What Percentage of Americans Smoke Marijuana Every Day?

48 percent of consumers say they use cannabis/marijuana daily, with the vast majority consuming it at least once a week (82%). A separate question finds that 78% of marijuana consumers report their usage will increase or stay the same in the next twelve months.

These data points are from Drive Research's Cannabis Consumer survey with 3,926 marijuana users across all 50 U.S. states, conducted in March 2023. 

Those who spend on average $100 or more per cannabis purchase (64%), enthusiasts (i.e., those who use cannabis a few times a week or more often) (61%), those who earned a Doctorate degree (60%), and those who prefer to consume cannabis by dabbing (60%) were more likely to use cannabis every day.

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Survey Methods

Results from this Drive Research poll are drawn from an online survey conducted in March 2023 with a sample of 3,926 cannabis consumers across the country. The survey took an average of 9 minutes to complete and included 47 questions. 

With a probabilistic sample, a total of 3,926 responses at the 95% confidence level offers a 1.6% margin of error. For instance, if the survey were conducted with another random pool of 3,926 respondents, the results would yield within +1.6% or -1.6% of the stated totals in the reports.