Market Research Glossary

  • memory reconstruction interviews | blurred out city landscape

    What Are Memory Reconstruction Interviews? | Explaining the Benefits and Process

    Focus groups are a well-known qualitative market research methodology for taking a deep-dive into participant's attitudes and perceptions. But did you know there is an even deeper level of research in the toolbox? This underused but powerful methodology is known as memory reconstruction interviews. More than likely a specialty of a market research company, memory reconstruction interviews are a form of qualitative research that channel emotions and reasoning with regard to a participant's past

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  • Customer-Confusion-Study-drive-research

    What is a Customer Confusion Study?

    Wondering what a customer confusion study is? Drive Research, market research company in New York, can help! The name customer confusion study sounds a little confusing, right? In the following post, we will answer (1) what a customer confusion study is, (2) what the benefits of a customer confusion study are, (3) how a customer confusion study is used, and (4) an example of a customer confusion study. Ready to learn about customer confusion studies? On your mark. Get set. Go! Due to incre

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  • location-based-data-mobile-analytics-business-tips-07082019

    What is Location-Based Data? | Mobile Analytics Company

    The use of location-based data is becoming an increasingly popular among businesses to better understand consumers, improve the onsite customer experience, and better market to target audiences. In fact, the global location intelligence market size is anticipated to reach 25 billion dollars by 2025, according to a new study by Grand View Research Inc. What exactly is location-based data? Location-based analytics provides a feed of data from multiple sources such as Wi-Fi and GPS to provide coll

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  • time-use-survey-market-research-06072019

    What is a Time Use Survey? | Time Survey Company

    Topics and objectives covered vary from survey-to-survey. It is very unlikely to see two surveys from two separate market research companies cover the exact same line of questions and wording. In market research, there are thousands of different reasons to commission online surveys, phone surveys, and mail surveys. These can range from understanding the appeal of a new product, testing the pricing for a new service, better understanding demographics of a customer base, and many more. Time us

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  • agile-market-research-choices-05272019

    What is Agile Market Research?

    There's that word again, agile. You have probably heard this popular buzzword in the context of Silicon Valley startup tech companies. Originally created as a new approach for software development, agile practices are all about working in faster cycles than traditional methods to meet an end goal. This innovative approach to business processes has been circulating through industries outside of software, including market research. Researchers recognized the advantages of agile projects and the a

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  • hybrid-research-results-market-research-choices-05102019

    Hybrid Research | Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for Better Results

    Qualitative or quantitative research? Who says you have to choose? With market research, you are never short of options. No matter your business objectives or goals, there are a number of qualitative or quantitative methodologies at your disposal. Each method is designed to answer a specific question in order to get desirable and actionable results. With hundreds of market research methodologies to choose from, it is easy to get bogged down in choosing just one study to answer a variety of bus

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  • b2b-research-different-market-company-04302019

    Why B2B Research is Different | B2B Market Research Company

    Wondering how B2B market research is different from B2C market research? Let's first go back to basics and start with their definitions. B2B stands for business-to-business and B2C stands for business-to-consumer. There are several intricacies when reaching out to either audience. Typically, B2B market research requires a more strategic approach than B2C market research. For starters, specific types of professionals are often times more difficult to reach than most consumers. To reach the righ

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  • syndicated-research-benefits-03182019

    What is Syndicated Research? | Key Benefits from Our NY Market Research Firm

    Maintaining a competitive edge is a difficult task for many brands. It requires staying informed of the latest industry trends, which, of course, can be time-consuming and costly. A solution to sustaining a competitive edge can be found through syndicated research, which gives you the ability to measure the effectiveness of your brand, tap into valuable insights and intelligence, as well as create revenue-generating tactics. Syndicated research is much different than custom market research. L

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  • central-location-test-market-research-03072019

    Central Location Test (CLT) in Market Research

    A central location test (CLT) is often performed for quantitative research purposes. Unlike a home-use test where testing takes place in the participants' homes, CLTs take place in a controlled environment. CLTs, commonly referred to as hall tests, have a number of advantages, including the ability to interact in-person with the participants. Central Location Tests (CLTs) are a great way to create a controlled environment for your market research. This is often essential for taste testing and s

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  • brand-positioning-study-market-research-02152019

    What is a Brand Positioning Study in Market Research?

    Wondering how to position a brand for success? Brand positioning research assesses several useful metrics such as brand awareness, perception, word associations, and more. Using data to fuel next steps with brand positioning strategy is powerful. Rather than making assumptions or continuing to do what has worked in the past, research allows marketing and advertising teams to better understand their market of interest. A brand positioning study is similar to an image and awareness (I&A) or bran

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  • group-effect-bias-market-research-01312019

    What is Group Effect or Group Bias? | 101 Market Research Guide

    It's important to be aware of the group bias effect when performing market research. This bias can negatively impact a person's answers when taking part in qualitative research studies. Keep reading to learn more about the group bias effect, including what it is and how to prevent it from occurring when conducting focus group studies for market research. Group effect or group bias can have a major impact on the results of your focus group or qualitative research. Learn more about it and how to

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  • piggyback-survey-market-research-01082019

    What is a Piggyback Survey?

    Most would agree market research is an essential pre-cursor of strong business strategy. It provides better data for better decisions to improve strategy. It's hard to argue with the value of market research if you choose the right objectives and the right approach. The insights and recommendations derived from a survey offer tremendous ROI. However, a common concern about market research or just marketing in general is the expense. "It's too costly." "I can't afford market research." "I wan

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