What is a Micro Survey? | Market Research Firm Syracuse, NY

What is a Micro Survey? | Market Research Firm Syracuse, NY
A micro survey is an extremely abbreviated form of surveying where less than 5 questions are asked and it typically takes the respondent a minute or less to answer. Although the number of questions and the length of a micro survey varies, the common theme is the survey is extremely short. Short to construct for the survey writer and short to complete for the survey taker. Other benefits of a micro survey include quick turnaround times for fieldwork because it usually results in a higher participation rate and number of completes. All of these advantages provide the survey writer and his or her client with actionable feedback in a timely fashion.

Other terms for micro surveys include bit surveys, quick surveys, and mini surveys. If you are weighing the decision between utilizing a longer survey script to answer many of your questions versus implementing a micro survey consider the comparison below:

  • Higher response rate? Advantage micro survey.
  • Higher engagement? Advantage micro survey.
  • Quicker turnaround time? Advantage micro survey.
  • More questions answered? Advantage longer survey.

Ultimately the length of your survey comes down to your needs and the objectives of your study. Sometimes it's impossible to get all of your questions answered through a micro survey but the trade-off of a higher number of responses and quicker turnaround time is worth it for some. Perhaps the best perspective to answer this question is simply to put yourself in the shoes of the survey taker. Would you be more likely to respond to and be engaged throughout a long-winded 15 minute online survey or a short to-the-point 3 question micro survey? I think the answer to this question is pretty clear.

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