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    Market Research For New Product Development

    Organizations often depend on new product development to stay competitive within an industry. While the process can be challenging, and oftentimes lengthy, new products and services allow organizations to grow and further expand their market reach. In order to ensure the time and cost invested in new product development doesn’t go to waste, it is essential organizations make informed decisions based on actual market opportunity and customer insights. Market research provides project teams wit

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  • guide-to-omnibus-survey-market-research

    Ultimate Guide to Omnibus Surveys in 2020 | Market Research Company

    Time to get on the bus. The omnibus. If you found this article in the endless stream of content available to you on Google or Bing, consider yourself lucky. You’ve made a wise choice. We’ll teach you everything you wanted (and potentially didn’t) want to know about omnibus surveys. Once you finish reading, you’ll be able to present your own 30-minute seminar on the topic, teach Omnibus Surveys 401 at your local college, and likely be able to confidently create a YouTube channel on the topic

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  • 6 Things I Learned Interning at a Market Research Company

    5 Things I Learned as an Intern at a Market Research Company

    This past semester I became an intern at Drive Research. My name is Luke Cohen and I am currently a junior at Castleton University. Castleton is a small liberal arts college located in Vermont - the same alma matter that George Kuhn, Owner & President of Drive Research attended. We actually had some of the same professors advising both of us some ten years after his graduation. Over the past five months, I have learned more about market research and how it is conducted then I could have ever t

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  • How to Conduct a Real Estate Development Feasibility Study | Market Research Company

    How to Conduct a Real Estate Development Feasibility Study | Market Research Company

    Taking the time to conduct a feasibility study before jumping into a new real estate development project is always a good idea. While you may think your idea is brilliant (and it very well might be), it’s always best to determine its feasibility beforehand. Market research can help you secure investments, uncover gaps in the market, realize new target markets, develop marketing strategies, and much more. What is a Feasibility Study? Essentially, a feasibility study is an analysis that ta

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  • Why 75% of Americans are Not Comfortable Returning to Gyms After Quarantine

    Why 75% of Americans are Not Comfortable Returning to Gyms After Quarantine

    As many states explore re-opening, there is a long list of unknowns for many businesses, especially for gyms and fitness centers. Drive Research surveyed 600 gym-goers across the United States to better understand their opinions on this controversial topic. This study outlines how Americans expect gyms to approach the re-opening process when the time comes. Prefer to read? Here are the highlights from our online survey. Three in five said COVID-19 has severely impacted their workout routin

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  • 3 Market Research Options for eCommerce Companies in 2020

    3 Market Research Options for eCommerce Companies in 2020

    One of the greatest things about eCommerce, or electronic commerce, is that anybody can go online and sell a product. Voila, instant business! The other side of this low barrier to entry is that someone with a similar idea can set up an online storefront just as easily. This is a major reason why competition is so intense in the eCommerce space. Additionally, if the online traffic that soared because of the COVID-19 pandemic indicates a permanent change in behavior, the opportunities for e

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  • Blog: 5 Tips to Maximize Public Relations Survey Results

    5 Tips to Maximize Public Relations Survey Results

    Public relations pros are experts at taking a topic, client, or product and slicing and dicing it into many different story angles. A tried and true tactic is using a PR survey results to help generate media coverage. However, just commissioning a survey does not guarantee results…you have to be smart about it. Tip 1: Think about your story angle Think about what you want the data to say to help move your storyline forward. Leveraging anything from what’s in the zeitgeist to gaining consu

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  • Blog: Five Market Research Options for EdTech Companies

    5 Market Research Options for EdTech Companies

    Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to assume that most students and educators have made the transition to virtual learning. For EdTech companies, this switch to virtual classrooms has provided unprecedented opportunities through increased demand for their innovative teaching tools. The goal of many EdTech companies is to improve education through the use of technology. Now more students, teachers, and educators are using these technologies than ever before. As a market researcher, I can’t

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  • 3 CPG Market Research Options for Excellent Consumer Insights

    3 CPG Market Research Options for Excellent Consumer Insights

    The volatility of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis has impacted business across all consumer-facing industries. Consumer attitudes and behaviors have shifted for at least the near future and most likely years to come. Because this decision-making has been in a constant state of evolution, market research is more valuable than ever for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. In this blog post, Drive Research will discuss three effective options for helping those working in the CPG industry to st

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  • Using Customer Data to Inform Business Decisions Post-Coronavirus

    Using Customer Data to Inform Business Decisions Post-Coronavirus

    It seems we hear statements like these get thrown around all day, every day... “New normal...” “We’re all in this together...” “We’re standing by…” “We’re here to help…” “During these uncertain times…” It had me thinking. Are consumers tired of receiving these same types of messages? There has to be a better way to proactively and actually help customers rather than just saying “we’re here if you need us.” What is it that customers really want during a time of crisis? Typically, cust

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  • PR Polling Surveys: How to Use Surveys for Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

    The PR Pros Guide to Public Relations Surveys in 2020

    Market research was always thought of as anonymous, confidential, and proprietary. "Don't share the results." "Make sure the data says in-house." In the past, these were common phrases uttered in board rooms across America. Data and market research were always thought of as in-house, built for strategy, and built to inform and make decisions internally. The results are often used to drive internal decisions, measure success, or prepare a product for a market launch. It follows a very prec

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  • using market research to increase furniture store sales

    How to Increase Sales for Furniture Stores with Market Research

    If you are in the furniture business, you don’t need our market research company to tell you how challenging it can be. Factors like daily operations, fierce competition, online retail, and evolving consumer needs are just some of the obstacles to growth in the industry. Marketing and advertising for a furniture store are especially important components of its growth. However, with significant potential spend in these areas, it is essential to make well-informed decisions. Market research c

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