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  • Blog: 3 Alternative Market Research Options for Intercept Surveys | Market Research Company

    3 Alternative Market Research Options for Intercept Surveys | Market Research Company

    When it comes to market research, there are more data collection methods available than you could ever imagine! However, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put restrictions on in-person market research methodologies. For example, many organizations are searching for alternatives to intercept surveys. For good reason too. Market research is more important than ever with consumer behavior changing so rapidly. Can Intercept Surveys Be Conducted During COVID-19? Intercept surveys are certai

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  • what how why voice of customer voi market research

    The What, How, and Why of Voice of Customer (VoC) Market Research

    Voice of Customer (VoC) is a formal market research process structured to ask questions, collect feedback, tabulate results, and take action based on customer data. The program is designed to learn more from customers including their profile, their needs, their wants, and drivers to loyalty. Ultimately, VoC is a form of market research designed to better connect with customers. In this blog post, our market research company will share the what, how, and why of voice of customer research. Plus,

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  • Blog: What is Correlation Analysis in Market Research?

    What is Correlation Analysis in Market Research?

    Correlation analysis in market research is a statistical method that identifies the strength of a relationship between two or more variables. In a nutshell, the process reveals patterns within a dataset’s many variables. Using one of the several formulas, the end result will be a numerical output between -1 and +1. Let’s say you are interested in the relationship between two variables, Variable A and Variable B. Results close to +1 indicate a positive correlation, meaning as Variable A incr

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  • market-research-study-blinded-02072019

    What Does it Mean for a Market Research Study to be Blinded?

    One of the most frequent questions our market research company hears is, "What does it mean or a market research study to be blinded? Let's say you've decided to field an online survey among the customers of your product or service. Before you start designing the questions and moving too far ahead, there is an important question to ask yourself: do I want to want to remain anonymous as the sponsor of the survey? If the answer to that question is "Yes," then the best option for your market res

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  • questions-ask-customer-focus-group-market-research-08072018

    Questions to Ask in a Customer Focus Group

    A customer focus group can help an organization dive deep and explore customer feedback beyond the quantitative measurable data acquired through a survey. As with any good qualitative market research, the questions you ask in a customer focus group should be focused on exploring topics. These include thought-provoking questions and open-ended questions to generate discussion and dialogue. The topic of this blog post is to help you choose or think about questions to ask in a customer focus gro

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  • Blog: How to Conduct Customer Exit Surveys | Intercept Survey Company

    How to Conduct Customer Exit Surveys | Intercept Survey Company

    In-person customer exit surveys are a great way to understand many components of a brick and mortar location. It provides insights on consumer shopping preferences and behaviors to guide marketing, sales, or business decisions. Customer exit surveys are a great way to understand many components of a brick and mortar location. In this post, our intercept survey company walks through the process of a customer exit survey project completed for a fast-food restaurant chain. In this post, our inter

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  • Blog: How to Conduct In-Person Shelf Testing | CPG Research Firm

    How to Conduct Shelf Testing Market Research | CPG Research Firm

    As consumers’ preferences and purchasing behaviors continue to rapidly evolve, the need for consumer packaged goods (CPG) market research has never been more relevant. A great methodology to consider is in-person or in-store shelf testing. Our CPG research firm recently completed a qualitative recruitment project for a client involving in-person shelf-research at their facility. We had to navigate several unique obstacles that came with onsite research in the midst of COVID-19. Below are the p

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  • Blog: What are Brand Awareness Surveys? | Market Research Company

    Brand Awareness Surveys: Process and Example Questions | Drive Research

    One of the best ways to gauge how recognizable and distinguished an organization is among a target market is through brand awareness surveys. Every successful brand reaches that threshold where it starts becoming top-of-mind among its target audience. Your products or services are defined, your reputation is expanding, and there is a strong foundation for your business. Once you feel like you have an established brand, where do you go from there? If one of your goals is continued growth, your

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  • Blog: The Evolution of Market Research from the 1920’s to Today

    The Evolution of Market Research from the 1920’s to Today

    In the past 100 years, the market research industry has evolved significantly into an incredibly beneficial tool for companies to use to enhance their business and marketing plan. Market research is commonly used to: Form strategies Inform decision-making Gain a deeper understanding of target audiences  Help businesses connect with consumers Strengthen brand reputation In order to reap the benefits of market research, one must understand the origins of research methodologies and practices tha

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  • components market research survey market research

    4 Basic Components of a Market Research Survey

    As a market research company, our team writes a lot of surveys. We enjoy the science of survey writing and share our thoughts often about the strategy and design in several posts on our market research blog. Today is no different as we tackle 4 basic components of a market research survey. To some, these may almost seem too basic while to others with little experience in survey writing, these tips may help you structure your next project. We break down the 4 components of your market research

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  • Blog: 4 Market Research Alternatives to Phone Surveys | Market Research Firm

    4 Market Research Alternatives to Phone Surveys | Market Research Firm

    Let’s face it. Thanks to spam calls, caller ID, and the decreased use of landline phones, phone surveys are more time-consuming and costly than other market research types. For this reason, our market research company is consistently recommending alternative research methods to phone surveys. While the use of phone surveys has dramatically changed, it also led to the increased use of other online market research methods! This includes online surveys, online interviews, in-home usage tests (IHU

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  • desk-researcher-how-use-02142019

    Desk Research | What It Is and How You Can Use It

    Sorry to disappoint some of you, but this post is not about finding the best deal on office furniture at IKEA. Desk research actually means something completely different in the world of market research. But, because our market research company hates turning people away with no advice or lessons learned, here is a great article on IKEA desk hacks. Okay, now back to using desk research when conducting a market research study. This method is about using data and information that already exists

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