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  • Blog: How to Measure Employee Satisfaction Within the Engineering Industry

    How to Measure Employee Satisfaction Within the Engineering Industry

    Keeping your employees engaged and satisfied is critical if you plan to grow your engineering company and delight your customers. Conducting an employee survey for your engineering firm is a great tool to understand improvement areas and drivers to overall satisfaction. Better yet, it is an opportunity to show your team you value and care about their feedback. Our employee survey company recently completed a study for an engineering company to accomplish just that. Keep reading to learn about

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  • Blog:Conducting a Workplace Survey in 9 Steps

    Conducting a Workplace Survey in 8 Steps

    Looking for the right way to change or improve your company culture and environment? Conducting a workplace survey is an effective, data-driven approach to achieve that goal. A positive work environment is one of the most sought after factors for job seekers. For context, 47% of active job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason for looking for work. (Bulletin). Additionally, improving company culture has a direct impact on maintaining positive employee retention rates. In this

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  • Blog: 4 Reasons to Invest in Employee Surveys | Market Research Company

    4 Reasons to Invest in Employee Surveys | Market Research Company

    Something that nearly all business stakeholders are aware of is the need for engaged, satisfied, and motivated employees. However, it is all too easy to get caught up in other pressing things, like marketing, sales, and customer experience to ignore the need to invest in employee surveys. So, here is your reminder that measuring employee satisfaction is still an important, invaluable tool that can improve the performance and engagement of your team! Continue reading to better understand wha

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  • Blog: How to Write an Employee Satisfaction Survey Report

    How to Write an Employee Satisfaction Survey Report

    With any market research study, one of the most important stages in writing the report. An employee satisfaction survey report is certainly no exception. It is important to write a clear, yet thorough document for all stakeholders to understand key findings and how to act on them. The main reason your employees provide their feedback in the form of a survey is that they expect something to be done with the results. An employee satisfaction survey report is the framework for making this change.

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  • What is an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)?

    What is an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)?

    Market researchers talk about net promoter scores (NPS) a lot, but what is eNPS? eNPS stands for employee net promoter score. The difference between NPS and eNPS is the survey audience. NPS typically measures results from customers or members, while eNPS measures results and company ratings from employees. Our employee survey company shares how to measure and use eNPS in this short video. Prefer to read? Our employee engagement research firm explains what eNPS is, how to measure it, and how

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  • Blog: What is the Best Approach to Conducting Employee Surveys?

    What is the Best Approach to Conducting Employee Surveys? | Market Research Company

    When it comes to employee engagement and satisfaction, every company has a different approach to measuring this type of sentiment. With that being said, there are many ways to gauge one's job satisfaction, especially in the form of a survey. These types of surveys include online surveys, phone surveys, mail surveys, and even in-person interviews to better understand each employee. However, choosing the right kind of survey for your company’s needs is dependent on a few factors. We’re not going

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  • How to Choose an Employee Survey Vendor: 4 Things to Look For

    How to Choose an Employee Engagement Survey Vendor: 4 Things to Look For

    Strong employee engagement is key to creating a workplace culture that facilitates high productivity and quality services or products. However, because employee engagement or satisfaction is often difficult to measure, this makes employee surveys particularly of value, but only when administered correctly. It is crucial to look for key characteristics when choosing an employee survey vendor. You'll want a vendor that helps with survey development, administration, analyzation, recommendations, a

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  • How to Measure Employee Experience (EX)

    Want to learn how to measure employee experience at your organization? The process starts by understanding why measuring employee experience is important. From here, organizations measure what defines each employees’ experience and better understand levels of satisfaction throughout the organization. After the data has been gathered, the crucial second step in employee experience research is to find ways to enhance employee feedback and measure the return on investment (ROI). Our employee exp

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  • why every successful company uses employee surveys

    Why Every Successful Company Uses Employee Surveys

    The employee survey process is really simple. In fact, the whole process can be completed in as quickly as 2 to 3 weeks with the assistance of a market research company and if the organization is able to move quickly. Steps include holding a kickoff meeting with leaders, designing the employee survey, sending a pre-notification email about the survey to employees, sending the survey to employees, analyzing the results, and debriefing on the results. Here's more on the employee survey process.

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  • why employee survey don't work | wink face emoji

    The Truth About Employee Satisfaction Surveys (& Why They Don’t Work)

    Why don't employee satisfaction surveys work? They DO, if administered through a third party employee survey company. They DON'T, if administered in-house through a company's human resources department or upper management. There are many best practices when it comes to market research, particularly with employee satisfaction surveys. A few red flags that come to mind with employee satisfaction surveys include employers who are too afraid to collect feedback so they never ask, employers who thi

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  • cost-employee-engagement-survey-third-party-market-research

    What is the Cost of an Employee Engagement Survey with a Third-Party?

    It is likely you are already interested in conducting employee engagement research and are curious about the cost implications with hiring a third-party employee engagement survey company. First, let me commend you on wanting to collect feedback from your team. An employee engagement survey, while often underutilized, is arguably one of the most beneficial market research methodologies for businesses everywhere. Secondly, there are numerous benefits of administering this type of research with

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  • employee-survey-benefits-market-research-10252018

    3 Reasons and 3 Benefits to Using Employee Surveys

    Employee surveys are used by an organization to gain in-depth knowledge about their employee’s feelings, opinions, and perceptions. There are a number of different topics that can be surveyed, and multiple reasons an organization may want to conduct employee surveys. Some commonly employee survey topics include: Job satisfaction Employee engagement New employee and departure employee surveys Employee well-being Regardless of the reason for conducting employee surveys, the main objective of

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