Working in Market Research: How to Make an Impact With Data

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Don’t like the idea of doing the same thing every day? Then consider working in market research!

If you’ve even taken a quick browse through our website, you know we provide many different services.

Because the field has so much to offer, market research jobs are ideal for those who crave variety in their workday. 

For instance, below are just a few of the services our market research company offers: 

Below, you’ll hear from members of our market research team about why they enjoy working in this ever-changing field. 

For a quick rundown of why we think market research is the field to work in, watch our short video: 

It’s a Little Bit of Everything

What I love most about working in market research is that it’s a perfect blend of statistics, marketing, psychology, and strategy.

I've always loved working with numbers, and I figured I would either be a math teacher or an accountant. 

I was also very passionate about the creative side of marketing, advertising, and strategy.

Market research is an excellent career for anyone with a curious mindset who wants to ask why and dig deeper.

You have both intricate one-on-one conversations with consumers and large data sets with thousands of data points you need to find the story in. 

We use all of that feedback to help our clients improve their:

  • Work culture
  • Marketing messaging
  • Creative packaging
  • Customer satisfaction and targeting
  • Revenue growth 

Rather than being a consultant saying you should do X, Y, and Z, we can make critical strategic recommendations using hundreds or thousands of data points we've collected. 

So it's much more reliable to trust that feedback on a larger scale than one opinion of a strategic consultant (a sample size of 1,000 versus one).

Market research helps organizations align everything: Here is what your customers want. Do what your customers want. 

Having all the data and feedback in your pocket when presenting recommendations to a client is very rewarding.

I love attending meetings, fully confident that the team and I can offer some insightful information.

George Kuhn, Owner & President of Drive Research

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Work With Head Decision-Makers 

You get to see a variety of organization types, business models, products, services, and innovations–and how they all operate together and are planned for. 

You are routinely working with decision-makers and leaders within organizations, so the impact or importance of the work tends to be elevated.

In market research jobs, you often get a behind-the-scenes look at the client organization.

Through this, you get to know their actual problems, successes, realities, and history more so than if you actually were an employee.

Market research trends continue to change with new technology, capabilities, partners entering the category, and even rules and regulations.

As old-school as the practice and craft of research might appear to some professionals, it really can be a state-of-the-art field to work in if you're willing to push what's possible.

Zach Adams, VP of Strategy

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Working in Market Research Lets You Dig Deeper

Whether it's my own or on behalf of a client, I always learn something new and love that I can share it with others.   

Justin Eisenhauer, Research Assistant

My favorite aspect of working in market research is being privy to some of the latest insights and trends in our society.

I feel as though I get the inside scoop on what consumers are seeking and what businesses are offering. It's not just our clients who become more informed – I learn something new with every study as a researcher.

Tim Gell, Research Manager

I enjoy working in market research because it allows us to go beyond the surface level of data that others would simply stop at and be satisfied with.

Being able to dig deeper into the data leads us to create actionable insights for our clients which is by far the most fulfilling part of the work I do.

Mason Banaszek, Research Analyst

I love the thrill of telling the story with data so that businesses can make informed decisions with actionable insights.

Bryan Champ, Senior Research Manager

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Creating Reports and Data Visualizations

What I love most about my job as a research manager is working directly with so many different types of organizations. Also, I get to collect highly relevant and usable data for their specific objectives. 

It's really fun to talk about what the team is hoping to learn and how it will be helpful to them, explain how the market research process works, design the research, and then report on the results.

If I had to pick one specific step of the process, it would be creating market research reports.

I love to dig into the data, plan the layout of the report, and think about different ways to share ideas/visualizations. Seeing the whole project come to fruition at the end is a major dopamine boost!

Emily Taylor, Research Manager

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Working Within New Industries and Business Types

I think one of my favorite things about working in this field is how dynamic and ever-changing it can be. 

Variety is the spice of life, and there's no shortage of it here.

From qualitative interviews with healthcare providers, to focus groups with parents and kids, to usage tests for exciting tech -- we're always talking to new people, learning new things, and it never feels static or dull.

Finn Orendorff, Lead Recruiter

The variety! 

I can never become bored because of the type of projects I'm working on–they’re constantly changing.

I get to talk to people in all different industries, stages of life, or backgrounds about a ton of different topics.

I'm constantly learning new things and being presented with information in a way I haven't thought of before.

As we break into new industries or audiences, I'm also presented with (and get to solve) new challenges, so I'm consistently forced to think outside of the box rather than repeating the same approach over and over. 

Ashley Reynolds, Fieldwork manager

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Consider a Career In Market Research 

If there’s one term to remember from this post, it’s variety. For those who enjoy working in a constantly evolving, progressive field, market research may just be your best bet.

Take a look at our careers page to learn more! 

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