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Although majorly underutilized, conducting annual employee surveys is a very effective tool in driving real change to an organization. It is easy to place a large value of your business on your customers and their opinions or usage of your company, brand, products, and services.

However, by obtaining employee feedback through online surveys you are able to better understand your employee's needs so they can be better brand advocates and better performers.

Watch as our employee survey company outlines the top 5 benefits of an employee survey.

1. Measure satisfaction

Overall, measuring employee satisfaction is important to understanding whether your team is happy with areas such as company culture, benefits, morale, and so on. This is a key metric within an employee survey to review year over year as it will determine if changes made to the company helped improve employee satisfaction or not.

Even more so, it is important to compare the level of employee satisfaction with those who are competitors or in the same industry as you.

By working with a third party employee survey company, you can purchase employee survey data from other similar organizations whether they are located down the street or across the country.

2. Understand improvements

Rome wasn't built in a day, much like making major company changes will not happen overnight. An employee survey can identify the most pertinent ares of improvement for human resource or leadership teams to focus on.

Review areas that showed the lowest satisfaction among employees as where you should begin. Perhaps the employee survey reflects your team is least satisfied with the lack of proper training available. Use this as an action item to offer free training classes, webinars, or lunch and learns as a step in the right direction of meeting employee needs.

3. Drivers to satisfaction

It is not likely the results of an employee engagement survey will only show positive reviews from your team. Do not be discouraged. While most managers and HR professionals hope their employees are 100% satisfied, this is typically not the case.

An employee survey company will pay close attention to low ratings through regression analysis. This type of analysis determines the relationship between independent variables on dependent variables.

For example, if your main objective of an employee survey is to determine employee loyalty this will serve as your independent factor. Regression analysis will highlight what dependent factors are affecting why employees are loyal to your organization or why they are more likely to leave for a different company.

4. Break down the results

Employee surveys also allow management teams to dig deeper into specific factors affecting employee satisfaction. If the feedback of your employee survey shows employees overall are not satisfied with your company, take a look at the individual factors bringing the satisfaction score down.

A market research company specializing in employee surveys will use segmentation to slice and dice the survey data by categories such as departments, the employee's manager, how long the employee has worked with the company, and more.

5. Drive change

With any time of market research project, it is important to use the data and results to implement change. This is extremely crucial when conducting employee survey research. While it is great you are asking for employee feedback, it is important to listen to this feedback and make necessary changes for employees to really feel as if their opinions matter.

By partnering with a third-party employee survey company, employees are more likely to share their open and honest feedback. All survey responses are anonymous and confidential to encourage full transparency. This is a major factor in driving real change to any organization.

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