Market Research Glossary

  • image awareness survey research

    What is an Image & Awareness (I&A) Survey?

    What is an I&A Survey? An I&A survey is an abbreviation for Image & Awareness Survey. This type of market research is designed to obtain both awareness levels and brand equity for specific brands, organization names, products or services. An I&A survey is typically conducted with a random sample of respondents since the main goal is to assess awareness levels among target markets. Why Does an I&A Survey Collect Data From Customers and Non-Customers? In order to assess awareness of a brand

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  • acronyms market research rochester ny

    5 Common Acronyms | Market Research Company Rochester NY

    No industry is short of abbreviations and acronyms. Those working in the field for 10+ years may use these repeatedly not understanding that a newcomer to the industry may have no clue as to what you're talking about. Market research is no different, so here are a few acronyms we commonly use with a short definition of each. DNQ (Did Not Qualify) This is a term often used in a survey or recruitment log in which the respondent file is noted to indicate the disqualified based on the requiremen

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  • mixed mode data collection market research

    What is Mixed-Mode Data Collection? | Marketing Research Firm Syracuse, NY

    What is mixed-mode data collection in market research? Mixed-mode data collection is a term used when multiple methodologies are used to collect data for a single project. This may involve focus groups prior to a quantitative online survey. Or in-depth interviews (IDIs) conducted to gather more feedback after a short online survey. As long as multiple methodologies are used, it is referred to as mixed-mode. Multiple methodologies typically results in higher cost and a longer time-frame for t

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  • what is sentiment analysis market research company

    What is Sentiment Analysis? | Market Research Company Utica, NY

    Sentiment analysis is a type of market research that's been thrown around a bit more of late. It's been of particular interest over the past decade or so as social media usage has exploded. Brands realize that consumers are talking about their products and forming opinions every second of every day on social media. As a result, companies are trying to quantify all of these perceptions and attitudes towards their brands, products, and services. Conversation is happening, and sentiment analysis at

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  • what is data scientist market research buffno ny

    What is a Data Scientist? | Market Research Company Buffalo NY

    Marketing reseach is not short on new trends, methodology nicknames, acronyms, and trendy skills. Sometimes it reminds me of the Subway's "Sandwich Artists." Not a day goes by where you will not see an article about either big data, data visualization, or business intelligence (BI). One of the growing professions in the field has been what is called a "Data Scientist." What is a data scientist? A data scientist is a person who can perform advanced forms of analysis to generate insights and

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  • what is mroc market research syracuse

    What is a MROC? | Marketing Research Company Syracuse, NY

    There is a difference between a MROC and an online panel. What is a MROC? A MROC is short for Market Research Online Community. A MROC is defined as a group of pre-qualified and interested participants who share a commonality or expertise in a certain field that can be accessed at any time for marketing research needs. The MROC members are typically utilized regularly throughout the year by a company or research firm for various qualitative and short quantitative studies. They are viewed as

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  • what is segmentation market research firm

    What is Segmentation? | Market Research Firm, Syracuse NY

    Companies have access to more customer data than ever before. Whether it is through surveys, customer loyalty cards, in-store data, or web analytics, it can be easily overwhelming to comb through these databases to pull out relevant insights. Although the industry can come up with new tags for a term in an attempt to coin phrases such as profiling, personas, and clusters - it's still just plain segmentation. What is segmentation analysis? It is the practice of dividing or coupling your cus

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  • what is a screener market research

    What is a Screener? | Market Research Syracuse, NY

    What is a screener in marketing research? A screener is a series of qualifying questions to determine if the respondent fits specific criteria to participate in a research study. Screeners are conducted over the phone and online. If the participant fails to match the criteria needed to participate he or she is disqualified from the study and no further questions are asked. Some typical criteria covered in marketing research screener include the following: Ensuring the participant does not wor

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  • data mining market research buffalo ny

    What is Data Mining? | Market Research Company Buffalo, NY

    What is data mining? Data mining is a quantitative process where hidden trends and patterns in databases are pulled by an analyst to generate insights. This type of analysis is becoming more commonplace today, as big data continues to grow. In the field of marketing research it is often an easy first step and extremely valuable process for an organization. Virtually all companies both small and large have multiple and sometimes countless databases. A simple example of this is a customer data

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  • hawthorne effect market research

    What is the Hawthorne Effect in Market Research?

    The Hawthorne Effect is a type of bias in market research that you’ve probably come across but may not have known the exact term for labeling it. What is the Hawthorne Effect in market research? Essentially the Hawthorne Effect is where a person participating in research acts or behaves differently than he or she normally would because he or she is aware their behavior is being observed. This is a fairly common criticism of focus groups and survey research particular, especially if the moderator

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  • What is Interviewer Error | Market Research Firm Upstate NY

    What is Interviewer Error? | Market Research Firm Upstate NY

    Virtually all types of marketing research methodologies incur some type of bias. Whether it be sequence bias, the halo effect, acquiescence bias, or self-selection bias the options are endless. All have an impact on your data quality and are often an accepted limitation in the industry. Another type of bias is often called interviewer error. What is interviewer error? Interviewer error is a form of bias in which the interviewer administering the survey in-person, by phone, or through chat

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  • text analytics market research company buffalo ny

    What is Text Analytics? | Market Research Company in Buffalo, NY

    Market research is always evolving. The challenge is finding new ways to analyze data, text, and information to generate actionable insights and outcomes. A new technique and term that has grown in popularity in the past 5 years is text analytics. What is text analytics? Text analytics is simply a way of analyzing text and generating insights from patterns, trends, and ways of speech. Without text analytics, your open-ends might look something like this: A simple application for text analy

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