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  • Blog: 5 Components of a New Product Feasibility Study | Market Research Company

    5 Components of a New Product Feasibility Study

    Have a brilliant idea for a new product? You probably also have a lot of questions like: Who would buy my product? What audience(s) should I target? What products are competitors? What’s the market share for competitors? How much should I sell my product for? How should I promote my product? A new product feasibility study answers these questions and other key performance indicators. Keep reading as our market research company defines new product feasibility studies and how to conduct them

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  • Blog: How to Improve Contract Renewal with Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    How to Improve Contract Renewal with Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    If your business offers services on a contract renewal basis, you may be familiar with the constant struggle of customer retention. What do you need to do to keep your customers happy enough to renew their contracts? Stop guessing. Start relying on data-driven decision making with customer satisfaction surveys. You could make these decisions based on gut instincts or hearsay from individual customers, but the best way to understand this problem is through proper customer research. For exam

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  • How to Increase Participation in an In-Home Usage Test Study

    How to Increase Participation in an In-Home Usage Test Study

    Finding qualified participants for an in-home usage test (IHUT) study is a critical, yet challenging task of this type of market research project. There is a lot of trust that goes into selecting the right people to test your product without the supervision or guidance of a focus group moderator. To help make this goal of increasing participation in an IHUT market research study a little less daunting, Drive Research shares our step-by-step approach below. Our in-home usage test company was

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  • unique traits of a good market research consultant

    4 Factors to Look For in a Market Research Consultant

    Market research is known for its tools to produce data-driven insights that companies utilize to drive marketing, sales, product innovation, and other key strategies. However, what often goes overlooked is the consultant piece. Market research is a very specialized type of business consulting. It is not something everyone can do and often takes an experienced talent to be done well. Although market research firms may not be as abundant as per say, advertising or marketing agencies, as a buy

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  • roi-market-research-advertising-02212018

    Understanding the ROI of Market Research for Advertising

    One of the most common questions about market research is about the value and return on investment (ROI) for advertising. Many brands and companies want to know... What am I going to get? What value does market research bring to my advertising and marketing strategies? Is market research for advertising worth the cost? Is it worth the investment? Do I need market research for a successful marketing campaign? These are all asked (or at least thought about) by prospective users or buyers of m

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  • Blog: How to Conduct Parent Focus Groups | Education Market Research Company

    How to Conduct Parent Focus Groups

    With the transition to distance learning and reopening schools, parent focus groups have grown in popularity. School decision-makers are turning to parents of students to understand how their classes, programs, and other logistics should be executed based on our “new normal.” For instance, a private school in California contacted our education market research company to conduct parent focus groups online. In this blog post, Drive Research shares our step-by-step process for those interested i

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  • Video: Using a third party for original research

    How Market Research Can Improve Your Content Strategy in 2021

    As we enter a new year, what goals can we set forth to improve our businesses and reach new territory? I’m guessing because you stumbled across this post, creating an effective content strategy is part of your 2021 objectives. You are not alone. As an industry, content marketing is pushing toward a worth of over $400 billion from both the investment and confidence organizations have put into content. With this growing market, your business cannot afford to be left behind. Have you considered

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  • online-focus-groups-market-research-upstate-01082018

    The Ultimate Guide to Online Focus Groups in 2021 | Remote Focus Groups Company

    With all of the talk about remote market research methodologies, one would think in-person focus groups are dead. A more accurate statement would be that focus groups are evolving. As remote focus groups, virtual focus groups, video focus groups, and online focus groups have grown steadily over the past 10 years, COVID-19 and social distancing protocols really pushed this methodology into overdrive. Online focus groups can provide the same qualitative in-depth feedback as a traditional focu

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  • product-placement-market-research-04102019

    In-Home Product Placement Tests: How They Work and When To Use Them

    With the ability to skip an ad at a click of a button, it seems modern consumers are blinded by most advertising and marketing efforts. In-home product placement tests are quickly becoming a foolproof way for brands to reach their target audience in a less direct avenue. What exactly are product placement tests, how do they work and when is the best time to use them? Hang tight, these answers and more will be with you momentarily. Our market research company just finished completing an 8-w

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  • Primary Market Research: What is it and Why is it Important?

    Primary market research is huge. I mean, it’s kind of a big deal! Think about it: giant corporations have entire departments dedicated to market research, and some colleges and universities even have market research degrees and certification programs. With that said, there’s a lot to it. Just take one look at our market research company’s blog page and you’ll see a plethora of sub-topics. Where would one even begin? This article breaks down primary market research, a broad category that br

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  • how to survey lost customers with Drive Research

    How to Survey Lost Customers | Ask These 6 Questions

    Unless your business has an impeccable record of customer retention, you have likely dealt with the loss of a customer at some point. In many ways, it can feel like a break-up. You are left wondering what went wrong and how you can get them back. Why not take the time to survey former customers to understand why they’ve taken their business elsewhere? In this blog post, our market research company defines a lost custom survey and shares 6 questions to include for the best results. Ready to

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  • Blog: 4 Quick Tips for Better Virtual Focus Groups | Market Research Company

    4 Quick Tips for Better Virtual Focus Groups

    Virtual focus groups are growing in popularity -- I’m pretty sure we all know why. While traditional, in-person focus groups will have their comeback, online focus groups will likely be more popular for a while longer. To help ease the transition, our focus groups market research company shares 4 quick tips for better virtual focus groups below. Need help recruiting, moderating, or hosting a virtual focus group? Drive Research can provide one or all of these services. Contact our team by emai

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