5 Key Points in Our Market Research Explainer Video

Searching for a quick explanation about market research in a short explainer video? Look no further. Our market research firm gives you a recap on the basics of market research and how working with an expert might look like. The 60-second explainer video below recaps several parts of market research.

Spend a minute watching this video and then read our recap below on our 5 key points from our market research explainer video.

Watch the 60-second explainer video on our market research firm here.

We Get You Answers From Those Who Matter Most.

In essence, this is what market research is. It is about asking questions to your core audiences and getting answers. Your core audience might be teachers, business decision-makers, IT directors, marketing managers, parents of children aged 3 to 5, automobile enthusiasts, or countless more. Our market research firm finds these audiences for you and conducts research with them to give you answers to guide your next steps.

Better Data. Better Decisions. Better Strategy.

This is our market research firm slogan. It's what we believe in and how we help our clients in 3 simple statements. Better data is about the data we collect. Our team uses the right methodology, asks the right questions, and finds the right audience. We translate this data into insights for you. Digestible, easy to understand takeaways. This creates better decisions. The last step is making recommendations to help you take action to improve not only strategy but marketing and operations as well. Defining better strategy.

Custom Built Market Research

Our market research firm is not about cookie-cutter. The only part of our work-style that is streamlined is our process. We have a unique process in place from start-to-finish to guide a project from kickoff through completion to minimize errors and improve efficiency. No matter what your project entails, we follow this process. The rest is fully customized. Customized methodologies, customized surveys, customized guides, customized analytics, and customized reporting.

Market Research Tools

Our team offers a lot of market research tools and services to get the job done. No matter your needs we have a solution for you. Our quantitative market research tools include online surveys, phone surveys, mail surveys, intercept surveys, employee surveys, and mystery shopping. Some of our keynote qualitative tools include in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups, and others. Read more about our market research services here.

Growth of Organizations Driven by Market Research

This last point from our market research explainer video drives home our points. Organizations can make decisions and choose strategies without market research and still be successful. It happens every day. However, there is much more risk involved. Market research is like an investment. It is about putting the money up-front to ensure every dollar and every minute you spend on marketing and strategy is done smartly. Building a foundation of strategy around market research ensures a much higher chance of success (and more success). This presents growth for your company, brand, business, or organization.

Here is a short recap on launching an advertising campaign with and without market research being done beforehand.

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