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  • Blog: Multi-Sponsor Surveys: What They Are and How to Use Them

    Multi-Sponsor Surveys: What They Are and How to Use Them

    It's no secret that market research adds value to organizations' business and marketing decisions. That said, we know it can be intimidating to use for the first time. Luckily, multi-sponsor surveys are a great methodology for those looking to cut costs and test the value of market research. Also known as piggyback or omnibus surveys, multi-sponsor surveys are simple to implement, especially for those new to market research. This blog will outline: Definition of multi-sponsor surveys Mul

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  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Statistics: Are Electric Cars the Future?

    Electric Vehicle (EV) Statistics: Are Electric Cars the Future?

    It’s no secret that choosing a new car is challenging. Today's car buyer is presented with hundreds of options, each with its own pros and cons. Perhaps the biggest debate is deciding between an electric vehicle (EV) or a traditional gas-powered car. While driving past gas stations and reducing your carbon footprint is intriguing, it's not enough of a draw for most Americans. A survey conducted by Drive Research shows 51% of respondents will not even consider buying an electric car for thei

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  • Blog: Construction Company Client Surveys: Questions, Benefits, & Process

    Construction Company Client Surveys: Questions, Benefits, & Process

    Client satisfaction is a top priority for construction companies and general contractors. And, for a good reason. Happy clients result in 5-star reviews and strong referrals. One of the best ways to measure customer feedback is with construction company client surveys. They are simple to execute and straightforward. In this blog post, our AEC market research company will share more about construction customer surveys including the benefits, process, and example questions. Looking to use a

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  • Patient Experience Surveys vs. Mystery Shops, Which is Best?

    When it comes to healthcare market research options, most facilities and providers are primarily interested in conducting patient experience surveys or mystery shops. Both types of market research are valuable in understanding what your healthcare center is doing well and what areas can be improved. Although, depending on your goals, timeline, and budget there are times when patient satisfaction surveys make more sense than healthcare mystery shopping – and vice versa. To help you decide, o

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  • Blog: What are Brand Awareness Surveys? | Market Research Company

    Conducting Brand Awareness Surveys [Questions, Examples, & Process]

    Brand recognition isn't built in a day. It can take a lot of time, marketing dollars, and strategic decision-making to become a household name. It's why many organizations conduct brand awareness surveys. Brand surveys effectively track a company's progress to identify what’s working and what’s a waste of money. In this article, we'll share an in-depth overview of brand awareness surveys including how to conduct them, questions to include, and a real-world example of brand surveys in action

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  • Blog: Employee Opinion Surveys: How to Get the Feedback You Need

    Employee Opinion Surveys: How to Get the Feedback You Need

    Opinions. Everyone has them. Especially your employees. What do they think of management? How do they rate the company's culture? How do they feel about their workload? Unfortunately, the likelihood of employees organically coming forward with their opinions is slim. Recent studies have shown that 49% who have neglected to report something to HR cited fear of retaliation. The best way to mitigate this fear, while still gathering feedback is through employee opinion surveys. In this post

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  • what is nps in market research net promoter score

    What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)? [+Benefits & Formula]

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a critical metric in tracking customer loyalty. It is one of the most practical methods for gauging the attitudes and behaviors of customers. So, how can you measure net promoter score, and why is it so influential in customer experience management? In this ultimate guide, our net promoter score company thoroughly explains everything you need to know about this widely used customer satisfaction metric. Article Contents What is NPS? How to calculate NPS What is

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  • How Social Listening Can Maximize Your Market Research Strategy

    Have you ever looked on social media before purchasing a product or service? If so, you’re like 75% of internet users who use social media to research products and services before buying. This figure is why many brands are starting to include social media listening in their market research efforts. It helps tell a full story of consumer awareness and perception of a brand, product, or service, outside of the data collected in an online survey. In this blog, we’ll discuss more about what so

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  • employee packing up belongings because he quit his job

    Reduce Employee Attrition with These 9 Strategies

    Employee attrition refers to staff members who leave a company. Retaining staff has become an ongoing issue in recent years, with more than 3.98 million workers quitting their jobs each month. In this blog post, Drive Research dives into what causes employee attrition, how to reduce employee turnover and absenteeism, and strategies to help. Article Contents 📝 Click the title below to navigate to a section you are most interested in or just continue reading. What causes poor employee attr

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  • Blog: What is Response Bias? + [Examples & Ways to Minimize It]

    What is Response Bias? + [Examples & Ways to Minimize It]

    Bias exists everywhere and it can affect anything and anyone. It impacts many things such as, how we view others, make decisions, or live our lives. It's why response bias is extremely common in market research. The researcher and respondent each have a role to play to ensure honest data collection. Let’s discuss what response bias is, different types of bias in market research, and how it can be avoided. Article Contents What is response bias? Types of response bias Response bias exam

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  • What is evaluation research-thumbnail

    What is Evaluation Research? + [Methods & Examples]

    Every business and organization has goals. But, how do you know if the time, money, and resources spent on strategies to achieve these goals are working? Or, if they’re even worth it? Evaluation research is a great way to answer these common questions as it measures how effective a specific program or strategy is. In this post, we’ll cover what evaluation research is, how to conduct it, the benefits of doing so, and more. Article Contents Definition of evaluation research The purpose of pr

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  • Blog: AI in Content Marketing: Should You Add It To Your 2023 Strategy?

    AI in Content Marketing: Should You Add It To Your 2023 Strategy?

    Many businesses and organizations are embracing AI in content marketing for its cost efficiency, scalability, and ease of production. There’s just one problem… Google is taking a hard stance against it, confirming AI-generated content is spam. Additionally, there are other serious drawbacks and issues organizations should understand before adding it to their content strategy in 2023. In this blog, I’ll dive more into the pros and cons of AI in content marketing, Google’s opinion on the mat

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