5 Quick Tips to Manage an Intercept Survey Team | Firm in New York

Managing a successful intercept survey project takes practice. Luckily for you, our intercept survey company has tips to help make your next intercept survey project a success!

Wondering why choose to do an intercept survey project or how and intercept survey project works? We've got you covered. In a previous post we discussed the process of conducting an intercept survey project.

Use the tips below to help guide your next intercept survey team and get them on the track for success.

5 Quick Tips to Manage an Intercept Survey Team | Firm in New York

Use these quick tips for your next intercept survey project!

Tip #1: Train Interviewers

The first step to manage an intercept survey team is to hold a training. This training should cover various topics like dress code, scheduled intercept survey dates and times, discussion of the survey project, overview of the survey, and training on how surveys are recorded.

Depending on the skill level of the intercept survey team, training sessions typically last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Keep in mind, it's important to leave ample time for the team to ask questions.

Wondering how long an intercept survey should take? Our intercept survey company answered that for you!

Tip #2: Coach the Intercept Survey Team on the Pitch

The second tip to managing a successful intercept survey team is to coach them on the pitch. The pitch is the 5 to 10 word elevator speech to capture the attention and the interest of a participant.

The project manager should provide several different pitches to the team. It's important the survey intercept team member feels comfortable with the pitch, so let them each pick which one they'd like the lead with. The more comfortable and confident the survey team feels, the better the intercept survey project will be.

The best way to discuss intercept survey pitches is to talk through several different approaches. One pitch may be a simple ask. For example, "Do you have a minute or two to answer a few quick questions for [Insert Client]?" Another may lead with an incentive, "If you have a minute or two to answer a few questions for [insert client] you can enter to win a $50 gift card!" Provide options and let the team members find which one works best for them.

Tip #3: Seek High Traffic Areas

The third tip to managing an intercept survey team is to find high traffic areas. The trick is to find high traffic areas where people have down time and are waiting. Finding a high traffic area where people are rushing or don't have time to answer an intercept survey is not ideal for intercept survey projects.

Some ideal places to conduct intercept interviews that come to mind are waiting areas (like in an airport, offices, etc.), lobbies, or near the entrance or exit of an event or building. Again, the goal is to find high traffic areas where people are waiting or have a few minutes to answer the intercept survey.

Tip #4: Consider Moving Around

Our fourth tip is to consider moving around and finding other high traffic areas at the location. Oftentimes, intercept survey locations will have more than one high traffic area and some may be at peak traffic at different times.

Also, moving around the location helps ensure the intercept survey team is reaching all types of people instead of just people at one specific location.

Tip #5: Plan a Break

The fifth tip is a pretty simple one. Plan a break for the intercept survey team. Intercept surveying needs high energy and requires a lot of talking, especially if the intercept survey location is consistently busy. Be sure to encourage the intercept survey team to plan a break during the day to recuperate.

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