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  • Blog: How To Improve Customer Satisfaction (From Research Experts)

    How To Improve Customer Satisfaction (From Research Experts)

    Improving customer satisfaction is the lifeline for the health of a business. Organizations with poor ratings typically last only a short time or have notorious reputations in the market. Organizations with consistently high ratings flourish, grow, and have brands synonymous with A+ experiences. Which one are you? In this blog post, our customer satisfaction survey company delves into the insights provided by research experts to understand the significance of customer satisfaction, effectiv

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  • Blog: Sports Betting Market Research Options to Consider

    Sports Betting Market Research Options to Consider

    There's no doubt that the sports betting landscape continues to evolve. In fact, betting on sports accounts for up to 40% of all legalized gambling revenue nationwide. As it does, using market research will be crucial to help betting companies and platforms stay efficient, while also growing amongst the competition. Below are sports betting market research options relevant companies should consider in 2024 and beyond. Benefits of Market Research for Sports Betting Sites No matter the to

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  • Brand Positioning: What It Is & How To Measure It

    Brand positioning is more than just sending emails and texts to try to increase interaction with consumers. In fact, research shows that 81 percent of consumers need to trust a brand to consider buying from it. Even though many think of companies as just products/services, it’s really important to understand which customers are looking for more from brands and which are looking for an easy translation. All of this and more come into play when trying to measure and improve brand positioning.

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  • Blog: What Is The Customer Satisfaction Index & Why You Should Know

    What Is The Customer Satisfaction Index & Why You Should Know

    If you're running a business, you're probably already familiar with the term Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). But do you really know what it is and why it's important? The CSI is a metric used to measure how satisfied customers are with a company's products or services. It's typically measured through customer satisfaction surveys or feedback forms, and the results are used to identify areas where a business can improve. In this blog post, our customer satisfaction survey company dives dee

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  • Blog: 40+ Thanksgiving Statistics to Gobble Up [2023]

    40+ Thanksgiving Statistics to Gobble Up [2023]

    Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, and of course, plenty of delicious food. But beyond the traditional festivities, there's a wealth of intriguing Thanksgiving statistics that shed light on how many people celebrate. In this data-packed blog post, our market research company has compiled the best Thanksgiving statistics that are sure to amaze you. From the staggering number of pies consumed to the most popular Thanksgiving destinations, these figures provide a unique glimpse into t

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  • Blog: Cannabis Digital Marketing: 8 Experts Share Their Best Tips

    Cannabis Digital Marketing: 10 Experts Share Their Best Tips

    The cannabis industry has witnessed a transformative shift in recent years, with legalization paving the way for a thriving market. In fact, 48% of cannabis consumers report using it every day with 78% of those surveyed sharing that their usage will only increase or stay the same in the next year. However, with the changing landscape comes unique challenges, especially when it comes to promoting cannabis products and services in the digital world. In this blog post, we delve into the realm o

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  • Blog: How Market Research Costs Can Be Justified

    How Market Research Costs Can Be Justified

    Market research plays a pivotal role in understanding customers, identifying market trends, and making informed business decisions. However, some organizations may question how market research costs can be justified with all other line items on a yearly budget. In this article, we delve into the value and significance of market research, exploring the tangible benefits it brings to businesses and how the costs can be justified through actionable insights and improved decision-making. Why D

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  • Blog: 2022 coffee statistics

    2024 Coffee Statistics: Consumption, Preferences, & Spending

    The love for coffee is deeply ingrained in many cultures around the world. It is not only a morning ritual or a pick-me-up during the day but also a social experience that brings people together. As coffee enthusiasts, our market research company understands the significance of this beloved beverage and the fascinating statistics that surround it. To shed light on the world of coffee, we have gathered the latest and most intriguing coffee statistics from a survey we conducted with 1,300+ peopl

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  • Blog: employees high fiving - happy workplace

    How to Improve Workplace Culture for Better Long-Term Employment

    No one wants to be surrounded by miserable employees, right? Nor do you want to manage or lead a team that dreads coming to work every day. When you improve workplace culture, you’re ultimately improving the work your company puts out. But for employees to not be miserable, they need to work in a space that’s healthy. By healthy work environment, we mean: Cultivating positivity in the office  Listening to the concerns/complaints of employees Offering team-bonding activities (office parti

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  • Blog: Statistical Significance in Market Research [Types & Examples]

    Statistical Significance in Market Research [Types & Examples]

    If you have ever encountered market research data, chances are you have heard the phrase, “statistically significant.” It sounds great, but what does it actually mean? Statistical significance in market research refers to the likelihood that observed differences or relationships between variables are not due to random chance but are meaningful and reliable. By applying significance testing in market research, researchers can gain insights into the effectiveness of different marketing approac

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Diversity and Inclusion Survey

    Conducting a Diversity and Inclusion Survey [+ Example Questions]

    Conducting a diversity and inclusion survey is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace or community. By gathering valuable data on the representation, experiences, and perceptions of different groups, these surveys provide insights that can inform strategic initiatives, policies, and programs. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of conducting a diversity and inclusion survey and provide you with the step-by-step survey proces

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  • Blog: The Best Event Survey Questions From An Event Survey Company

    The Best Event Survey Questions From An Event Survey Company

    Find out more about your event from attendees, participants, and others with this list of event survey questions we picked. Generally, all feedback is good feedback but it’s important to have an engaging survey that won’t scare off your event-goers. A lot of companies lose precious feedback from using boring questions or asking the wrong things. When using the right survey you’ll get all the feedback you need (both positive and negative). In this article, you’ll find event survey questions

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