and how he or she will approach a purchase. The survey can even delve into the importance of specific criteria when choosing a product or service. A lead qualification survey company can work with you as a strategic partner to gather these insights to help you drive customized sales approaches. In this blog post, our market research c

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  • how long does market research take

    How Long Does Market Research Take?

    From focus groups to in-depth interviews to surveys, are you left wondering how long market research actually takes? In truth, the answer is that your market research timeline depends on many factors. However, we can provide some more information and context to those timelines below. There are several different factors involved which impact timelines for market research, but the biggest factors are: Understanding the objectives of the research. Developing an effective market research method

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  • 15 Low-Cost Options for Surveying Employees

    15 Low-Cost Options for Surveying Employees 

    Employee satisfaction levels are at the core of any business. When employees are unhappy or happy, it’s easily seen in the success of your company. A number of factors can contribute to workplace culture and long-term employment, which is why you need to be using employee surveys to find out what they are. Maybe your employees think your company’s culture is flawed, or maybe they love it. Maybe they feel overworked or maybe they love the flexibility of their job. For instance, a recent sur

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  • Blog: The Cost of Outsourcing an Employee Survey

    The Cost of Outsourcing an Employee Survey

    When a company decides to measure employee engagement, one of the first things up for discussion is using a third party for employee surveys vs. conducting the study in-house. While there are many factors that assist a company in choosing in-house or outsourced market research, the cost of outsourcing an employee survey is normally the top determining factor. The cost of an employee survey depends on different components such as survey length and estimated number of responses, therefore it c

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  • Blog: 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Qualitative Recruitment Firm

    6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Qualitative Recruitment Firm

    One critical step when conducting qualitative research is determining how you will locate the participant. For many brands, this may mean hiring a market research firm that offers qualitative recruitment. Unsure how to determine which market research firm to choose for your qualitative research project? This blog outlines the 6 factors to consider when choosing a qualitative research recruiter. Do they have a plan to reach those participants? There’s an old sales saying that many market

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  • taste-testing-market-research-07032018

    Taste Testing Market Research | How Does it Work?

    Is there anything more fun than taste testing market research? The answer is clearly no. But let's look beyond the enjoyment for both the organization conducting as well as the participant tasting. In there lies a lot of value and insight in these tests for sponsoring organizations. Fact is fact in retail. If your product does not taste good, it likely won't succeed. Unless you produce olives or wasabi. I personally haven't figured that out yet. Globally, the food market raked in 8.27 trill

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  • employee looking at KPIs

    4 Employee Survey KPIs You Need to Be Measuring

    Gauging employee engagement levels is serious business. Why? Well, depending on how engaged your employees are, your business could be thriving or…not so thriving. Companies that have engaged staff can be up to 21% more successful in profits, according to recent research. So, what is employee engagement? Employees that want to work and put effort into their duties. AKA, they’re excited about coming into (or logging on to) work! This is where using employee surveys to measure key performanc

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  • How to Group Your Customers into Market Segments

    When it comes to running customer satisfaction surveys, market segmentation is often a key deliverable from the data. It’s just as it sounds–segmenting populations to better understand the survey feedback. Not only will this allow more insight into the feedback, but it will also let you know more about who your customer base is. By finding out more information about your customer base, you can cater to their needs at an elevated level. In this blog post, we’ll cover the following topics: C

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  • Blog: Market Research with Small Business IT Decision-Makers

    Market Research with Small Business IT Decision-Makers

    Looking for detailed feedback from IT decision-makers on an upcoming product or service launch? Market research is a great fit! When launching a new product for IT decision-makers, questions from developers may include: How appealing is this new product and why? What benefits of this new product are most appealing? Are there any benefits that aren’t currently mentioned that should be included? What barriers to using the new product exist and why? A recently completed research interview proj

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