11 Market Research Thought-Leadership Pieces from Drive Research

11 Market Research Thought-Leadership Pieces from Drive Research

We don't just love conducting market research for our clients, we live and speak it. So much, that we love writing about it and sharing our stories and new ideas. In addition to sharing our posts here on the Drive Research blog, I also share more in-depth thought-leadership pieces on my LinkedIn profile. Here is a short recap of the 11 pieces I've featured on my LinkedIn profile through the end of 2016 as the Owner & President. It's been a great year, might I say.

To all of our clients and friends who have helped make Drive Research a success in 2016, cheers!

What Michael Jordan Can Teach You About Business

This post recaps one of my favorite quotes and one of my favorite business stories to tell. It summarizes the relationship between Michael Jordan and his agent early in his career when his sports marketing agency was trying to force MJ into a one-on-one battle with Magic Johnson. As stated in the article, MJ had everything to lose. His agent was on his side and essentially told his boss, "I work for Michael, not you. The minute I stop working for Michael, we lose him as a client." Very true for all client and vendor relationships in market research and business. Your customer is your ultimate boss.

The Power of Storytelling in Market Research

This post recaps why brevity and providing key takeaways is a must in today's business world. Many executives do not have the time to read through 100-page market research reports or 2-hour presentations. Ask yourself what the big takeaways from your study were? What will make an impact? Start your story there.

How Kohl's Uses Consumer Behavior to Persuade Customers

Think Kohl's offers huge discounts on all of its products without knowing what they're doing? Think again. Sales psychology tells us they are using very basic sales tactics by hiking prices yet offering significant discounts to make it appear you are getting a great deal. Through a combination of sales strategy and consumer behavior tactics, Kohl's persuades customers to buy each and every day.

Simon Sinek's Case Against Market Research

I am a big fan of Simon Sinek but he is not a big fan of market research. We can't agree on everything. Here are the 4 main drivers as to why Sinek dislikes market research, some with more merit than others. One point he would agree with supports his belief of "time being the ultimate currency in business." People like people who give them their time. With good VoC and market research, Drive Research listens to our clients and their customers all the time. So he can't think we're all that bad right?

The Golden Rule of Qual Before Quant Explained in 4 Points

Qualitative before quantitative has always been the assumed golden rule in market research but has anyone ever explored why? In this post Drive Research takes a look at 4 main drivers behind the qual before quant argument. It also gave us a chance to work in a slight to the New York Mets. In full disclosure, this was before their World Series appearance in October 2015.

7 Career Tips From My First Decade in Business

Probably one of my favorite posts because I had the opportunity to deliver this to my alma-mater in Castleton, Vermont. A few highlights from this post include helping others, finding your differentiator, and finding a good boss. I'm biased but I think you'll enjoy these 7 tips whether you're 20 or 70 years old.

Why CX and VoC Really Matter

A lot of companies get hung up on outcomes of VoC and market research and look past the process benefits. The simple act of reaching out to customers and asking for feedback rather than waiting for it to come to you carries immense value. Proactive feedback versus reactive is much different.

Seducing Strangers in Advertising

Digital marketing has brought a whole new storm of marketing tactics. Customer insights and understanding what messages work best as well as what motivates consumers is essential. The internet offers and endless customer experience (CX) that is only limited by the amount of content a company makes available online. You think we pump out these blog posts for nothing?

Ugly Store Layouts and the Impact on Customer Experience (CX)

Stores like Aldi cater to a no frills consumer. Basic shelving, packaging, and limited employees all contribute to a low-cost customer experience. You may think it's laziness but a lot of strategy goes into decisions as to why casinos pick the ugliest looking carpets. Here you thought it was just bad taste.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs CX

With the internet, your customers interact with your brand 24-7-365. Your CX program need to keep up the pace. CX needs to be cyclical and continual. New feedback drives insights which drive improvements. Then you need to start over again.

Introducing Drive Research

Ending on a great note and a great year for Drive Research. We launched our business and never looked back. We enjoy each relationship we have with our new clients and we're looking forward to our coming years of driving our clients' success using market research all while making an impact in our local community with our give-backs from profits.


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