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  • Phone-Surveys-Have-Place-Market-Research

    Do Phone Surveys Still Have a Place in Market Research? | Phone Survey Company

    With an increasing number of households ditching their landline phones, are phone surveys a lost cause? Although response rates have decreased throughout recent years, phone data collection has proven to still have a worthwhile place in market research. Phone surveys are useful when it comes to targeting specific, hard-to-reach audiences, allow for a more personalized survey experience, and produce high-quality responses. In this blog post, our phone survey company will dive deeper into the ben

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  • Customer-Confusion-Study-drive-research

    What is a Customer Confusion Study?

    Wondering what a customer confusion study is? Drive Research, market research company in New York, can help! The name customer confusion study sounds a little confusing, right? In the following post, we will answer (1) what a customer confusion study is, (2) what the benefits of a customer confusion study are, (3) how a customer confusion study is used, and (4) an example of a customer confusion study. Ready to learn about customer confusion studies? On your mark. Get set. Go! Due to incre

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  • In-Home-Tests-Explained-60-Seconds-Market-Research-Video

    In-Home Use Tests (IHUTs) Explained in 60-Seconds | Market Research Video

    In-home use tests (IHUTs) are an efficient and cost-effective market research methodology for testing a product before it is ready for a full-launch. No, products are not tested in a lab or a research facility, but tested by real people who match your target consumer criteria in their home environments. IHUTS provide brands with clear and accurate results and key recommendations for how to enhance your product offering. In turn, brands know exactly what to expect before releasing their new or e

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  • Advantages-Disadvantages-Mobile-Kiosk-Surveys

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Kiosk Surveys

    It seems like kiosks are showing up more and more in everyday consumer experiences. Actions such as printing your boarding pass at an airport or searching the directory of a mall have been taken over by the growth of digital kiosks. Did you know you can take surveys at some of the latest mobile kiosks? Often placed near the exit of retail stores, these mobile kiosk surveys are displays with an embedded device for consumers to take a programmed questionnaire. The idea is for a customer to answer

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  • read this before conducting market research

    4 Thing to Know Before Conducting Market Research

    Market research is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and sectors. It answers a number of common internal and external challenges for organizations all over the world. Whether you are a newbie or experienced in the realm of marketing research, there are four influential factors that will impact the success of your results. What are they? Objectives Audience Questions Help Missing the mark on even one of these can run your market research study to the ground. In this blog post our fu

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  • findings-cny-wine-survey-drive-research

    10 Findings from the Central New York Wine Survey | CNY Wine Survey Results

    Summer is in full swing in Central New York. This means it's prime time to visit local wineries and (of course) drink wine! Wondering what Central New Yorkers say their favorite type of wine is? Or their favorite Finger Lakes winery? How much money are residents of CNY most likely to spend on one bottle of wine? Drive Research, a market research company in Syracuse, has data to answer these questions and more! Project Background Drive Research just wrapped up the 2019 CNY wine survey. The sur

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  • VOC-Questions-Need-Asking-Video

    3 Voice of Customer (VoC) Questions You Need to be Asking | Market Research Video

    Your business has decided to run a Voice of Customer (VoC) program. Your organization as next decided to create an online survey for your VoC program. To best reach your customers and non-customers, your organization feels it is most beneficial to include the link to the online survey in an email. You hit send on the email and it is received by your entire contact list. This may include customers, potential customers, and the general public. Online survey responses start flooding in. However, a

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  • Strategies-Grow-Customers-Bank-Credit-Union

    Strategies to Grow Customers at a Bank or Credit Union

    When it comes to banks and credit unions, there may not be a more competitive space. Most urban and suburban geographies across the United States offer an abundant amount of banks and credit unions for consumers and businesses to choose from for their banking needs. It is hard to drive a mile or 2 in some areas without seeing a handful of financial institutions. How does this impact marketing for a bank or credit union? It creates an incredibly competitive industry. It becomes extremely difficu

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  • What is Original Research in Content Marketing from Drive Research

    What is Original Research in Content Marketing?

    Content marketing is a buzzword circulating the industry for years now. This is likely because “content” is a broad term that identifies a number of different types of deliverables within the marketing sector. Blogs, whitepapers, e-books, infographics, and many other resource type material all makeup what it means to create content with the purpose of improving marketing strategy. Above all else there is one type of powerhouse, knowledge based resource for content that is extremely undervalued.

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  • 4 Simple Tips to Improving Your Infographic Design

    4 Simple Tips to Improving Your Infographic Design | Market Research Video

    "Market research is boring." False. While, market research thrives off of hard data and evidence, it is also the catalyst for telling a story about a brand, product, service, or target customer. The feedback received from a market research study does not only have to be outlined in a report, but oftentimes is displayed through an infographic to offer a new way of viewing the data. Infographics are also a great downloadable piece to improve your content marketing strategy. They are a no brainer

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  • Lifestyle Market Research Company from Drive Research

    What is Lifestyle Research?

    Curious about lifestyle market research? If you do not know much about lifestyle market research, you are probably on the right track just by reading the name. However, the opportunities gained from lifestyle market research may be more impactful than you realize! In the post below, Drive Research answers (1) what is lifestyle market research, (2) what are the benefits of lifestyle market research, and (3) what the process is for conducting lifestyle market research. What are you waiting for?

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  • When Is Market Research Necessary from Drive Research

    When Is Market Research Necessary?

    Always.While we are biased and really believe this, we also understand there are specific occasions or events which are more likely to warrant market research than others. Each scenario below details a very specific business problem or challenge and how market research can help address the issue. Let's get started!Asking yourself, "When is market research necessary?" In short, the answer is always. This article will help clarify the most common occasions when a business uses market research.

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