6 Steps to Conducting Visitor Intercept Surveys | Travel & Tourism Market Research

Have you ever wondered what visitors are thinking as they leave your destination?

Have you wished you could ask them questions about their visit, but aren’t sure how to contact them after they’ve departed?

With visitor intercept surveys, now you can!

This type of market research methodology can provide you with invaluable insights as data is collected on the spot from individuals as they leave your destination.

In this article, we’ll discuss the basics regarding visitor intercept surveys as well as the benefits that await those who decide to conduct them.

Lastly, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step process of how to conduct the perfect visitor intercept survey.

Let’s go! 

6 Steps to Conducting Visitor Intercept Surveys | Travel & Tourism Market Research

What are Visitor Intercept Surveys?

For those who are unfamiliar with market research, I'll share a basic definition of this a visitor intercept interview.

Defining Visitor Intercept Surveys
Visitor intercept surveys are a type of quantitative market research that involves on-the-spot interviewing. As someone is leaving an event or attraction, they are asked to answer a few questions and provide feedback on their experience or their visit.

This type of survey can be done on paper or on a tablet or other mobile device.

A trained interviewer asks the individual if they would like to partake in the research and if they agree, they will complete the survey right then and there.

Common visitor intercept survey locations include outside of hotels, airports, museums, wineries or breweries, and stadiums.

The Importance of Visitor Intercepts

Visitor intercept surveys can be one of the most important market research methodologies, especially for those in the travel, hospitality, and tourism industries.

When someone leaves your destination, you never know if they are going to return. You also may not know how to contact them once they have departed.

But with visitor intercept surveys, you can obtain instant feedback before the guest goes on their way.

With this type of survey, the respondent will be able to more accurately recall their experience as it is likely to have just happened!

This in-the-moment, spontaneous feedback could prove extremely useful.

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6 Steps to Conducting Visitor Intercept Surveys

Step 1. Make it official with a proposal.

The first step to most market research studies is to request a proposal and come to an agreement on the specifics of the project.

This is when you’ll discuss things like capabilities and project price. Once you’ve signed the proposal, you’re ready to get things started.

Step 2. Kick things off with an intercept survey company.

With a signed proposal, your market research team will set up a time for a kickoff meeting.

At this meeting, you’ll get a project timeline and you’ll discuss your expectations for the project with the team.

This is also when you’ll be able to coordinate when you’d like for the intercepts to take place.

Step 3. Design the intercept survey instrument.

Now comes the development of the survey that will be used during the intercepts.

The key to intercept surveys is keeping them simple and easy to follow, especially if you wish to conduct them on paper.

If you wish to use a tablet or other mobile device, then simplicity is still important, but the process will be easier and more cost-effective for you!

If you do choose an online survey to be administered on a tablet, the market research team would program and test the survey online before the set date(s) of your intercepts.

Regardless of the method you choose, the survey will be checked by several different pairs of eyes to ensure accuracy and a good flow.

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Step 4. Train and prepare for the intercepts.

While you review the survey document that your market research team has put together, interviewers will be briefed on the project and trained on how to conduct the intercepts.

Training could consist of getting interviewers up to speed with the survey document and comfortable with using the tablet that may be employed.

Here at Drive Research, we have an impeccable team of researchers and interviewers who are guaranteed to get the maximum amount of completed intercepts for the most data and insight.

Step 5. Begin intercept surveying.

After the survey document is finalized and the interviewers are trained, fieldwork can begin!

For an intercept survey, the fieldwork (data collection) happens anywhere people are leaving. That means they can be conducted at an airport, museum, hotel, or any other attraction.

The fieldwork will take place whenever you originally planned to conduct the interviews, back during the planning phase of the earlier steps.

Depending on the number of intercept surveys you’d like to have completed, more interviewers will be sent out to collect data.

Step 6. Analyze and share the data.

Once your market research team has conducted as many intercept surveys as you had hoped for, they will begin to analyze the data and put together a list of recommendations.

This is where they may be some variation. Depending on the choice of deliverable you chose to receive from the market research company, you could get a topline recommendation, a full comprehensive report of findings, or maybe a spreadsheet with all of the raw data.

Regardless of what deliverable you choose, the data and insight you’ll gain from conducting visitor intercept surveys will be invaluable when you begin planning more marketing and business strategies.

More Intercept Survey Tips

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