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  • Primary Market Research: What is it and Why is it Important?

    Primary market research is huge. I mean, it’s kind of a big deal! Think about it: giant corporations have entire departments dedicated to market research, and some colleges and universities even have market research degrees and certification programs. With that said, there’s a lot to it. Just take one look at our market research company’s blog page and you’ll see a plethora of sub-topics. Where would one even begin? This article breaks down primary market research, a broad category that br

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  • do-i-need-market-research

    Do I Need Market Research? | Why Neglecting It Is Bad For Business

    Do you need oxygen to live? Okay, I’ll spare the dramatics – but, yes! Every organization needs market research, whether it is a small startup, testing a new concept, or rebranding your business. Marketing research is an integral step in reaching out to your target audience, gaining a competitive edge, and exceeding sales goals. Think of it this way, there are more than 30 million businesses existing in the United States today. Each has a similar product or service offerings to a number of c

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  • measure-advertising-campaign-market-research

    Campaign Evaluation Surveys: How Marketers Are Measuring Their Efforts

    Today’s marketers are faced with a number of different analytics to test the success of a marketing or advertising campaign. Particularly with the growth of digital marketing in the past decade. How many link clicks did your Facebook ad achieve? 🤔 How many prospects filled out a “contact us” form as a result of your marketing campaign? 🤔 What percentage of people who received your email actually opened it? 🤔 While these high-level analytics offer value to brands or clients of marketing

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  • Blog: Dyads & Triads in Market Research: Definition, Benefits, and Processes

    Dyads & Triads in Market Research: Definition, Benefits, and Processes

    The market research industry is never short of acronyms, terms, and methodologies. When it comes to qualitative research, in particular, there are plenty of choices at your disposal. It can often be a struggle to understand which type of market research study or approach is the best to meet your objectives. Here are a few examples of qualitative research methodologies: Traditional focus groups. Groups of 4-12 participants in a focus group facility or in-person setting. Online focus groups

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  • critical-audiences-brand-positioning-market-research-06132019

    4 Critical Audiences for a Brand Positioning Study

    Are you looking to enhance your brand’s marketing communication materials to be more well-received by your target audience? Maybe you are unsure if the direction your organization is headed will make your brand stand out in your industry? Or is it time to update your logo or packaging for a fresh new look? A brand positioning study is the answer to solving these business objectives as it is a popular type of market research methodology for those looking to reposition their organization and

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  • Market Research to Build Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    Market Research to Build Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    A strategic inbound marketing strategy is a powerful tool in any marketer’s arsenal. If executed correctly, you will never have to make another sales call again. This type of marketing tactic is not only user friendly, but cost-efficient too. For example, studies found that inbound marketing leads cost a whopping 61% less than outbound leads. The key to effective content marketing is knowing exactly who your customer is. What are their wants, needs, goals? How can your product, service, or b

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  • Blog: 4 Benefits of In-Home Testing | IHUT Market Research

    6 Benefits of In-Home Testing

    There are several types of market research that are great for measuring in-depth consumer feedback on your products and services. Perhaps the most effective is in-home usage tests (IHUTS). The benefits of in-home testing are many and can be utilized by both national and local brands. Plus, they can be utilized regardless of what industry you serve. From consumer packaged goods to skincare products, to outdoor power tools – IHUT market research provides the most realistic analysis of how cust

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  • What Does 5 Years of Drive Research Look Like?

    As an entrepreneur, I'm often asked what it's like to start a business from the ground up. Some days it can feel like an absolute grind. But there is no other feeling like it in the world. To be in charge of your own destiny and our company’s destiny, it’s the most rewarding feeling and very motivating. That sentiment rings true as we celebrate Drive Research and its five-year anniversary. The achievements we've experienced so far are a testament to our dedicated staff, loyal clients, and part

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  • components of market research proposal

    7 Components of a Market Research Proposal

    You can tell a lot about a market research company from its proposal. A market research proposal is the first and most critical step with your project or choosing a market research consultant. It gives you all of the information you need on the process, approach, and most importantly: the cost 💸💸. Before you sign on the dotted line read this post about market research requests for proposals. It will teach you what to look for, what the process looks like, and the key components of an RFP

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  • tourism-run-market-research-visitor-12202018

    Visitor Surveys: 7 Tips to Improve Results of a Travel & Tourism Study

    Visitor surveys in the travel and tourism industry are a great way to reveal the kind of people who are coming to your area. They can showcase visitor behaviors, predict future trends, and paint a picture of the typical traveler. This type of travel and tourism market research also goes far beyond just a single attraction. In fact, visitor studies are often used to gather insight for a destination, town, region, and even an entire state or province. For example, this ongoing Canadian travel s

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  • Blog: 5 Types of Brand Tracking Studies & How They Work

    5 Types of Brand Tracking Studies & How They Work

    Conducting market research regularly is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge, keeping the pulse on customer needs, and creating relevant marketing campaigns. An effective way to accomplish this is with brand tracking studies. There are many types of brand tracking, whether it be collecting ongoing feedback from customers or measuring the results of a 6-month marketing campaign. When deciding what type of market research is right for you, consider your audience and goals. These component

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  • mystery shopping for retail | shirt, store front, online shopping on phone

    Mystery Shopping: Overcoming Greatest Retail Challenges with Data

    Retail is a more competitive space than ever before. Brick and mortar stores are suffering from declining foot traffic. And while becoming a more popular form of shopping, online retailers are now struggling to differentiate their products and services from competitors. As a result, executing an informed customer strategy is critical for any retail business. There are many market research options for retailers. However, perhaps the most powerful is mystery shopping. In this blog post, our mar

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