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  • Blog: Surveying Gardeners: How to Do It and What to Ask

    Surveying Gardeners: How to Do It and What to Ask

    Within each industry lies unique trends, patterns, and preferences. And the gardening community is no exception to this! Surveying gardeners will reveal important insights around topics like… Preferred gardening methods and tools Areas of improvement for gardening supply companies Common challenges faced by gardeners, such as pests, diseases, or weather-related issues Primary motivations and purchasing behaviors behind gardening Creating surveys for gardeners allows relevant teams to gather

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  • Blog: B2B Content Marketing Trends to Boost Your 2024 Strategy

    B2B Content Marketing Trends to Boost Your 2024 Strategy

    The dynamic landscape of B2B content marketing continues to evolve. Staying ahead of the curve is paramount for business-to-business companies seeking to maximize their impact and engagement in the digital realm. In this blog post, we explore the emerging trends in B2B content marketing that are set to redefine strategies and captivate audiences in 2024. Take your B2B content marketing to new heights in 2024 with Drive Research. Contact our content marketing research company by filling out

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  • Blog: Conduct Gen Z Focus Groups With These 7 Steps

    Conduct Gen Z Focus Groups With These 7 Steps

    In the fast-paced world of consumerism, understanding the preferences and behaviors of the younger generation is vital for brands seeking to stay relevant. As we dive into the nuances of Generation Z, it becomes more necessary to gather their feedback and learn more about their wants, needs, preferences, and other buying characteristics. One valuable methodology to accomplish this is Gen Z focus groups. In this blog post, our focus group company explores who Generation Z is, delves into the

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  • Blog: Theme Park Surveys: How to Measure Guest Experience

    Theme Park Surveys: How to Measure Guest Experiences

    Theme parks are not just places; they're experiences, encapsulating joy, excitement, and memories. Understanding the dynamics of theme park guest experiences is vital for park management to continuously enhance visitor satisfaction and loyalty. Surveying theme park goers provides an insightful lens into their perceptions, preferences, and expectations, allowing parks to tailor experiences to meet the diverse needs of their guests. In this blog post, our online survey company shares the bene

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  • Blog: How Often Should I Survey My B2B Customers?

    How Often Should I Survey My B2B Customers?

    A big part of conducting B2B market research is surveying customers to gather valuable feedback. However, the frequency with which you survey your B2B customers depends on multiple different factors. So while no one answer applies to every organization, factors such as your industry, the products/services you sell, and your customer profiles can help determine how often you should survey customers. Taking these into account will simplify the process as you're navigating when to touch base ag

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  • How To Segment Your B2B Customers

    Segmenting B2B customers allows businesses to understand who their audience is. When businesses know exactly who their customers are, they can easily improve marketing and engagement strategies. Segmenting customers is just that - grouping customers together based on certain characteristics from demographic information to industry data. It's recommended to run this research frequently or semi-frequently based on the type of business. What Is B2B Market Segmentation? Market segmentation r

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  • How to Create the Best B2B Customer Journey Map

    Crafting a B2B customer journey map highlights the interactions between one business with another from beginning to end. Measuring these trends and details allows businesses to see what makes other businesses choose to work with them. Think of it as an outline to better understand and improve upon current customer experience strategies in place. What is a B2B Customer Journey Map? A customer journey map in the B2B space is a visual representation of touchpoints and interactions between b

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  • How to Improve B2B Employee Engagement

    B2B employee engagement is key for businesses that want a happy and motivated workplace. Employee engagement refers to the overall commitment, fulfillment, and motivation staff have for their workforce. A number of factors go into shaping how B2B employees are engaged with their work, especially as remote work has risen in popularity. Measuring employee engagement is especially important right now, as levels are the lowest they've been in nine years.  Thankfully, employers can easily measur

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  • Faculty Satisfaction Surveys [Questions + Process]

    If you work in the education sector, it’s easy to concentrate too much on students without putting emphasis on your faculty and staff needs. Faculty satisfaction surveys help your institution understand the wants, needs, and satisfaction levels of your faculty. Listening to their feedback can often lead to major improvements to the student experience, operations, curriculum, marketing, and strategy employed by your school or college. What is a Faculty Survey? A faculty satisfaction surve

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  • Ultimate Guide to Ad Concept Testing Surveys

    Ad Concept Testing Surveys [Marketer's Guide for 2024]

    Ad concept testing surveys are like taking a test drive before purchasing a car. Buying a car is a large investment, so the vehicle must meet all your expectations. The same can be said for marketing and advertising campaigns. Would you purchase the vehicle if you had to guess what the gas mileage would be, what the color of the interior was, and what features your family would want for your trip across the country next summer? Probably not. So why jump into an advertising campaign without k

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  • measure-advertising-campaign-market-research

    How to Conduct Campaign Evaluation Surveys

    Today’s marketers are faced with a number of different analytics to test the success of a marketing or advertising campaign. How many link clicks did your PPC campaign earn? 🤔 How many people made a purchase as a result of your social media campaign? 🤔 What percentage of people who received your email actually opened it? 🤔 While these high-level analytics offer value to brands or clients of marketing and advertising agencies, it can be disheartening when they don't reflect an increase in

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  • What is a Customer Profile? [+How to Create One]

    What is a customer profile? Customer profiles allow businesses to understand who purchases from them and why they do so. This profile includes important customer details like their needs, preferences, and other important demographic information. This information is used by the business to understand how they can better market to their base. What Is The Definition of a Customer Profile? A customer profile details the preferences and needs of a brand's average consumer. Profiles vary widel

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