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Choosing a local market research company in Syracuse, NY can become a time-intensive and labor-intensive task. Combining the choice of methodology, approaches, and options can make the decision-making process feel much like choosing from different shades of paint swabs. This post will help guide you through the decision-making process for choosing a local market research company offering 6 important factors to consider.

6 Tips for Choosing a Local Market Research Company

Not sure which market research company is right for your business? A good local market research company will spend the time with you to walk you through options and provide you a deep understanding of the services. Here are 6 things to consider as you are making your choice:

  • Organized - at the end of the day, market research follows a structured and pre-engineered process. Unexpected items pop-up all the time, but in large part, the project workplan can be itemized from Steps 1 through Steps 10. Look for these signs from your local market research company in your prospecting emails and calls. If the company commits to having you a proposal by Wednesday, and come Thursday morning you have nothing in your inbox, it tells a larger story. If they dial in 5 minutes late to your conference call, or show up a few minutes late to your sales presentation, be wary.

  • Experienced - ask your market research company about experience with prior projects - similar methodologies, similar industries, and similar customers. Although, they may not have experience directly with your sector, you should be able to gauge their background and knowledge of the market research process. Although the processes may be similar across industries, working with a firm who has some background knowledge may help you ease them into your project faster.

  • Affordable - although market research projects vary in cost, some firms will try and sell you the farm when you only need a cow. The best market research firms start small to prove themselves to you through the output before asking you to commit a larger budget. Market research is built on a long-term relationship building perspective, not a short-term financial gain. 

  • Passionate - it's easy to tell the difference when speaking to people who have a passion for market research and VoC versus those who do not. The interest and emotion is evident and real. Work with a research company that cares about your project, takes ownership in your goals, and delivers. This is something that cannot be faked.

  • Trustworthy - you need to feel comfortable with your choice. A market research project is an engagement that lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a few months (or longer.) You'll be working in tandem to address your key questions, obtain quality data, and developing strategy that will impact your entire organization. Make sure the person who sells your project takes active ownership in fulfilling your expectations come project time. Be leery of those firms that focus their efforts on closing with high-ranking employees, and then force you to work with a fresh batch of college graduates once you sign on the dotted line.

  • Committed - perhaps the only factor you should value more than trust and passion is commitment. By commitment look for a market research company that is clearly focused on you, your goals, and your project needs. Problems will arise during your project and working with a vendor who can anticipate those problems and focus on immediate solutions is essential. When you exchange emails or words over the phone you should always feel as though you are priority. If you don't get that sense move on.

Drive Research is your local market research company, nearby in Syracuse NY. We have a passion for quality market research that is timely and affordable for any budget. We'll work with your team to create a custom study that addresses your key objectives and gets you answers from those who matter most. Call Drive Research at 315-303-2040 or email us at [email protected].

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