Market Research Glossary

  • what is frugging market research

    What is Frugging? | Market Research 101

    "I am on the Do Not Call List. Stop calling me." Working in market research, this response from a resident answering their phone is heard far too often. In essence, surveys are meant to help the general consumer by improving products and services, determining the appropriate price point for products and services, and provide an avenue for them to voice displeasure about an experience. So you may be asking, "where does the negativity when answering the phone stem from?" It's largely driven by a

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  • what are demographics

    What are Demographics? | Market Research Agency Syracuse NY

    I've covered a lot of core market research terms and principles on the Drive website through our Market Research 101 category, and this post addresses another one. The term demographics in market research is one of the most well-known and widely utilized terms. Demographics are categorization titles used to describe different populations of people. Some common types of demographic data include: Gender Age Marital Status Household Income Ethnicity Even location categorizations such as ZIP Cod

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  • what is ethnography market research company utica ny

    What is Ethnography? | Market Research Company Utica NY

    Ethnography in market research is using observational techniques to study and understand a consumer or user in a given environment. In its simplest terms, ethnography plain old observational research. Watching and learning. It is very popular in the B2C realm and in retail in particular. Many believe ethnographic research incurs less bias than traditional market research methodologies such as surveys and focus groups. Observational research is more pure and can be conducted using eye-tracking

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  • what are banner runs

    What are Banner Runs? | Market Research Firm Rochester NY

    A core piece of market research reporting over the past few decades has been the inclusion of banner runs. Banner runs or banner tables are large data sets showing percentage results from survey questions broken down by splits of categories. An example of a banner run would be: "Q3 - Would you recommend Company XYZ to a friend or family member?" - broken down by categories such as gender, age, region, household income, etc. Essentially what a banner run looks like is a large table or data set

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  • what is an infographic

    What is an Infographic? | Market Research Company in Syracuse, NY

    The days of the 100+ page market research reports are on their way out if not already gone. The ones that do still exist are hanging on by a thread as readers of these reports are continually pressed for time and the need to decipher hundreds of pages of data quickly. Infographics are all part of the storytelling trend in market research and marketing. It's not the idea of storytelling that it's appealing, it's the ability to explain complex topics simply. Upper management and clients alike wil

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  • what is churn market research firm

    What is Churn? | Market Research Firm in Watertown, NY

    What is Churn? Churn is a term used to quantify a percentage of people who leave a group, organization, or company within a given time period. In the market research world, churn most commonly relates to customers, as in defining the percentage of customers who leave a company within a given year. Churn can also relate to employee turnover, as in the number of employees who leave an organization in a set amount of time. Lastly, churn in market research is also used to denote the number of re

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  • what is straightlining market research company in syracuse ny

    What is Straightlining? | Market Research Company in Syracuse NY

    When designing surveys online or for mobile, there's a lot of terminology you may hear or read about on Google but not quite grasp. For instance, straightlining? What is straightlining in market research? Straightlining is the act of selecting the same response over and over again down a line of answers on a survey. Straightlining is most common in grid rating questions. Grid rating questions are typically shown in a table format where your numerical scores are shown along the top (e.g. 0 to

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  • what is a dma syracuse

    What is a DMA? | Syracuse DMA Data

    A DMA in market research stands for designated market area. A designated market area is used for media, marketing, and advertising buys. Other common terms for a DMA include media market, broadcast market, and television market area. Those who live in the same designated market area receive the same television channels, similar traditional radio stations, and may share other media outlets such as newspapers. DMAs in market research are important because they often comprise the target markets

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  • what is coding in market research

    What is Coding in Market Research?

    Coding in market research is the process of taking open-ended comments and categorizing them to allow for data analysis. Many telephone surveys and online surveys include at least a few open-ended questions. An open-ended question is when a respondent is questioned and can answer through an open text box. Open-ended questions add considerable length to a telephone and online survey so be careful to not overuse them. At the same time open-ended questions can provide your business with a lot of

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