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  • How to Improve User Experience (UX) For Your Website | UX Research Company

    How to Improve Your Website User Experience (UX)

    Whether you're in a small business or a larger organization, we all want customers to engage more, buy more, and return to our websites more often. But, how do you get them there? The answer is simple: You need to improve your website's user experience (UX). Poor user experience is one of the biggest reasons customers abandon websites. And when your users experience bad UX, 91% don’t complain and just disappear without leaving feedback. What's the solution? Companies should invest money a

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  • Blog: eBanking Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Bank

    8 eBanking Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Bank

    As technology continues to transform the banking industry, more and more customers are turning to online banking solutions. eBanking, or Internet banking, is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience, speed, and accessibility. As a result, financial institutions are now recognizing the need to develop effective eBanking marketing strategies that can help them reach and retain their customers in the digital era. In this blog, we’ll explore marketing strategies that online banks and

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  • recruit focus group firm qualitative recruitment research

    How to Recruit for Focus Groups in 5 Steps

    The process to recruit for focus groups is similar to many other types of qualitative market research. Whether it is a focus group, an online bulletin board, or an in-depth interview (IDI) by phone, qualitative research describes exploratory methodologies that explore the mindsets, perceptions, and decision-making processes of participants. However, these projects are only as good as the people you find to participate in them. In this blog post, our market research recruitment agency detail

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  • Blog: 40+ Influencer Marketing Statistics to Power Your 2023 Strategy

    40+ Influencer Marketing Statistics to Power Your 2023 Strategy

    Influencer marketing, the idea of getting influencers to help market your product or service, has become one of the most effective forms of marketing available today. Engaging with content creators and building longer-term influencer partnerships can place your business or company in front of new audiences. As a result, your brand will reach a heightened level of success for years to come Top 10 Influencer Marketing Statistics (Editor's Choice) 93 percent of marketers have used influencer

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  • demographics market research survey drive research

    18 Demographic Survey Questions (With Examples)

    Asking demographic survey questions is important to any type of market research study as they help businesses understand the characteristics and behaviors of their target audience. By segmenting respondents based on demographics such as age, gender, income, and education level, businesses can tailor their marketing strategies and products to better meet the needs and preferences of specific groups. However, understanding what survey demographic questions to include and how many can be challe

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  • Blog-Employee Exit Surveys: Benefits, Approaches, and Sample Questions

    Employee Exit Surveys: Sample Questions, Types, & Benefits

    Employee turnover can be a significant pain point. With staff turnover reaching 57%, it is seemingly a costly and disruptive issue for businesses everywhere. While some degree of turnover is inevitable, companies can take steps to minimize it by understanding why employees leave and addressing any underlying issues. One effective tool for gaining insights into staff departures is employee exit surveys. In this blog post, our market research company explores the benefits of conducting exit s

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  • Blog: Telemedicine Satisfaction Questionnaire: 10 Questions You Should Be Asking

    Telemedicine Satisfaction Questionnaires: Example Questions & Tips

    Most insurance companies now cover telemedicine visits, which means more patients and healthcare providers are skipping the in-office experience for virtual consultations. Even with the pandemic behind us, healthcare providers are still offering telehealth as an option because of its ability to reach patients anywhere. In fact, up to 80% of doctors believe their patients have improved access to medical care by using telemedicine methods. With its ongoing usage, telemedicine satisfaction que

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  • Travel & Tourism Market Research Options [+ Pros & Cons]

    Americans have the travel bug. So much so that travel spending was up to $93 million this past February. And with increased travel comes the potential for fantastic trips – and ones straight out of a nightmare. So to avoid those negative outcomes, we strongly suggest investing in travel and tourism market research options. To help, this post will share several different market research options for those in the travel and tourism industry. Any one of these types of market research methods det

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  • what is csat customer satisfaction in market research

    Explaining CSAT [+ How to Measure It & Example Questions]

    When designing a customer survey, there are many customer satisfaction metrics to choose from. Perhaps the most popular is CSAT. Unlike other metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES), customer satisfaction (CSAT) can cover everything from rating an overall experience with your company to rating very specific categories. In this article, we'll answer frequently asked questions about CSAT including: What does CSAT mean? How is CSAT measured? How can I conduct a

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  • Blog: 5 Steps to Surveying Casino Customers & Players

    Casino Customers Surveys: 5 Steps to a Winning Study

    In today's highly competitive casino industry, understanding customer preferences and behavior is crucial for casinos to stay ahead of the curve. Casino customer surveys help to understand visitor preferences & behaviors to remain ahead in a competitive industry. This article shares how to survey casino members and customers. One way to gain valuable insights into the minds of casino goers and gamers is through customer satisfaction surveys. Casino customer surveys can help your entertainment ce

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  • mixed mode data collection market research

    What is Mixed-Method Research? [+ Examples & Benefits]

    Asking better questions, utilizing appropriate methodologies, and implementing efficient techniques for your desired outcome are among the several factors that distinguish successful market research. One effective approach to achieve this is through mixed-method research. Mixed-mode data collection is a term used when multiple methodologies are used to collect data for a single project. This may involve focus groups prior to a quantitative online survey. Or in-depth interviews (IDIs) to gat

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  • hybrid-research-results-market-research-choices-05102019

    Hybrid Research: Combining Qualitative & Quantitative Methods

    Deciding between qualitative or quantitative research methods? Who says you have to choose? With hybrid market research, you don't have to. No matter your business objectives or goals, there are a number of qualitative or quantitative methodologies at your disposal. Each method is designed to answer a specific question in order to get desirable and actionable results. But, with hundreds of types of market research methodologies to choose from, it is easy to get bogged down in choosing just on

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