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  • market-research-tips-benchmarks-video

    Market Research Tips 4 Benchmarks to Measure in Market Research | Market Research Video

    Your company earned a 64% customer satisfaction score. Is this a good score or a bad score? How does this 64% customer satisfaction score compare to peers and competitors? How does this score compare to your industry overall? Conducting market research of any kind is critical in moving your business forward. However, what good can it do if you don’t know how to measure or compare the results? There are 4 important benchmarks to measure in market research. This includes areas such as: Yourself

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  • increase-phone-survey-response-rate-market-research

    5 Ways to Increase Phone Survey Response Rates

    When conducting phone surveys, it is important to look at the survey from the research participant’s perspective. Imagine you've just sat down for dinner and your phone rings. You answer and it's an interviewer on behalf of a phone survey company. Your initial response is to probably hang up or give a polite "No thank you, I'm not interested in taking the survey." Even if you do decide to participate in the survey by phone, you may find yourself getting asked questions that pry just a bit too d

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  • best-types-questions-market-research

    What are the Best Types of Questions for Quantitative Market Research?

    For qualitative research, data collection options can seem endless. As a creative research method, there are a variety of options readily available. These can include: open-ended survey questions, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, intercept interviews, and the list goes on and on. But, what about quantitative research methods? Since this type of data is numerical and scientific, rather than interpretive, your options may initially appear to be boring and limiting. However, there are a varie

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  • Case-Study-Airport-Uses-Intercept-Surveys-Mobility-Analytics-Create-Customer-Personas

    Case Study: Airport Uses Intercept Surveys and Mobility Analytics to Create Customer Personas

    The airport and airline industry is faced with many unique challenges when it comes to marketing their location or service. Oftentimes, consumers choose which airport to use based on convenience and proximity to where they are traveling from or traveling to. Another key factor for travelers choosing an airline is the cost of airfare in comparison to other area airports. The caveat here is the cost of airfare is not controlled by the airport. With the cost of airfare out of their control, how do

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  • cost-intercept-survey-market-research

    What is the Cost of an Intercept Survey? | Intercept Survey Company

    In recent years, businesses in North America have seen an increase in new email laws and powerful spam filters, impacting the delivery rate of emails being received by their customers and prospective clients. It is no wonder these organizations are finding it more challenging to collect important feedback regarding customer experience (CX) and drivers of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. As the reliability of email survey responses decline, there has been a resurgence of businesses using interce

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  • benefits-focus-groups-market-research-video

    4 Benefits of Focus Groups | Market Research Video

    A qualitative type of market research, focus groups involve a small group of participants (usually no more than 12) discussing their thoughts, opinions, and needs of a particular brand, product, or service. The group discussion is led by a qualified, trained moderator to keep the conversation on track and moving along. A focus group is unlike most other marketing research methodologies. It offers many benefits and value to all types of businesses. Watch as our focus group company outlines 4 key

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  • market-survey-research-benefits-process

    What is Market Survey Research? | Defining the Benefits and Process of a Market Survey

    Entrepreneurs developing a product or service often create exciting strategies to advertise and introduce their new concept to the market. Unfortunately, their marketing and advertising efforts are not always met with a successful outcome. Before moving forward with spending advertising dollars on their new brand, product, or service, entrepreneurs need to take a step back and properly evaluate the market or space they are trying to enter. Market survey research assures the success of a new con

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  • do-i-need-market-research

    Do I Need Market Research? | Why Neglecting Marketing Research is Bad For Business

    Do you need oxygen to live? Okay, I’ll spare the dramatics – but, yes! Every organization needs market research, whether you are a small startup, testing a new concept, or rebranding your business. Marketing research is an integral step in reaching out to your target audience, gaining a competitive edge, and exceeding sales goals. Think of it this way, there are more than 28 million businesses existing in the United States today. All with similar product or service offerings to a number of comp

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  • Phone-Surveys-Have-Place-Market-Research

    Do Phone Surveys Still Have a Place in Market Research? | Phone Survey Company

    With an increasing number of households ditching their landline phones, are phone surveys a lost cause? Although response rates have decreased throughout recent years, phone data collection has proven to still have a worthwhile place in market research. Phone surveys are useful when it comes to targeting specific, hard-to-reach audiences, allow for a more personalized survey experience, and produce high-quality responses. In this blog post, our phone survey company will dive deeper into the ben

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  • Customer-Confusion-Study-drive-research

    What is a Customer Confusion Study?

    Wondering what a customer confusion study is? Drive Research, market research company in New York, can help! The name customer confusion study sounds a little confusing, right? In the following post, we will answer (1) what a customer confusion study is, (2) what the benefits of a customer confusion study are, (3) how a customer confusion study is used, and (4) an example of a customer confusion study. Ready to learn about customer confusion studies? On your mark. Get set. Go! Due to incre

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  • In-Home-Tests-Explained-60-Seconds-Market-Research-Video

    In-Home Use Tests (IHUTs) Explained in 60-Seconds | Market Research Video

    In-home use tests (IHUTs) are an efficient and cost-effective market research methodology for testing a product before it is ready for a full-launch. No, products are not tested in a lab or a research facility, but tested by real people who match your target consumer criteria in their home environments. IHUTS provide brands with clear and accurate results and key recommendations for how to enhance your product offering. In turn, brands know exactly what to expect before releasing their new or e

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  • Advantages-Disadvantages-Mobile-Kiosk-Surveys

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Kiosk Surveys

    It seems like kiosks are showing up more and more in everyday consumer experiences. Actions such as printing your boarding pass at an airport or searching the directory of a mall have been taken over by the growth of digital kiosks. Did you know you can take surveys at some of the latest mobile kiosks? Often placed near the exit of retail stores, these mobile kiosk surveys are displays with an embedded device for consumers to take a programmed questionnaire. The idea is for a customer to answer

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