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  • Blog: Brand Perception Surveys: Definition, Process, and Sample Questions

    Brand Perception Surveys: Definition, Process, & Sample Questions

    Although there are a handful of ways organizations can measure brand perception, there may be no better approach than to rely on data-driven feedback from your ideal consumers. Brand perception surveys can be utilized in many touchpoints of the customer journey to capture a full picture of how target audiences describe your organization. This is an effective tool in offering the best possible customer experience and improving retention rates. In addition to keeping current customers happy, u

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  • Blog: How to Successfully Brand Your Loyalty Rewards Program

    How to Successfully Brand Your Loyalty Rewards Program

    If you have ever stayed at a hotel, purchased airlines tickets, or even bought a piece of clothing – there is a good chance that you were, at one point in time, asked to join that brand’s loyalty rewards program. With roughly 90% of adults in the US belonging to one loyalty program, this is an area ripe for market research. As a way to gain access to more amenities and perks, these offerings show customers that they are valued and appreciated. However, not all customer rewards programs are c

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  • Blog: Surveying Greeting Card Shoppers: How to Measure Habits & Preferences

    Surveying Greeting Card Shoppers: How to Measure Habits & Preferences

    Although online shopping is on the rise, it has not eliminated in-person gift exchanges. People still enjoy the experience of seeing the reactions of their loved ones in the moment. And tied to many of those gifts are greeting cards. In fact, nine out of every ten households buy greeting cards each year. But with so many to choose from, how do greeting card shoppers decide which to purchase? Is it price-driven? Quality of the card? The perfect message? Surveying greeting card shoppers can p

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  • conduct-market-research-doctor-11292018

    7 Tips to Conducting Market Research with Doctors & Physicians

    Thinking about conducting market research with doctors or physicians? There may not be a more challenging audience to reach and receive feedback from. Doctors are very busy and focus their time on assisting and guiding patients. Trying to squeeze in a survey or short conversation for research purposes can prove very difficult for these medical professionals. However, our healthcare market research company is here to help. The tips below will help guide your team to ensure your project is set

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  • 4 Tips to Improve Google Ratings for My Law Office

    Chances are if you’re reading this right now you’re a.) a lawyer and b.) wanting a better way to improve Google ratings for your practice. If you haven’t guessed it already, our legal market research company has answers for you. While law is a specialized field, gaining positive feedback for your practice is no different than any other business. Recent research found that 60% of consumers will look at reviews on Google My Business. More specifically, 75% of the individuals who were looking

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  • market-survey-research-benefits-process

    What is Market Survey Research? | Defining the Benefits and Process of a Market Survey

    Entrepreneurs developing a product or service often create exciting strategies to advertise and introduce their new concept to the market. Unfortunately, their marketing and advertising efforts are not always met with a successful outcome. Before moving forward with spending advertising dollars on their new brand, product, or service, entrepreneurs or brands need to take a step back and properly evaluate the market or space they are trying to enter. Market survey research assures the succes

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  • hands holding the world

    How to Increase Community Awareness for a Local Cause

    The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on nonprofit organizations. For context, the community development sector of the Federal Reserve System administered a COVID-19 community impact survey and discovered that the demand for nonprofit services increased by more than 70% during the pandemic. However, with so many people in need of support and resources, nonprofits are challenged with the task of identifying the prevalence and magnitude of issues among their local populations. This c

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  • Blog: a phone in a block of ice - cold calling

    What are the Challenges of Cold-Calling Recruitment?

    Cold-calling is an old-school market research technique to reach potential participants. At a first glance, it seems simple enough. You find a contact’s phone number, call them, and recruit them for your project. However, as telemarketing and scam calls have increased over time–along with everyone’s annoyance with them–cold-calling has become a challenge for market research recruitment. Continue reading this blog to learn more about the challenges of cold-calling recruitment in market resea

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  • shop-alongs in market research

    The Comprehensive Guide to Conducting a Shop-Along in 2022

    Retailers are in constant competition for consumer attention. With numerous products and services that are comparable and similar on multiple levels, every company wants consumers to buy their product or service to beat their competitors. How does a company, brand, product, or service stand out against the competition? They need to effectively market to their ideal customer by grabbing their attention and guiding them to a buying decision. With roughly 70% of consumer shopping contributing

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  • Guest Satisfaction Surveys: How To Improve The Traveler Experience

    Data-driven decision-making is essential to businesses in all industry verticals, with the hospitality industry as no exception. And for hotels across the globe, some of the best data can be captured directly from the guests themselves with guest satisfaction surveys. This method of data collection is unparalleled in the world of hospitality, and it can provide organizations with countless insights into the guest experience. In this article, our hotel and hospitality market research company

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  • Blog: Digital PR Strategies to Get Higher Search Rankings (That Actually Work)

    Digital PR Strategies to Get Higher Search Rankings (& Actually Work)

    There are a lot of marketing buzzwords that come and go. I’m sure you can think of many new trends that promised to be the next big thing, only to never be talked about again. I can assure you digital PR is not an example of a marketing fad, but one that has proven to be extremely impactful for search engine optimization (SEO). It’s heavily due to the fact that most people discover businesses and brands through the online landscape. Think Google search, Instagram, blogs, podcasts, and more.

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  • a male teacher presenting to his class

    5 Ways to Reduce Teacher Turnover Rates at Your School

    Unfortunately, it’s no surprise that teacher turnover is happening at a very high rate. In fact, a recent statistic showed that 54% of teachers said they will likely leave their job in the next couple of years. That’s a lot of teachers –and a lot of students lacking guidance in the classroom! 54% of teachers said they will likely leave their job in the next couple of years. Utilize these 5 strategies to help reduce teacher turnover rates at your school. Why is teacher turnover so high? Two

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