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  • Blog: How to Measure the Appeal of a New Product Concept

    How to Measure the Appeal of a New Product Concept

    For a new product to garner the right attention, it needs to be thoroughly reviewed by your ideal target market or those who will actually be using it. Especially with the rise of eCommerce, there is less of a hurdle for bringing a product to market. In fact, recent studies show that 40% of new products “pass the test” and make it to in-person or online shelves. As a result, there is more competition than ever before. Sure, it is easier to make your product accessible to everyone -- but is i

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  • competitive-rate-analysis-bank-credit-union-market-research

    Competitive Rate Analysis: How Banks & Credit Unions Can Stay Ahead

    Our bank and credit union market research company knows customers care about two things when it comes to choosing a financial institution (FI). These two factors have been uncovered time and time again in past bank and credit union surveys. When choosing a (FI), customers and members care more about: Convenience. This must-have is driven by proximity. Customers want to do business with a bank or credit union which is near their home or work. They want it to be convenient for them if they nee

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  • participate-increase-market-research-tips-03112019

    How to Increase Participation in Qualitative Research

    Participants are the bread and butter of any kind of research study. Unfortunately, it can be a daunting task to find a group of people that match your target audience who want to willingly provide their in-depth feedback. However, simple tasks from reminders to open communication to snacks can take the stress out of recruiting participants for your qualitative research. We’ll walk you through the specific steps for recruitment below, and pinpoint key areas to focus on. You’ll also be able

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  • Blog: How to Create Click-Worthy Headlines for Your Marketing Campaigns

    How to Create Click-Worthy Headlines for Your Marketing Campaigns

    Developing click-worthy headlines for marketing materials such as Google search or Facebook ads can be difficult. Knowing what to write, and how to write it, is no easy task for even the most experienced marketers. Fortunately, there is a better way to help you develop gripping headlines that deliver the right message. By conducting a headline testing survey with our market research company, Drive Research, we can find the correct words and phrases to help make sure your marketing content i

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  • Blog: 11 Ad Concept Testing Example Survey Questions to Steal Right Now

    11 Ad Concept Testing Example Survey Questions to Steal Right Now

    Ad concept testing – we are obsessed with it, and you should be too! After all, creating marketing and advertising campaigns based on consumer feedback can mean more ROI for your brand. How to know if your feeling of having the best advertising messaging really checks out? It's easy. You need to conduct ad concept testing surveys with the right questions. In this blog post, you will get 11 professionally designed ad concept testing survey question examples to steal for your next study. De

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  • Blog: 3 Benefits of Hiring Market Research Recruitment Agencies

    3 Benefits of Hiring Market Research Recruitment Agencies

    The scene: you’re super pumped about a new product or service your company has. You’re excited about all the positive feedback, sales, and potential exposure it’ll bring to your brand. But before launching your new concept, you’d like to host an online focus group with target consumers to gauge their interest level, suggested areas of improvement, and discuss what product similar to yours they are currently using. That’s where your new best friends (market research recruitment agencies) come

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  • sign you should invest market research

    9 Signs You Should Invest in Market Research

    Market research. Do I need to invest in it? Why do I need it? What can it answer for me? What will I get for ROI? How do I know if I need it? Unlike marketing or advertising, market research is a very specialized and niche service offered by very few firms in local and regional markets. Because so many small and mid-size businesses use it infrequently, it's hard to determine when you should invest in market research and when you shouldn't. Well, our national market research company is here

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  • Blog: How to Measure the Demand for New Apartment Buildings

    How to Measure the Demand for New Apartment Buildings

    Wondering how developers find out whether there is enough demand to create a new apartment building? Like many business objectives, there's a market research study for that. A market research feasibility study gives insight into competitors, ideal amenities, target market criteria, and pricing. By conducting these studies, companies can glean important information to boost the likelihood of a successful new business venture. Learn more about the objectives, approach, and components of thes

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  • What is Syndicated Research? Explaining the Pros and Cons

    What is Syndicated Research? Explaining the Pros and Cons

    Most people like the opportunity to customize. Sometimes, there is no need to spend extra dollars on customizing something that suffices as much as something generic. Now, how does this apply to market research? Well, most market research projects are customized studies that are designed uniquely for the client. They help draft questions, design the survey, streamline findings, as well as several other components. This is a form of primary research. They receive very useful data but often

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  • Blog: Employee working at a desk

    3 Tips to Improve Glassdoor Ratings for my Business (+ 1 Secret Hack)

    Do you ever wonder what your employers think and feel about working for your organization? Employee reviews sites such as Glassdoor can provide a clear depiction of how your team describes company culture, overall satisfaction, co-workers' relationships, and more. It is also a platform for job seekers to check out what it’s actually like to work for a company before they accept a job offer or even apply to a new position. In fact, 83% of Glassdoor users are looking for jobs or are open to n

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  • Blog: 6 Brand Tracker Survey Benefits for Your Business

    6 Brand Tracker Survey Benefits for Your Business

    When is the last time you conducted a market research study? Last year? Within the last five years? Never? While conducting an ad-hoc market research study is never a bad thing, the data can become stale after a year has passed. Herein lies the value of brand tracking. Put simply, these surveys track the growth of your brand. The findings can help bolster your organization and give you reliable benchmarking data to see how your KPIs have changed over time. Keep reading to learn more brand

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  • Blog: Should I Hire a Market Research Firm?

    Should I Hire a Market Research Firm? Absolutely.

    Yes -- you want to hire a market research firm. A third-party research company provides brands with fact-based and evidence-based data to help guide organizational decisions around operations, marketing, and strategy. It provides an objective point of view through the lens of other experts, customers, and potential customers of your brand depending on the type of market research. If you are considering hiring a third-party market research company, there are likely several thoughts and consi

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