1st Annual Syracuse Men's Basketball Fan Survey in Central New York (CNY)

Go 'Cuse! The Drive Research team bleeds orange, which is why our team asked Central New York (CNY) about their thoughts and predictions on the Syracuse Men's Basketball season this year!

Drive Research is a market research company in Syracuse, NY. Our team conducted this study because we love data and Syracuse Athletics. The services offered by Drive Research range from Voice of Customer (VoC) to competitive assessments to online surveys to mystery shopping and more.

For more information about the results of the 1st annual Syracuse men's basketball fan survey, check out the infographic, details about the study, and results below.

Infographic of the CNY Fan Survey Results

Who doesn't love a good infographic? Below are highlights from the study.

We asked CNY about this year's SU Men's Basketball season. This was the results.

About the Study

Drive Research conducted an online survey that took respondents roughly 2 minutes to complete. Fieldwork was collected from September 19 to October 29 prior to the season beginning.

A random selection of respondents were invited to take the survey through paid social media ads as well as direct invitations to research panel respondents residing in Central New York (CNY). A total of 526 responses were collected.

The study consisted of 8 questions, followed by a few demographic questions. Drive Research asked the following questions:

  1. Excitement for the upcoming season
  2. Rating of how big of an Orange Basketball fan you are
  3. Most anticipated games
  4. Carrier Dome attendance
  5. Favorite part(s) of Carrier Dome experience
  6. Favorite player
  7. Number of wins expected
  8. NCAA tournament prediction

For more information about the study, contact Drive Research.

Key Findings

Below are key findings from the 1st Annual Syracuse Men's Basketball survey.

Finding #1 - Most anticipated games

The games on the slate Central New Yorkers are looking forward to most include Duke, North Carolina, and Georgetown. North Carolina is the only home game of those 3. Connecticut, Kansas, Notre Dame, and Louisville drew strong interest as well. Surprisingly enough, interest for the Louisville game did not significantly differ before Pitino left versus after Pitino left.

Finding #2 - Carrier Dome attendance

Over 9 in 10 Central New Yorkers have been to the Carrier Dome for a men's basketball game in the past. They love the atmosphere (77%), the team (72%), and the crowd the most (62%). They also enjoy the Dome itself (48%) and head coach Jim Boeheim (44%). It is his court after all.

Finding #3 - Favorite player

In a complete runaway, Tyus Battle is by far the most favorite player on the men's team this year chosen by 62% of Central New Yorkers. A distant second was Frank Howard (9%), and distant third was Adrian Autry, Jr. (7%). If Tyus continues to drop 25+ points per night like he did versus Iona last evening, expect this number to grow even higher with fans.

Finding #4 - Predicted number of wins

Most Central New Yorkers predict 20 to 24 wins (44%) from the team this year followed closely by 15 to 19 wins (30%). 20 wins is usually the plateau teams are looking to hit to be considered for the NCAA tournament, so fans are somewhat split.

Finding #5 - NCAA tournament predictions

1 in 5 predict the men's team won't make the NCAA tournament. The most popular pick is a 2nd round loss in the NCAAs. About 1 of every 10 Central New Yorkers hold out hope the men's team will win it all this season (11% of survey respondents expect the men's team to win the championship).

1st Annual Syracuse Men's Basketball Fan Survey in Central New York (CNY)

Thanks for participating Central New York!

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